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This article is written by  Suman Chatterjee Team LawSikho.

I used to take chess coaching classes for some time. My coach was a USCF rated professional chess player and was working to gain his Fide Master (FM) norms. 

We would have a Skype session every week where, apart from the theoretical classes and practice exercises, we would have to play a live match with each other. 

What’s funny about it is, my coach was rated around 1,000 ELO points over me! 

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In chess speak, you can say this sort of matching was ludicrous and statistics say, I was supposed to lose almost 100 percent of the time.

But my coach told me that if I wanted to improve my game, I need to practice “looking up and not down”

What he meant to say is that if we want to grow in our lives, mentally, physically and spiritually, we need to associate with those who have been there and done that. 

We need to associate with those who are much ahead of us and can hold the torch for us. 

Now, you have heard about our Lord of the Courses, right?

An all-in-one judiciary test prep course, unlike any other, that helps you bring home the bacon and does not stop at anything less than that. 

(Want to pass the judiciary exam? This course is meant for you.)

I have no qualms in revealing that this course is very special to us at LawSikho. We spent almost a year perfecting it, and we believe we have created the best judiciary course of all, online or offline. 

(And we also provide training for other government jobs bundled with it, because who just prepares for judiciary exams alone?)

One aspect we really put much emphasis on while creating the course

Who is going to teach the course to our students? 

The faculty matters a lot! 

Remember the words of my chess coach? Always be looking up, as high as you can. 

Associate with the best and brightest, and you will gradually become like them.

That’s why we decided beforehand that just having prior experience in teaching for judicial services exams is not going to be enough for our faculty. 

To become part of the LawSikho faculty, especially for this course, there needs to be that “extra” factor in the person. 

Something that tells us instantly, he or she is the one. 

How would we find such a person?

It is extremely rare that someone who has cracked many of these exams and could be a judge, chose to teach others how to crack these exams instead.

Judges who are serving would not be able to associate themselves with any form of business. So who can we find as your faculty?

As a coach, you need to understand what your student wants or needs. That’s a highly sophisticated trait that develops through years of experience, catalyzed by a flair for teaching. 

So, our biggest challenge was to find tutors who possessed the following:

  1. Either cracked the judiciary exam or another equally difficult exam (like UPSC mains, for example) already
  2. Either has extensive teaching experience or just too good to let go. 

Not that easy to find such candidates. 

Yet we could not compromise on the quality of our faculty. We wanted only the best for our students.

Guess what, we have been able to find only 3 of them so far! 

I can tell you, they are not good but absolutely great at what they do. 

Who are our star faculty members?

Let’s start with the one who impressed me the most. Not with his knowledge alone but by his sheer level of productivity. He sleeps for only four hours a day!

Harsh Jain has passed the Rajasthan Judicial Services exam before. He holds a PhD in Law from Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University and is a UGC-NET JRF. 

He has also cracked several other competitive legal examinations including Bank SO.

He served as a lecturer at a rural law college for eight months in 2015-16 and has since mentored hundreds of law students in various legal and judicial examinations, even for free at times. 

He has over 50 students who are today serving as judges in many different courts across the country.

(We stay together at the same office co-living facility, and I have never seen a more humble and helpful person in my life.)

Shweta Devgan is yet another person you can look up to as a judiciary exam faculty. Since passing out of NLSIU, Bangalore, in 2012. She has spent almost 8 years as a legal educator, including a 6-months stint at Unacademy, training law students for various competitive exams. 

A few of her students are working in the IFS, IPS and IFS and PCS, and since she started giving CLAT coaching, 9 of her students got through in NLS, Bengaluru, alone!

What’s really special about Shweta is how motivating she is as a law teacher. She brings in a positive energy unlike anyone else I have seen. BTW she is anchoring this entire project at LawSikho.

Remember that teacher in school who would make you sit up and listen to him even if you totally abhorred the subject? The vibe that hooks you the moment they start speaking? Shweta has got it.

You are missing out if you do not see her in action.

Last but not least, we have our star member of the Lord of the Courses faculty, Abhijay Negi. If you haven’t heard of him yet, I have to say, please go look him up on Google. 

Abhijay Negi is quintessentially a super-achiever, who is an NLU-grad and has also completed the postgraduate course of Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) at the University of Oxford with full scholarship.

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You can watch him talk about how to get a full scholarship at Oxford on our YouTube channel

He has been elected as the “Best Law Student” by the Menon Institute of Legal Advocacy and Training (MILAT) and Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) among all law students of the country. He is also the winner of the Damodarshree National Award for Academic Excellence.

He also stood first in the Youth Parliament convened by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. 

He is a practising advocate in the Uttarakhand High Court and also acts as the Founding President of an activist group, Making a Difference (MAD), in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. He started this group at the age of 17!

Anyone who has attended his classes will testify that it is a treat to listen to him in a jurisprudence class. 

In short, Abhijay Negi is what we have been looking for so long. We want our students to interact with only the best in their profession and Abhijay is one of them.

Apart from being able to guide you in your legal subjects, Abhijay brings forth something that nobody else can… the ability to go beyond expectations, and break new ground. 

What could you do if you had mentors like these?

I am afraid you will not find a coaching centre that can match a lineup like this.

I wish I had such inspiring teachers. I am glad I even work at LawSikho and get to share the space with these people.

I know we are adding more faculty members for this course going forward, and really look forward to interacting with the new ones that will join us. 

I will keep you updated. 

Know more people like the trio above? Connect us.

Your teachers are there for you (till the end)

That’s right. 

I know that our faculty members would do everything in their power to help you succeed in the judiciary exam and other legal competitive exams. 

They would not only teach you the legal subjects but also help you prepare the perfect exam strategy that suits your learning style.

Unlike in regular coaching centres, where each batch consists of hundreds of students and personal attention is arguably nil, our tutors pay personal attention to each of our students. 

They are always accessible and can be reached with just a click of the mouse button!

All they would want from you is that you don’t miss the classes. That you do your practical assignments. That you pay attention to what they are saying.

Above all, that you are trying out every tip or advice being given to you and surging ahead. 

So, what are you thinking?

Want to give Lord of the Courses a try? Don’t sign up yet.

Talk with our career counsellors first. 

Give us a call on 011 4084 5203 or comment below, with your phone number, stating “I want to pass the judiciary exam.” 

Let us talk to you and guide you in the right direction. If the course seems a good fit for you, you can then sign up. Cool?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

To your success.

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No questions asked, as long as the minimum requirements of the refund policy are fulfilled.

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