This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

I have good news to share with all of you. I have been dying to share it earlier, but the timing wasn’t right!

Here is the thing: we built a customised course for ICICI Bank, one of the most respected banks in India. ICICI legal team is known for its size, depth and the cutting edge work they do! If we wanted to work for any bank to build legal courses, we could not get a better option.

The course we built is called the Finishing School. From now on, any fresh law graduate who joins ICICI Bank legal team, as well as lateral hires, will first take this course. 

It took a lot of work over a couple of months from our team to create this course, but it was an absolutely amazing learning experience. We learned a lot about the banking business and the legal work that goes into it. I think we have learned more than anyone else! And that’s the biggest reward of being in this business, we get to learn every day with every new challenge.

One take away we have from this is: prioritize learning. Our foremost goal is to learn about the industries for which we build courses. That is the only way we can keep improving our courses and keep them relevant. We have often not taken up projects from other companies which would have made us more money. Why? Simple: we prioritised long term growth over immediate money. 

If our vision did not match with the end users, we politely ejected from discussions. Also, we have a clear B2C focus as a company, and B2B is a very different game. Our organisation is not geared towards it. So we are very selective about the B2B projects we take up. 

Also, we have no sales function for B2B. All inquiries are incoming. 

Once we were consulting with a mid-sized law firm about their in-house e-learning training initiative. We found their ideas primitive and attitude over bearing! They wanted us to build courses that we would not be proud to build. What did we do? We told them we can’t add much value to the project and even connected them with another company which was only too happy to jump in.

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Life is short. We don’t want to spend our time chasing small goals or doing projects we don’t enjoy.

Sometimes we have to say no because the course we are being asked to build is too niche and we do not have it anywhere in our upcoming product development plans.

Which ones do we accept? Only the ones that give us an opportunity to dive deep into an industry and learn a lot.

We saw exactly that kind of learning opportunity with ICICI and we grabbed it with both hands.

It is also a great experience for us to work with a world-class organization. There is a lot to learn from how they negotiate, how they manage projects, and how the set expectations. It was a steep learning curve for me, and many times I marvelled at how organised and well-managed everything was.

And finally, here is the official testimonial we got from them: 

“ prepared an online course titled ‘Finishing School’ for ICICI Bank Limited’s legal team to enable smooth onboarding and transitioning of fresh graduates and lateral hires in their new roles in the legal team. The said course introduces the fresh graduates and lateral hires to basic concepts of commercial laws, general practices prevalent in the Banking and Finance industry. LawSikho understood our requirements well, proposed innovative and effective solutions, and delivered the required course working within a tight timeline. The course content is easy to understand, concise and fairly up do date and we appreciate the lawyers and the team at Law Sikho for the work that they have done on this course. It was a great experience working with the team in curating this innovative learning solution”.

  • Anubhuti Varma, Corporate Legal Group, ICICI Bank

Never stop learning. Work with the best, that is essential in your journey to become the best.

So that was my good news. Feel free to share your good news with me too, whenever you have them. I am always eager to hear from you all!

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