End Sexual Harassment, visit http://endsexualharassment.ipleaders.in
End Sexual Harassment, visit http://endsexualharassment.ipleaders.in
End Sexual Harassment, visit http://endsexualharassment.ipleaders.in

I will share some important information on how to implement the entire Anti-Sexual harassment law effortlessly, within 48 hours. The toolbox can be used by any HR manager, legal department, Company Secretary or any other person who would be given the responsibility. If you want to jump straight to the toolbox, click here.
Here’s a little background:

According to International Labour Organization, more than 90% of Indian businesses are not in a position to effectively implement the new sexual harassment law passed in 2013. Most employers, despite having the goodwill to prevent sexual harassment at workplace and implementing the law, do not know how to actually implement the law. There are others who do not want to implement it because of the time and cost involved. At the same time, there are serious consequences of not complying, including a fine of INR 50,000.

What if implementing the law is made absurdly easy? What if there was a toolkit which can be used to become 100% compliant organization within one day? What if there was a toolbox which you could simply open and start implementing the measures mandated by law?

We created just that. Here’s a toolbox that can be accessed with a username and password, from the web as well as an android app.


This is a step by step guide to implement the anti-sexual harassment law for Indian businesses. This tool will enable an organization to do the following:

1.  Set up an internal complaints committee to deal with sexual harassment complaints

2.     Create an effective policy against sexual harassment within the organization and make it a part of general employment policy and employment agreements

3.     Procedures to be followed in case of an unreported misconduct

4.     Notices to be displayed at workplace (samples and standard formats included)

5.     Comply with mandatory periodic sensitization requirements (organize workshops and seminars with training content provided by iPleaders)

6.     Train the members of your internal complaints committee on how to handle sexual harassment complaints, hearings and decision, how to evaluate evidence submitted by victim and accused and what kind of remedies can they award

7.     Understand when to file an FIR or assist a victim to file an FIR

8.     Provide interim relief to women victims of sexual harassment

9.     Comply with legal requirements by submitting annual reports on implementation of the law

10.  How to deal with false and malicious complaints of sexual harassment

11.  Take D&O insurances to protect officers or directors against sexual harassment

12.  We will keep it updated with the latest legal developments that you need to implement

As a part of this toolbox, an organization will get access to the tutorials on how to implement the law, and all the sample documents and formats that will be needed in the course of implementation and execution. A large number of scenarios are also covered with specific guidelines on how to handle them if they arise. There would also be a number of planned activities which can be used by HR professionals or other managers to sensitize the organization and its members.

Please note: Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to an immediate fine of INR 50,000 and double the amount for repeated/ continued non-compliance. The government is also authorized to cancel the business licenses in case of repeated offences.

What does the toolbox consist of?

1.    Tutorials – video and text based on how to implement the law

2.    Step by step process documents and checklists

3.    Sample notices, orders, complaints, annual reports

4.    Confidentiality policy

5.    D&O insurance related advice

6.    Sensitization package – training material, case studies, activities and role plays for legally mandated sensitization workshop for employees

7. Tutorials on how to conduct procedures by Internal Complaints Committee and how to evaluate evidence submitted by the accused and the victim

8.    Case studies

What is the cost?
INR 5000 per license per annum is the price we have decided to start with. One license will be enough for most organizations having a single branch or office. You need to take a license for every branch or office. You can know more about the law and various compliances related to it by taking up this course which is created by National University of Juridical Sciences. You can also learn about implementation of sexual harassment laws by taking up this course

The website of End Sexual Harassment is here:  http://endsexualharassment.ipleaders.in


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