Gym Licensing And Registration Needs in india

There’s a burgeoning demand for Gym services as an increasingly unfit country looks to shape up.

India today is not only home to one of the largest populations of diabetics (10% of population) and people with hypertension or high blood pressure ( 10-33% across men and women in different demographics ), it also houses a rapidly increasing number of obese folk (5%of India is morbidly obese).

Many of them are living on a diet of junk food and no exercise.

If you have the goal to make India healthy again and strive for it independently, then this article highlights the few licenses you require to start a gym in India.

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Clearance From Police Department For Opening A Gym

A clearance from the local police department is a mandate for operating a fitness centre. Court rulings have made it mandatory for gyms to obtain a license for their functioning.         This can be applied for online or a person can approach the police department themselves.

The procedure for obtaining Police Department Clearance varies from state to state.
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Gym Registration

Once the business model, format and location like aspects are decided, you need to opt for the Gym registration.

This is an important aspect to consider when you want to open a gym or a fitness centre in India. You can set up such business as the Limited Liability Partnership or as a PVT. LTD. company.

In this way you can ensure transfer-ability as well as proper protection can be availed by gym promoters.

Transfer-ability will ensure that the gym can be further sold or it can be transferred if the situation demands further. Liability protection will ensure that promoter’s liability will be remaining limited once any foreseen liability is created for the fitness centre.

SSI Registration

SSI stands for Small Scale Industries. Registering an organisation as an SSI will entitle the organisation to various benefits.

Registration Procedure:

  • An organisation can apply for provisional registration certificate for any item that does not require an industrial license.
  • On receipt of application, a provisional registration certificate is issued without any further field enquiry
  • Once the organisation commences production, it will be required to apply for permanent registration in the prescribed form.

The Following Factors Are Considered While Issuing The Permanent Registration Certificate-

  • The organisation has obtained all necessary clearances whether statutory or administrative.
  • The organisation does not violate any location specific restrictions in force at the time of evaluation.
  • Value of plant and machinery is within the prescribed limits.
  • Organisation is not owned, controlled or subsidiary of any other industrial undertaking as per notification.

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Service Tax Registration

The Indian government requires us to pay service tax if it is expected that the turnover would be more than 9 lakhs.

The application for such registration has to be filled through ST-1 form which can be submitted online after creating an account on the following page :

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