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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

I read something that Steve Jobs said about Sony founder and grandfather of consumer-electronics Akio Morita:

“He expressed his love for the human species in every product he made.”

That is probably something that inspired Steve Jobs because when you use an Apple product, you can feel that love. Today you have many products that are almost as good as Apple, but there was a time when Apple products were literally revolutionary, out of the world. 

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I have gone through 5-6 laptops since my father bought me the first one when I got through to NUJS. The first one had to last for 4 years till I could afford to buy another to replace the battered Compaq. 

But since then, no laptop lasted me for more than 2 years, though I tried buying the premium ones. Then finally I got myself an Apple Macbook, and it’s almost as good as new 4 years later, despite a lot of usage. 

Now I want to get myself a Macbook Pro. 

I doubt I will ever buy a laptop from any other brand.

And that is why, I can feel that for Steve Jobs, Apple products were not just some shit he wanted to sell and make money from, but an expression of his love for the universe. 

Have you seen when some people worship their god, how they go out of their way to give their best? The best of ingredients, the best of effort, the best of intentions. No expense is spared.


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I am an atheist. For me, my work has the same place in my life. My work is my prayer to the universe, my work is my expression of love. It comes in the form of extreme personal sacrifices, it comes as hard choices, it comes as not choosing the shortcut when nobody would have known if I did.

It is why I do not feel scared to stand up to people with vested interests, and people who would like me to keep quiet and sit down.

It is why I have worked on the same thing for the last 10 years, and have never stopped thinking about how I can do my work better. The exact mission at the moment or the specific problem we are working on may have changed, as it should, as we learn more and grow to handle bigger challenges.

When people love their work and look at their work as an expression of their love for the universe, you can feel it. 

Just take a look at this:

I am incredibly proud of what we do.

It may have started with me and Abhyuday, but that love for this work is infectious. We may have started it, but now all our team members are infected too.

It is very hard for those who do not have this virus to work with us. They find us unreasonable, hard to work with, and absolutely batshit crazy. And we get it.

But we are incurably infected. We are not going to stop being crazy about the work we do – making lawyers more successful!

There was a time when my ex-colleague Ratul told me – please do not allow anyone to drink inside the office. I was like why? We are a startup, we are cool. Why not drink in office?

He said: we must respect the place where we work. Ratul used to drink his 2 pegs every night like clockwork back then, but he refused to let anyone drink inside the office because he respected the space where we all worked. 

I agreed.

Do you see your own work as an expression of love? As worship? What if you did?

How would you prepare yourself for work each day? How would you train yourself? How would you treat your clients and colleagues?

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