Harassment complaint against your neighbour

In this blog post, Yash Koshal, from RDVV-Jabalpur, describes how can a person file a harassment complaint against a neighbor.

India is a densely populated country. As a lot of people stay in flats or live in duplex sharing common walls, at times, it happens that maintaining a quite decent relation with your neighbors, you sometimes have arguments with your neighbors on some issues related to your house.

It can be issues of any type. E.g. having a problem regarding sound or late night party etc. Sometimes, matter even gets serious and situation of filing complaint also occurs. Here we will discuss what are the options available for the person being harassed by the neighbors.

Is Calling Police an Option?

Yes, calling a police if your neighbor harasses you is an option to go with. You have the option to call the police by just dialing the police number 100 and police will come to the place mentioned by you in the phone call. They will come to the spot and ask you the problem and then will take the action against them. And, when they will reach the spot you should be having sufficient proof to prove the harassment by neighbors.

  • Harassment Through Nuisance

You may be living in an apartment or in a duplex, often it happens, when you hear loud music sound from the neighbor’s house, you try to ignore that sound for as long as possible but sometimes, such noise may make life difficult. This type of nuisance is defined in Section 268 of the Indian Penal Act.

Section 268 of the Indian Penal Code defines nuisance when the person is guilty of a public nuisance when he does any act which causes injury, danger or annoyance to the public or the people in general who live or occupy the property in the neighborhood.

A common nuisance is not excused on the ground that it causes some convenience or advantage.

If this type of harassment is faced by you from your neighbor then, you can file an application under Section 268 of IPC in the court of magistrate.

Punishment of nuisance is defined in Section 290 of IPC, which is mere Rs. 200 but the court can do much more.

As a matter of fact, calling 100 is most effective as, after a visit or two from the police, such nuisance is likely to stop. In extreme cases, police may even confiscate the instruments that are used to cause nuisance like – loudspeakers or sound boxes, or drones, cameras or such other tools.

Sometimes, police does not intervene despite laws being there as they do not like extra work on their plate or because the other party is very influential. In such cases, you may need to take help of legal experts. We recommend you get in touch with ClikLawyer.com.

  • Harassment Through Mischief

When you live in a duplex, you are sharing a common wall. If your neighbor starts construction in that common wall you do not have the right to stop him from constructing because it is his legal right but if during the construction work your property gets damaged, you can ask him to compensate for the loss suffered by you but if your neighbor refuses to pay you the amount then you can file a case under 

  1. Section 425 of IPC which states that whoever with intent to cause, or knowing that he is likely to cause, wrongful loss or damage to the public or to any person, causes the destruction of any property, or any such change in any property or in the situation thereof as destroys or diminishes its value or utility, or affects it injuriously, commits mischief.
  2. You can file suit for declaration and mandatory injunction in a civil court as well.
  3. You can claim damages in the same suit.
  • Harassment Through Trespass

If you live in an apartment and park your vehicle in the parking allotted to you but you notice someday that the place which has been allotted to you is been occupied by some other person then, you will simply ask the person to vacate the parking space occupied by him but if he/she refuses to do that, after being told or warned many times, will amount to criminal trespass.

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441 of IPC defines Criminal Trespass.

Criminal Trespass

Whoever enters into or upon property in the possession of another with intent to commit an offence or to intimidate, insult or annoy any person in possession of such property, or having lawfully entered into or upon such property, unlawfully remains there with intent thereby to intimidate, insult or annoy any such person, or with intent to commit an offence, is said to commit “Criminal Trespass”.

If this type of harassment is faced by you from your neighbors, you can file an application under Section 441 of IPC in the court of magistrate. And the punishment of criminal trespass has been defined in Section 447 of IPC in which three months imprisonment is mentioned or fine of  500 rupees or with both.

  • Sexual Harassment

There have been a number of cases registered with the police in which the neighbor who was trusted the most and was never expected to commit anything of that kind, committed sexual harassment of various natures such as-

  • Passing lewd comments
  • Staring
  • Intimidation
  • Trespass for causing sexual harassment
  • Even insertion of cameras for the recording of activities in a neighborhood house

If this type of harassment is faced by you from your neighbor, you can file a complaint with the local police. The best way to do this is to call 100 and narrate the problem you are facing. It is important to collect and preserve evidence and then giving the same to the police.


Harassment in India is becoming a very common issue nowadays. There are various types of harassment faced by the people in India through mischief, trespass, nuisance and sexual harassment. There are various laws made keeping in mind the types of harassment. If one wants to get justice then he must follow the laws to get justice.

If you are aware of any other kind of harassment faced by the people in your neighborhood, feel free to mention about it in comments below. Also drop your views regarding how else the case of harassment be tackled. Don’t forget to share the article.

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  1. She is an actress when I send her nice comment she started harrasing me by verbal and physical her marriage on December she using drugs in party and all so I wish cancel her marriage by court I want justice because we suffer like an anything I am not telling her name only in email I will write her name please cancel her marriage she is witch she is using innocent man for money she left him now she is marring under her young age man what a dirty actress she is bad behaviour she is rude to her fans because of fans she became popular by the way I want a legal action against her cancel her marriage by government and arrest her

  2. Our neighbors are molest us from 6 years ago they want to kill us all family please help us we are in need my srounded area is also in under the black magic they want kill us they torcher my all family and want kill them the black srounded us is very very very dangerous all the time am feel fear fear srounded me I could not do my study my head totally blank and I couldn’t thik nothing about it please help us soon they want kill my all family am telling a truth beacause they are very dangerous

  3. My downstairs neighbour install grill adding load to my gallary structure without asking me. How can I remove that extra load of grill from my balcony construction area?

  4. I live in Delhi. My neighbour planted a tree at the place where I park my car while i was on vacation. She has placed camera so that I can not get that tree and she will complain to police when my car touches the tree that I am trying to damage it. Now she placed bricks to protect the tree leaving no space to park the car. She called police twice already. Delhi government with no rule to move a tree. Now, I am stuck I have to park my car 100 mts away from home. Kindly help.

  5. Hi, we need your assistance and advice, to construct our house my neighbours making nuisance, its a type of row house we have planned to construct the old house we got proper approval from the corporation stating that demolishing and reconstructing the house and we started construction in march 2020 unfortunately due to pandemic construction was stopped and after relaxation given from the Government we planned to restart the work, when we plan to dig the borewell he started his anger on us and he fought with my site engineer, relatives, and people came for digging borewell, from the day one the neighbours left, right and centers they are sending mails to the corporation to stop the construction because they are getting disturbed, unfortunately we cant do anything its a row houses and we are totally depressed mentally and physically. we are really struggling how to proceed furtherance immediately, and your intervention on this please to resolve this issue on priority.

  6. We are a senior citizen family and their middle aged daughter living in Gokul Gully, Mulund West, Mumbai. Our Marathi neighbor reacts by harassing us either by pulling the furniture or making noise late at night while we are asleep even if he hears laughs or conversations or the silliest of things like the television playing during the day. This has caused domestic violence and more on our house. This fellow upstairs reacts violently. His wife once passed by our house while going down the stairwell and she made a condescending remark on my evening Mahalaxmi arati that I was doing inside my house in Marathi, thinking that I will not understand it by saying, “He loka kay karat baslyat” (meaning what are these people busy doing) and she laughed loudly with her women’s group. Moreover, when their daughter was around before her marriage, they used to provoke her and her screams could be heard from our bathroom window.

    The audacity of this fellow upstairs, he brands us as crazy and goes about gossiping about my family and me, thus slandering our reputation and even lies to us that the noises must either be heard in our mind or that they must be coming from my next door neighbor’s house though he knows pretty well that they have not returned to India for years.

    When my senior citizen father went to his house to request him to stop treadmilling so loudly, he back answered my father by saying that Modiji asked everyone to exercise. Then, my father said that Modiji asked people to exercise and not to be a nuisance to others during the lockdown and this transpired last year. He also made a condescending cultural comment on how the “Madrasi uncle living in the building behind ours was talking loudly on the phone.” Firstly, he attacks other cultures and on top of it, he tells us about someone absolutely unconcerned with any of us. This is not appropriate behavior for a person, whose son, he claims works for a private bank. I am shocked. He even threatened my senior citizen father indirectly to continue the noise if we tell the secretary and chairman of our building. I have sent the police several audio evidences since the past 2 years but only because of the low volume of my recording device like anyone else’s, the volume was not loud enough but now, I have downloaded a software to amplify the volume and this one that is at 15.5 decibels. Here it is that have records his loud late night activities today at 22.13 pm IST – https://sndup.net/4zcj. Just because my audio evidences were not loud enough earlier, this fellow upstairs takes advantage of the same and dubs me as being crazy and more. He has had a public record of being a firebrand but goes about troubling everyone else.

    The day before yesterday, he went on treadmilling till 2 am IST. Please suggest a solution to this problem.

  7. Lawangare, from our building – Flats A7 and A8, New Giri Vihar CHS, Gokul Gully, Opposite NES International School, Nimbkar Society and Pratiksha building (home to MLA Vijay Joshi), Mulund West, Mumbai 400082, Maharashtra, India also reacts by harassing us either by pulling the furniture or making noise late at night while we are asleep even if he hears laughs or conversations or the silliest of things like the television playing. He reacts violently. His wife once passed by our house while going down the stairwell and she made a condescending remark on my evening Mahalaxmi arati that I was doing inside my house in Marathi, thinking that I will not understand it by saying, “He loka kay karat baslyat” (meaning what are these people busy doing) and she laughed loudly with her women’s group. That irritated me because I never make fun of anyone else’s cultural practices. Since that day they have been harassing us. In fact, this family once got attacked by a gang that came to their house with arms and ammunitions, broke open their door frame at 4.30 am IST in the morning, and neither did anyone come to help them nor did anyone else get attacked unlike this fellow, proving what kind of a provocative individual he is.

    When my senior citizen father went to his house to request him to stop treadmilling so loudly, he back answered my father by saying that Modiji asked everyone to exercise. Then, my father said that Modiji asked people to exercise and not to be a nuisance to others during the lockdown and this transpired last year. He also made a condescending cultural comment on how the “Madrasi uncle living in the building behind ours was talking loudly on the phone.” Firstly, he attacks other cultures and on top of it, he tells us about someone absolutely unconcerned with any of us. This is not appropriate behavior for a person, whose son, he claims works for a private bank. I am shocked.

  8. Hi, my house facing the east and gate towards north. Our veranda is 5 ft wide. To near the verandah nearby constructioner build a toilet. It facing the main door of our house. It cause so many problems to us. Is there any law to overcome this situation?

  9. There r some property issues between the family brothers bcoz of which my sister is being harressed by my dad’s brother he flashes light on her room or bangs the door during the night hours as v all stay in a common private property though in different houses but connected he doesn’t do it every day but anytime ders no specific time so how do v deal with this as it’s difficult to collect proofs on this

  10. When we come out of our house, my neighbours throw water, spit just in front of us and once or twice the water fell on my family members. I hear my grumpy neighbour grumbles some unpalatable words when we pass by their house. They use our open gutter for their waste water which smells like urine. So I suppose they pass urine in the bathroom and that urine. There have been many arguments and fights with our neighbour for the last few years and I have registered a few complaints against our neighbour but there isn’t any change with neighbour’s attitude. How can I deal with my neighbour effectively and legally so that they don’t repeat all the nuisance. Can you kindly help me out please.

  11. Harassment by neighbour due to heavy noises coming as a result of foot steps, running, thrashing of things on the floor deliberately just to irritate the neighbour in the prime hours is being faced by me. Also when called and tried to speak regarding the issues the parents are very rude and giving warning to us stating we will continue the same it’s our flat.

  12. HI
    we live in delhi builders made floors and we live in 1st floor and 2nd floor people AC’ s water fells in wall as
    we share same wall and we notified them many times regarding this issue but there are doing nothing regarding this and now my house three wall get wet and looks ugly , now what legal action i can take against
    my 2nd floor neibours, pls guide

  13. Harassment by neighbour (upper flat owner) due to heavy noises coming as a result of foot steps, running, daily morning loud music vibrating my home, also using SOTI bat for washing cloth. was deliberately just to irritate the neighbour in the prime hours is being faced by me.pls reply me.


  14. Hi,
    We have constructed our house 6yrs back, and we have water tank which we constructed, now since most of us here have commonwalls, one of the support is taken for that water tank from common wall. This lady did construction work thrice, but every time during the rains the water gets in. Now she is of the opinion that since our water tank is kept on common wall, for which she was blind for 6yrs feels because of this tank she is not getting place for keeping the shade. Now she is torturing and abusing daily and asking us to move the water tank from common wall, which would be risky for us, specially during the rainy season. Please suggest, she even went to local municipal Corporation. What action should we take.

  15. Hi,
    We have constructed our house 6yrs back, and we have water tank which we constructed, now since most of us here have commonwalls, one of the support is taken for that water tank from common wall. This lady did construction work thrice, but every time during the rains the water gets in. Now she is of the opinion that since our water tank is kept on common wall, for which she was blind for 6yrs feels because of this tank she is not getting place for keeping the shade. Now she is torturing and abusing daily and asking us to move the water tank from common wall, which would be risky for us, specially during the rainy season. Please suggest, she even went to local municipal Corporation. What action should we take.

  16. Hii The problem is related to neighbour dispute. Actually Here some neighbours are harrasing us due to their own road related problem. They are blaming us that we have blocked the road. But actually They made their houses exact to road level due to this rainy water comes to their home. And We made our house 2 ft up from road level as everyone do. Also, They dig 1 ft deep road from their house level to overcome from drainage rainy water problem. But due to this they made road too rough. Where should I complaint about this?

  17. I just wanted to enquire if you support women’s who are facing harassment by their neighbours.
    My mom is a single parent and 2 of our neighbours always picks up a fight and keeps tellng us that only you 3 females are there at home right see what i will do. They talk ill about my mother and us (me and my sister). My neighbour being a mother of 3 sons passed vulgar comments when my mom or sis is passing by.
    I read that we can reach out to police through an NGO for a warning for them.

    Please let me know if you support such cases or do you have any contact of women associations

  18. Hi

    We live in delhi
    Hamare saamne wale ghar me ek ladies he jo hamesha gaaliya deti rehti he sabko indirectly and always try to threatens whole neighbourhood

    Humein kya karna chahiye hamesha wo bus ladne ke liye ready rehti he and also kuchh rishtedaar he uske jinke naam par hamesha dhamkaati rehti he sabko

    Can anyone suggest what to do

  19. In this pandemic time also My neighbour is harassing… Their objection is because I keep my dustbin outside.. because Iam scared in this situation.. whenever housekeeping lady came.. I kept dustbin one hour before and take back in afternoon.. because she came from many houses touches many people dustbins… how can I just give that lady hand to hand.. I can’t.. but neighbour issue is daily she is posting photos of my dustbin on our society group.. can u please help me out in this.. what to doo

  20. There is a group in my neighborhood that sound like part of the occult because the say things like. .. “I am a demon” all day and if you ignore them, they’ll say it louder or call your name and say it. Does anybody believe in telepathy? Because it seems they are telepathic as well. I don’t know how to go about stopping this type of abuse.

  21. I tried to complaint to local police station(Jadavpur ps,Kolkata-700032)but police are completely corrupted instead of taking action they take only cash sometimes also alcohol.
    I am live in Baghajatin J block Daspara.
    Area is completely corrupted.
    Most of the time local boys are getting drunk infront of my house,also abuse me.Sometimes threatening me to Rape.
    Is it a culture of India?
    Police are worthless i have doubts on their degree as well as their upbringing.
    Jadavpur ps is the 3rd class ps.
    Staff are really worst.
    Is there anyone who can solve this matter,and also make them understand what actually they are doing being a police.
    In this covid situation I have complained about their illness sound pollution but they didn’t take any action.
    My parents are suffering covid.I am really shocked and disappointed to see after this result out of election tmc paid huge amount so that some people can make their enjoyment to the fullest.What a decision to make covid free nation by paying illegal money to the club authorities also provide alcohol boxes.

  22. Hi
    I need a help/suggestions against rude behaviour of neighbours.
    As I am preparing for a civil service exam so I have rented a room for the preparation near our house.
    But our neighbours who are living in a rented flat near us they told to play the children near our room.they gather the children from all the floors and play here only all the day.
    We request them couple of time to not to play on this floor .we asked them to play in a ground or on another floor but instead they threaten us and said do what can you do. And they doing it intentionally it’s been 6 months but they are not ready to listen.
    It has been affecting my preparation tremendously as we have rented 2 rooms on the same floor can’t leave this place.
    So kindly suggest any thing we can do or any legel action that can help us to get out from this problem.
    Thank you

  23. Hi, one of our neighbours are harrassing us because the NEEM TREE which is in front of our house is shedding leaves from the past few years we have complained to municipal officer , forest department officers but no use she is sweeping all the shedded leaves into the drainage and the drainage is blocking. What can we do to overcome this problem? Please give us an advice.

  24. My neighbour has fixed his window air conditioner near the window of my house, just 2-3 feet. The hot air of the air conditioner enters my room through the window of my room. I have made him request but he is adamant. What is the legal remedy?

  25. My neighbour tenant creating nuisance and it is inconvenient to us.if we complaint to police are they have right to vacate him

  26. Hi everyone !! I’m Anil from Hyderabad I’m staying in apartment from 28 year my father was a watch-man from when apartment was constructed till 2018 as I grow. I have completed my MBA im in a good job I have purchased a flat in same apartment .which the flat’s owner could not digest that harassing my family members and calling us a watch man still insulting us feeling very bad .
    In their point an watch-man should not become an owner causing trouble day by day

  27. My downstairs neighbor has problems with us walking. We just walk normally and we don’t even have kids. How can we stop doing that? Is it our fault that they can hear us walk. And I swear we walk like normal people in fact with lesser noise. They call and come to our house at odd hours. What can we do about it.

  28. Hi
    There is old lady is our neighbor , she leaving alone, earlier we use to give her every kind of help but due to some extent issue we have stop help her two years back now every day she wants to fight us she used very bad language and abuse us.

    She is having son and daughter but she don’t stay with them due to bad habits and always give me threatened for murder.

    She not fight us only even with lot of people but no one giver her reply because her sound is very loud and used very bed language.

    She every times shows that I’m alone old lady and other people disturb her but truth is that her mental health is not good I think, we are educated people and can’t us abusing and cheap language like her . My family is in tension due to her harassment and can’t understand what should to do.

  29. One step would be to install security camera outside your flat, so there is at least some proof of who is leaving these items and other activity.

  30. Hi I am Mugdha,
    We are facing harassment by our neighbour, the uncle living beside us troubles so much, i am sharing the incidence of today only my dad came back to home after his morning walk my neighbour was starring at my dad so badly my dad just look at him he came to my dad to beat him. At that moment I was sitting in my bedroom attending my online class. Me and my family members heard the shout of my dad, he was calling my grandmother for help, my neighbour slapped my dad so hard and when my grandmother and grandfather went out to help dad I opened the window and was watching exactly what was happening he was using very bad words and was cursing my family members once he was standing infront of his house holding a knife to attack on us. Now this has became a big problem for us, we can’t even sleep at night.

  31. Hi,
    The plot in front of our house is vacant as the owner had not built the house. The problem we actually are going through is, to the neighbor of us the lady always throws garbage of her house in front of our house at that vacant plot and now it is about 3 years now. We always tell her not to do so and then she throws more garbages and try to harrase us in this way.
    Please suggest any solution to this.

  32. Dear Sir,
    I am 63 years old, I am staying in 2nd floor in a multi storied building, my neighbor at 3rd floor, is making lot noise, dragging heavy items like gas cylinder from one corner to another, shifting furniture, some time I feel some cement slabs like dragging from one room to another, and running from one room to another, this can be pardoned thinking children playing. but banging etc. making my life Misérable even night 11.30pm. Due to this my blood pressure fluctuating continuously. I have complaint to my society management, the management seems not effective and not at all bothered. So can any thing be done.

  33. I am living in a rent in six mile jayanagar.guwahati.
    we were celebrating my friend’s birthday one night. our guests left at around 10:30 and we see them off. It was only about 10 mins of chit chat outside our gate.Then the neihgbour starts to complain.. I don’t understand this society,,. it was only dinner time and then the neighbour’s house of two young lads were coming outside complaining about the noise we made in our property ..which was appparently the sound of starting the engine of scooty…We don’t understand whats the problem as our house was just near the main street and the shops are still open and people are roaming here and there.. as we were explaining about the consequences,, the other guy accused me of using drugs… i never used drugs ever in my life and that hurts me really bad… just because we dont belong here in assam , people tends to look down upon us and trash talk howerver they want and that sucks…. i hate this society

  34. Dear sir,
    One of the colony member , one plot gap of 20 feet disitance adjucent to me throwing the empty Liquor Bottles to my vacant plot in the night time , on requesting them not to do such act they refused to accept it. Cameras We not placed their. Plz.guide how to tackle the situation.

    Rajesh jain
    Parbhani maharashtra

  35. Many problems are there when people living above your flats throw water while washing clothes and watering pots which results water on and dirtiness on the washed hanging clothes in the gallery! And water when fall from above die to।motion and air comes in the room also from window!
    Many have bad habbit of throwing waste from above also!
    Many complaint have been done but no result?
    Am from Vadodara- Gujarat -India

  36. Hi, Am Jess
    We are made of 4 staying in a Chawl kind Area which is kind of developed but still some neighbours only their Group of Children trouble or harass us by sitting near our house, our passes and run often here and there and sometimes bangs at our door and run and run on our stairs which is from outside to our Upperhouse which is on Rent…their parents are also fighters but sending their children to trouble us and if we tell them anything they back answer in a stubborn and ridicule manner like a Fundas…purposely creating havoc …all this is disturbing our peace of mind and even unable to focus work from home….I have clicked videos and audios of these childrens…Pls let me know what needs to be done….

  37. Hello there,
    I don’t want to file a complaint. I just need suggestions to deal with this situations. I live in village in a joint family but the property is separated so our houses are adjoined to each other. We have problem with one of our relative. They always create nuisance for small small things. They just wanna fight for no reason. They even create scenes by shouting, using abusive languages. The family is so bad and so smart. They have one boy who will always abuse and will be ready to kill anyone. He harasses everybody with his bad language. And when we complaint about him to his family they will be like “he never does that. We didn’t saw him doing that”. Even if people give evident if it then they start shouting for different things happened in past which was also caused by them. They steal things from peoples property. It happens every often. No other member of that family says anything. They put that boy in front for abusing people and when the fight get worse they support him from back.
    My dad got his eye surgery this month. They burn woods or whatever to create smoke and also they blow the smoke intentionally to the direction of my house. We have requested them to not to do so. But they laughed and continued doing it..
    Please help. It has become a daily habit of them. The boy can even harm my family.

  38. I am a Sr.citizen living with my daughter who is a govt employee. We live in govt accommodation but for the past 2.5 years, we are staying beside a neighbour whose activities are suspicious. We did not pay too much attention to him in the beginning, even though right after his arrival, I fell very very sick and became extremely weak for more than 3 months making things extremely difficult for my daughter who us single and had to manage everything almost singlehandedly. The doc could not pinpoint any particular reason apart from the weakness but the reason became clear around 6 months ago when strange smells emanated from his house and covered up the entire place including the interiors of the house. Later CCTV had to be installed to see what was going on and very frequently we found gas bubble like structures floating in the air which cannot be detected with naked eyes. It is also strange that they do not come out if their houses nor enter our house but at first, there is a sound of a heavy equipment being operated from inside their house and then to xic smell of gases fill up the entire space which visitors have also been able to snuff. This is making me weaker everyday and my lungs feel suffocated and weak. It is strange that whenever meals are being cooked or served, the gas ball like substances are released and the food starts tasting bitter as s result of such emission. This does make clear that he is somehow able to see the interiors of the house. The dose of gases became so heavy on the night of Diwali that my daughter complained loudly as to why a sr. Citizen like me was being subjected yo such harassment. The man who claims that he is a govt officer came our and clenched his fist at my daughter , shouted by pointing at her and CCTV footage that he is threatening my daughter can also be seen. Within a day, my daughter went to.police station and complained against him and the other members who had also threatened my daughter . Upon the arrival of police, the man started his own drama by saying that on that particular night when he got agitated, my daughter was shouting out loud omitting the fact that he was using gaseous toxin like severely smelling objects and was physically damaging our health. He also seems to be in possession of lots of other heavy equipments which make loud noises all through the night and also seems to be possessing Sonic weapons through which radiation is emitted causing discomfort to out health, especially our ears. He is definitely into some suspicious activity as can be noted from his action and the cops have asked us to Lodge a complaint to relevant govt authorities and submit s copy to them for them to follow up. But this seems like long drawn process. The credentials of the man also seem to be fake as he claims to be govt officer but on inquiring, his actual designation it his identity cannot be confirmed which almost makes him and the other occupants criminAl trespasses but I may need some time to prove this. What can be done to stop such dangerous emission at the earliest and bring him to book?

  39. We are well educated family belongs to a village. Always everyday my neighbour speaks abuse words from his/her home which bad words is that we have to listen to our families every day or even if we dont want to. I want to know what is the law or section for oppose the neighbour.

  40. Hi I am guru
    My neighbour throw garbage and split In my home and used to threaten that I will finish your family .I have given complaint to police but there is no response because his husband is in military and they continuously torture my family

  41. I stay in first floor. My ground floor neighbour installed dish antenna right outside my balcony on first floor. Without asking or informing. My concern is that my kid keeps going to balcony. And the view became spoilt. Dish antenna right at your balcony attracts lightening…
    I asked the neighbour multiple times to move the dish antenna. No action so far since a week almost. Some or other excuses.
    What do you recommend?

  42. I stay in first floor. My ground floor neighbour installed dish antenna right outside my balcony on first floor. Without asking or informing. My concern is that my kid keeps going to balcony. And the view became spoilt.
    I asked the neighbour multiple times to move the dish antenna. No action so far since a week almost. Some or other excuses.
    What do you recommend?

  43. Hi, I live in Ludhiana, Punjab and my neighbor has a pet dog and the main problem is that the neighbors usually stay out of their home till midnight or on some days they come after 1 am in the night. And the dog stays alone since evening and that dog continously keeps barking all the time and always crying inside. I have requested my neighbors thousand times to look after the dog and to stop this nuisance because it is a headache for me and family but they do not listen and never responds. They are in habit of leaving him alone at home and the dog keep creating nuisance. Kindly please help me in this matter that what shall I do, me and my family are in such a terrible problem.

  44. I am a widow, staying in single storage building with my daughter from past 6 years.
    Children between age 10 – 13 years playing in a small passage and making lots of noise and disturbance from past 6 years. They broke my window glass, broke my dish antenna and every 1-2 months they are breaking my vehicle mirror or other. After several complaints to their parents, they are not taking any action to it and one lady is threating me by saying that her husband is working in army (she is staying on rent). Now i am mental disturbed with the noise, my head is paining severely everyday when i come from the office in the evening. I am not against their playing, but that is not the place to play. I am so much mentally disturbed by their harassment , that i may get brain stork. Please advice or take some action. Thanks

  45. Hi..we live in mangalore..one of the prime residential area in mangalore..last year a sports club has opened right next to our compound..in fact d sports club is surrounder by residences in al four sides..every sides to the right next compound..starts early mornin at 6 am..ends at 10.45 pm in d night on every single day..all of us are facing noise harassment..wen we complain to the police, the police arrives and the noise reduces..once they leave the noise is again unbearable..requested them many times to reduce the noise..nothing works..are they allowed to play like that legally..or should we approach the court..we al neighbours have lost all the peace at our home..

  46. Hi I stay in a normal street where the street has near 4 houses on the right and 4 in the left the width of the road s around 10 feet.There s an annoying family who stay in a three storeyed ,they keep shouting names of their relatives from the ground to reach the person in the third floor .They also sit on the roads making circles and talking loud. Its very disturbing .How to deal with this. Kindly assist

  47. Hi all,

    I stay in Gated community in Bangalore, so called posh and well educated Residents, However since last 4 months, I am facing severe disturbance from my upper Flat from morning 8 am and goes sometimes 12.30 am. Here in our Society there is Bye Laws and as per Bye Laws, 2 pm to 4 pm (Sleeping Time) and from 11 pm to 6 am should not be such type of Noises.
    Many times request my neighbor via SMS, Phone call, What’s app, face to face discussion once, but in place of reducing the Noise, it has been increased.
    Even I complaint to our committee member but no result. The Types of Noises are as under: –
    a. Shifting Furniture many times.
    b. Jumping on the Floor
    c. dropping heavy objects on the floor
    d. ETC.

    I am ok if they do out side of sleeping hours, but they do purposefully in sleeping hours.

    Please suggest, how to resolve this issue.


    Rajesh K Agrawal

  48. We leaving in duplex. Our neighbour has cover his totally magin space by construct and keep windows,ventilation,drainage pipe, shutter/shed, on wall which become common wall. Such gaps disturb us because our bedroom, gallary and many other space become privacyless.
    Now he not co-operate me to close such gaps. He is a very rich person and very close to socirty chairman. Chairman also threatned us that do not show rule. What to do?

  49. I’m living in Thane. In our apartments everyday 7-9 elder people are sitting down at the entrance area and they burn wood for protecting themselves from mosquitoes, they use sanitizer for burning that wood which is kept at the entrance for safety purpose. In those 2 are part of society, with their influence they told security to allow street dog to sleep in the common area. Many people have problem with that but they are errogant so no one have dare to stop. If anyone told them because of this smoke our kids are suffering please stop this, they says you want us to suffer with mosquitoes, close your windows from 7 to 12 PM. One day a lady taken the video of that wood burning, photo of the street dog and kept in the society’s what’s app group and complained on them. 6 people also supported her in the what’s app group. On the next day they are shouting and said you people insulted us by keeping the videos and photo in group so say sorry infront of all the members. We won’t stop doing this do whatever you can do.

  50. Hello everyone. I am writing this post as a part a social circle and if anyone can provide some guidance / help .
    It is regarding the Outhouse in my opposite bldg which is a 2 storey building and bang opposite our building and facing my house. Since yesterday evening they had 5 to 6 very powerful flash yellow and white lights which were so powerful that my whole house got illuminated and faced extreme light, so much so that none of us could sleep at night. We have elders aswell and they can face extreme trauma because of sleepless nights. According to my understanding they will switch on this lights every night and it will be hell for me and my family. Can any of you tell me about where and how can i complain about it. If anyone else is also facing similar problem we can join hands to fight for the cause..
    Your help and guidance is much appreciated . Thanks. Lomesh. 9820277776.

  51. Due to lockdown , coz my neighbour was not ready to home quarantine themselves, we asked our cook not to work for 15 days coz we shared the same cook. Due to safety measure, my cook did not go to work in their house either. This annoyed my neighbour n they fired the cook n stopped talking to us. Now their 12 year old kid has started spreading rumours and influencing other kids not to play with my 11 year old son. My son is facing isolation n mental harrassment. When requested other kids parents, they did not wish to intervene as their kids are already influenced by our neighbours kid. Pls suggest

  52. Hi ,tirumala here from Mumbai vile parle
    I stay in chawl basically it doesn’t mean that living in a small place I m Happy but usually my mom and dad are working as well as my sister but problem arise is where we stay in that lane many maharashtrian people stay and they always bully my parents like discriminatory harrasment facing regularly she always tell me the issue about them I even called police still they are doing the same and me n my sister usually we have studies beside these they always try to harass with words backbitching many stuff they do we are not reach it doesn’t mean that they can’t discrimate us we belong to south many people doesn’t know about problem that face by caste as well as poor rich I just want to help my family because today we are their to solve the problem but tommorow night be we will get marry at that time what she will do alone so I just want to make my mom and dad stronger to face and tackle the difficulty that next time if they bully my parents they might think 10times before doing these I liked your section also the lawsuit was well explained thank you ?

  53. I live in Jaipur in a apartment building. One of the apartment owner is a carpenter. A while ago he started doing his carpenter work in the parking area during daytime when the parking is empty. Noe it became his daily schedule. He operating his carpenter work from the parking. He makes lot of noise by those machine and hammer. We asked them to stop but they don’t stop. What should i do? Please suggest me… I am a student, due to the noise, i am not able to study and there is no option of library in the covid19 time. Please suggest.

  54. Hi , I am from himachal and live on 5th floor with my family. There is a lady who have 5 pets and keep in bringing more stray dogs to her house.we don’t have problem with her keeping so many pets but the problem starts when all the pets shits in common area like stairs and parking used by others. We have kids and pregnant ladies in our building and there are chances of infections due to these pets.Is there any law to report it so that lady takes care of cleanliness in the common area.

  55. Hi, I am yuvaraj
    We are facing harassment by our neighbours, They are trying to damage the border fence (which we installed sometime back) by hanging heavy material in the fence.we asked them to remove but they are not ready to remove(intentionally).
    Please suggest how to tackle them.

    Best Regards,

  56. Mere ghar ke just side mei new building construction ho rhi hai, uski waze se hamari dewaro pe silan aa rhi hai. Bolne pe thik nai kra rha hai.. Ishka koi legal law hai kya ki wo thik karye because uski waze se hmara nuksaan ho rha hai..

  57. Neighbour has constructed kitchen plateform on common wall between his room & my bedroom. Due to this we are suffering from frequent noise problem when ever they cook something. As i think, construction of kitchen plateform on common wall must not allowed. Pl guide me on relevant law, rule etc under which construction of kitchen plateform in common wall between two flats is not allowed

  58. Hello, I am also facing issues with my neighbors, he is intentionally asked his dog to do poop and pee in front of our gate. After so many times caught him in our cctv footage and asked him why you are doing such nonsense behavior. They ignored and did agin and again same things. They are not even ignoring us also they ignored security camera. He is a driver of some govt politicians and may be because of this he has courage to do. Please let me know what legal action I can take against him. This is just an example I have shared here, there are many things he has done with us which is called an harassment.

  59. Hello, I am also facing issues with my neighbors, he is intentionally asked his dog to do poop and pee in front of our gate. After so many times caught him in our cctv footage and asked him why you are doing such nonsense behavior. They ignored and did agin and again same things. They are not even ignoring us also they ignored security camera. He is a driver of some govt politicians and may be because of this he has courage to do. Please let me know what legal action I can take against him. This is just an example I have shared here, there are many things he has done with us which is called an harassment.

  60. Hi, it’s mallik

    I stay in a house where Our neighbours don’t have bathrooms . When ever I roam on my bolcony they act like I came to watch his daughter while bathing, which is not true. Before somedays, they came and started fighting with me by saying, you are looking at my daughter while she is bathing. They said, they will harm us if such things happen again. And also they are harassing with mean jokes. Though this is not a crime, I am feeling stressed about this cause I have done nothing. Is there anything I can do?

  61. Hi,

    Our neighbours don’t have any bathroom to bath. When ever I roam on bolcony they act like I came to watch his daughter which was lie. After onwards, I stopped watching at that direction. Since then, they are harassing me with mean jokes loudly. Her father acted like, I will harm you.i feel very uncomfortable in my own home.

  62. I am living govt quarter. Me, my Husband and my son. And my opposite site one bachelor lives with his two brothers, parents and grandparents. They always tries to harrass our family in many ways . 1) his father is drunken and everyday utters slang word, and sleeps in front of my door.
    2)and always park his vehicle on the middle and tries to create obstacles purposefully.
    3)single family have 6 two wheeler, two four wheeler and one cycle.
    4) aand the employee is psycho and make fake compaint against me
    5) other memories Don’t support me in this manner
    In such condition can I file complaint against him bcz of their harrasment my health gets no.problem , my BP raises and breathe choke . So help me how can complaint against him.

  63. I am from Mumbai. We are on rent from last one year. Our neighbour is so much abusing , insulting, creating nuisance. My dad is heart patient, my mom is blood pressure patient. And she always says weird and bad words, everyday. When we do the Pooja share says that doing jadu tona. She stares in our home everytime. Make faces laughs. Mom dad are in tensed everytime. I am 19yrs old girl I have two brothers small from me. They put songs loudly everytime. In night also they are awake talk loudly play in night in the corridor. Our door is also front of eachother and half meter distance. We are scared also of her. Like if she dose anything on road and all. Or she dose anything bad with us. We don’t open the door also. Everytime our door is close. She stolen the sandal of mom. The glass of diya which was outside the door. We don’t know her and she don’t know us still she abuses up. Please read and say what should we do. We had done 3 NC’s please tell what should we do. Date 24-05-2020

  64. Hi my name is Raghav gomber and I am a and resident of Vijay Nagar .I am being intimidated by a women for sexual orientation and completely not interested in it in which law or section can I file a complaint against her and seek justice for me

  65. Hello sir/ mam,
    I’m Kalyani from Pune. I’m living in my grandfather’s flat. But family above my flat makes so much noise. They play tabla at 12.30 am also they speak so loudly in the bathroom to wake his wife by calling her name they have also occupied area above our flat which is local terrace without permission of society members even they fought with society members against this illegal construction. They’ve kids n they play cricket above our flat area at morning 7 am making my morning noisy also jump at 2 pm same as 7 am & 2 pm they make noise with hammer I’ve seen them hammering nd making noise we given them warnings with respect but still they’re making noise. I haven’t got sufficient sleep from last 2 months as lockdown started. They also stare at me which embrace me. They don’t want to understand our pain (headache) from any source. I want to stop them officially but my lawyer frnd asked me to view 5 families (including my family) who get irritated by them but except us there’s no any other family who have the problem like this.
    Please tell me what to do ?
    I can’t even focus on my studies as well bcoz of there unconditional, loud, skull cracking sounds please help????

  66. My father was a retd hdconstable from telanaga and we build a home in Tirupati Ap that is our native place.Aftr retirement my father and mother with elder brother they are staying in native place.The problem which we are facing now is with my neighbours that to she is my own cousin sister, how we are intimidating or harassing or causing us fear for our family. Just for silly things like talkng loud ,laughing ,water drowing wastely from the water tank, and my brother he do a motar vehicle repairs in front of my home shade she blocks the road in front of their home no one has to go from that road.she used to sit along with other members on the road.25 years we stayed in a rented house but we dnt face any of this situations or problems in HYDERABAD.How can we file a complaint against her.She used to discremanate us always. She calls my brother as a labour drunkr or some other unparliamentary language. Even today she given a complaint on my brother in ps that he. is doing mechanic work in front of our home is that she is getting disturbance with the smell or sound while doing the work. Pls suggest any solution for us Once once me an d my brother thought to suicide because of this harrasement plz suggst me

  67. Harassment by neighbour due to heavy noises coming as a result of foot steps, running, thrashing of things on the floor deliberately just to irritate the neighbour in the prime hours is being faced by me.

    • Hi all,

      Same here, My upper flat neighbor exactly doing the same thing, even after so many request, they are not bother to comply… Got fade up and restless.

  68. Hi ,
    Past 6 months we facing a problem with neighbour for burning wood stove. We are affecting from that pollution always. Having small children and old aged peoples who getting hurt easily, facing health issues. We told to police about this issue. They made us compromise, but still the problem is not solved. Please help me !what i need to do.. Where i need to complain about this. Is there any law for this?

  69. Hi, my name is Raghavender Temba I stay with my sister family in erragadda. Here we are i rented house and the owners stay in uppal we are opposing the people who are trespassing and getting inside the building giving some reason they need some leaves instead of one person 3 people are getting inside they are not happy because we questioned them. The neighbour guy scolded my sis threatened us that he will threw her in water tank later their mother she came and she was telling us that we have to remember and allow the people who stay next to us. After few days the tenant who was staying in opposite of our house wantedly started scolding us as her son was one among the three people who trespassed on that day.but one mistake which was happened with us is that the neighbour guy requested the other tenant but we were unaware abt that after fight the other tenant guy told us abt this matter after fight. But they neither told atleast when they were scolding us. Now the opposite tenant aunty started scolding as she want to drag us to fight . Please some one advice how to over come this nor how this can be avoided. We are avoiding our best not to get into any sort of issues.

  70. My neighbours are creating big nussiance by quarrelling n abusing people around their houses.. I was on one sde n to other sde an aunty who lost her husband stays single..

    My neighbours were abusing her with unparlimentary wrds ..wn she goes to her daughters house n comes my noisy neighbour indirectly plays plot n says smethng lke,, still nw wr did u roamed.. Wth whom did u stay wth
    Abuses wth dat kind of words.. Wt to do nw

    He also SPITS by creating more sound when he sees us.. He intentiinaly does dat
    Do Help me out

  71. i am 59 yrs old female member of a private club in mumbai playing a sport for last 45 years.I am the only female member playing the sport in the morning on the A court
    Some male members and sub commitee members in the dept have been harassing me since last 6 months bullying me ,boycotting me, and ganging up against me since i object to breaking of bye laws in order of play on court and have written several letters to the Hon Secretary and sub committee re the same.
    The subcommittee ganged up with one particular member and suspended me from the dept for speaking up against them, on false charges of cursing,provoking and threatening that i would approach a womens cell.
    The Managing committee members are very powerful in the club and support this plot to teach me a lesson.
    Didnt know who i could turn to
    please help

  72. We are staying in Mumbai at Chirabazar. Our issue that we are facing lot of problem from neighbors. They have habit of sleeping late night eating food late night and due to sleeping late night there children’s also sleep late night. Our house is just 200 sqft out of which after house goes for kitchen and wash room and the remains half is used for watching TV, studied of two children, sleeping and other personal office work. Due there bad habits we are facing lot of problem like making lot of noise outside passage by playing in uncultured way, most important playing till late night , due to which we get disturbed in sleeping, there house door and our door is 24inches away. They talk loudly which can be heard in our house, being maharastrian they eat lot of fish which they start frying at 11.45pm or so. Due to which lot of smell goes till she finishes frying. Few days back their home senior members started playing carrom board at 11.45 pm which creating noise and was disturbing us in our sleep. After lot of patience finally we decided that we should inform the police and get this problem cleared. We reached police station and police chief said I will send two constables and will try to explain them but it was simple talk given by cops and they went away. But now they are disturbing to n different manner by making sound of TV with high volume beaching about us with other neighbors and trying to instigate us. Please inform how and what way we can solve this issue.

    • Try sending them a legal notice and if they again continues then file a formal complaint with the police. If does not work then approaching the court seems to be the only viable option.

      Mohit Garg
      [email protected]

    • Same here brother, I live in New Delhi I am having this similar type of issue with my neighbour who are tenants they starts cooking around 11:45 and they talk loudly, laughing, singing in ugly voices. I have told them politely not to do this but they are still making these noises. Once they were drinking in their home around 2:30 AM talking and laughing aloud. This night they starting making noise around 11:30 and continued till around 1:30.
      I can’t sleep because of them. Its enoung, now I am going to call police today.

    • Dear Rajesh. You can only file complaint against their unlawful behavior or public nuisance not of any of their eating habits or eating practices. Mentioning about they being Maharashtrian; you are also pointing out a racial discrimination. Just imagine how would you feel if someone mentions you as Northwestern guy encroached in a Maharashtiran locality and then claiming Maharashtrian eating habits as a nuisance. Give it a brotherly thought and cope up with some effection.

  73. Dear Ma’am / Sir,
    We have living in this so called posh society of Kolkata for more than 2 years and since day one this family of goons( includes one year old to senior citizens) has been harassing us.They have bugged the area to hear our calls and conversations.They sit with doors open to track our movements and create nuisance. The men of the family are goons and like staring.The females of the family too are not far behind and like barging in our house. Multiple complains have been made by us but all in vain as the bunch is very notorious and expert at lying and as our senior citizens they cook up stories and create evidence. They threaten us that they are owners,it’s their city and police is in their pockets.

  74. Hi, I am facing issue with my neighbor, howere I stay in a rented apartment and I just wanted to park my car in front of my building but the neighbor has blocked the road with material obstruction on the road, and when I asked her remove it, she started abusing, may I know how can I proceed legally with this concern regarding the road blockage and for using abusive words….

  75. Hi, in my apartment I am facing the problm of two ladies who unnecessary fighting with me because of children’s small fights on playground both of them are making a big issue of this thing my child and not accepting thier childs misbehavior Or fights. They always blaming to my child only. Pls help out me.

  76. Actually I am facing too much problem with the children living infront of our home daily evening time children are throwing stones on our home roof every time I warn and again one the next day they Will do the same they shout like anything play with stones and they hit the stones to walls From out side which creates a lot of disturbances in this case can I go raise a complaint against them I do understand they are children but shouting like anything and throwing stones is creating frustration please any one help me so that I can take further step

  77. Hi.. my mother lives alone.. person staying in the opposite house owns 3 houses in the same bldg, he and his sons and daughter in laws and their kids live in other rooms. Their kids play in the vicinity ..but at one point of time they create a lot of noise and nuisance late in the night.. the grandfather encourages them to make more noise to haress my mother.. my mother is A high BP patinet…if we try to tell them they tell and abuse my mom. Can we do anything about it.

  78. We are a family of husband, wife and a school going son.

    There is a neighbour (a woman) who has left her husband’s house and resides with her brother and seems very unhappy with her life so she’s after us constantly psyching us. She gets the courage to do this as her brother is a supposed goon. She has been doing this for more than 2 years now. They get idliwalas, bhangarwalas to make noise outside my house and after that support them to go ahead and continue. Then he stands and mocks at us.

    Recently on 13th Jan 2020, she even went to the extent interfering in our family feud by siding with my brother a US citizen for by making him sit in her house early morning and then they corner me when I was taking my son for his exam. I have a CCTV clipping in support of this. Earlier on 06th January 2020 she tipped my brother who came to have aface-off with me. All this is on CCTV.

    As the brother-sister duo are making our lives miserable, please advise what we need to do.

  79. Dear sir/mam
    I am a 27 yrs old female doctor. Me and my mom live in a 4 storey house where we own 1 floor. The ground floor is for parking. Our neighbours have been creating nuisance by always nitpicking whenever we go out of the house and makes such a situation that we have to fight. They have an elder mother who always keeps on nitpicking and their sons intentionally let their mother go forward for creating trouble. We have a common entrance with parking gate. Now to create trouble they have given the keys to someone on the basis that they are allowing someone to park in their space. As me and my mother live alone , we want safety so requested that they dont give the keys to someone else and we dont have any problem with them letting their parking to someone else but they refused. That guy even comes to park even at 11-12 at night and i dont feel safe. When we asked that guy to give us the keys they said that this is my house and i am like the neighbours son with full atitude. Our neighbours now are abusing us by saying that whenever some family comes to see me for arranged marriage they will interfere and say that i am a nuisance and create a chaos in your house if you take the rishta and started abusing us with galis. I know they have the right to give keys to anyone but thats the shared gate and we want safety with us 2 women living alone. Can any legal procedure be taken in this case?

  80. Hi
    I owned two bed flat in Nadiad Gujarat State since 1992, as per title deed we share ground floor, Staircase , tarace etc. with former owner of block and two another owner of top floor flatt ,
    since nearly one year former owner has blocked of excess to ground floor and tarrace. we try to talk to them they are not willing to listen, What help i can get from local municipality ? or if we get rid of locks and gate
    what would be repruction?

  81. Dear Ma’am / Sir,
    We have been living on rent in this “posh” society in Kolkata. And we have faced continuous harrassment from the so called “respected senior citizen group” who are flat owners.Their own kids our age I sure would have given “appropriately answered” them back for their harrassing abusive behavior .Why do these people think that living on rent means we have to take this harassment and not react.Specifically Kolkata had the worst bullying senior citizens and owning a house has made it worse. WHY harass the neighbors.WHY FORCE US TO RELOCATE OR KEEP OUR KIDS LOCKED UP????

  82. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I Mr.Shashidhar Kumar (43 years) working in Private firm. I stay with my mother (old and sick) and brother (software profession) and his wife (housewife). Our neighbour causing nuisance by urinating their dog in the road (12ft) just opposite to our entrance. Our both main entrances are just 3 feet distance. Smell nuisance is causing when wind blows due to which health problems are causing and flies and mosquitoes developing. We even flushes the urinating area with disinfectant liquids (Dettol, phenyl etc.,) in front of them to get some knowledge to them. Even though they perform say for the past 5 months, and also their perform group gathering daily by they sons (3 members) with their friend and make nuisance with illicit languages focusing into our house in front of the house, due to which we are losing privacy in the house (especially to our ladies). Earlier on argue with them they beat me with their friends a complaint has been registered in the nearby police station and abuse with low caste community (SC-Mala) (a pity case has been registered (on 24.10.2014) on complaint to higher authority by local PS (Musheerabad, Hyderabad, TS), and neglecting caste community abuse case, since as they are influence with TDP/TRS political background (T.Shanker Mudiraj – Ramnagar Division), the local police will listen to their version only. As their are mostly suitable to file case against them is rowdy sheeters. As his fathers (S.Gopi & S.Laxman) encourages their sons to fight and beat or even kill us, and tells them by paying sufficient amount to police they can neutralise the cases. Kindly help & advise me how to deal with the situation legally(permanently).

  83. How can I get legal help against black magic done by the neighbours who are obsessed with buying my flat. They have been doing spells on my flat for 1.5 years and are now doing black magic on my food brought in by Swiggy delivery.
    The woman Aarthi SS works in Infosys and has been obsessed with my flat since she moved into the adjacent flat in 2017. She and her family repeatedly asked my Mum and me to sell the flat to them despite our outright refusals. I had reported her to the police last year in December when I saw her black magic stuff in our postbox. She, her husband Balasubramanian and daughter ran away like rats at the mention of police and slunked back after the police had left. Her old parents Subramanian and Kanthimathi too are actively involved in black magic. I have a good mind to report them to the district collector and city police chief with a copy to her HR department in Infosys, but not sure how something like black magic can be proved, despite all the packets of ash and chilles and lemons and sigils and spell water they have been leaving outside the flat and in the postbox and my car. I would appreciate any legal advise.

    • Can anyone help us on this, i and my family suffering from Black magic of our neighbours. They are continuously throwing things from upper floor on our balcony, one day we found Burnt Bread on our balcony, from this type of things we thought of having temporary structure of Shed to be place from common wall, now they are insisting us to remove the shed Pls help us we are going lot of Trauma and harassment.

  84. Dear Nation,
    We all are equal as per Indian Law and Constitution. Like the way, we pray every morning and students in their respective classrooms for implementing and enhancing to be in a righteous path of their life.
    Irrespective of everyone’s situation we are committed to being together in a united way. I wish people to be more literate not only in terms of the degrees they hold but with the experiences they gain in their daily life.

  85. My neighbors are mentally disturbed even though we are not sharing a common wall still he is having problem with us, my flat is next to lift so I open the lift little bit lift noise comes from lift
    They are sleeping at 9.00pm so they get disturbed by us. Small kids are in my home so can I make them silent. At 8.00pm . My neighbor hurt my 3yrs daughter while opening a lift. All though taking her hospital or informing parents he run away from there and then fighting came to fight with so please let me wht I should do against her

  86. What to do ? My neighbor burns garbage daily two times. Smoke from that can damage my lung and respiratory system. Suggest me what should I do?
    They have “laagvag” and “pehchan” in police department.



  89. Hello sir/mam,
    My parents stay in Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu). Over the past four to five years, there has been harrasment towards my mom by the neighbours as she mostly keeps to herself. Last one year it has gone to peaks as two of my neighbours started bad mouthing about my mom to other neighbours. They started banging their doors, making huge sounds whenever they see my mom. This is not just one or two neighbours. People from 6-7 different houses are doing this. She is very much frustrated and I’m not sure what to do as it is very difficult to gather evidence against them. Any kind of help would be great! Thanks

  90. Sir/Madam I am going through a lot of distress because of my neighbours. There are a couple of tenents who are using the bathroom which almost opens into my yard, they are indecent people who openly use toilets irrespective of women presence in the yard. They act as if it is their right to use. Their bathroom is in the balcony and it is open to our view. Pls help. Is there a way we can ask them to build a wall. Pls help

  91. I stay in apartment in hyderabad.. There is a drainage problem in the upstairs house bathroom. from where the water is leaking into our house I informed regarding this.. They are telling that this is builder problem please wait for some months when we have money and time we will solve this issue please give me suggestions

  92. I stay in Delhi in flat, since one two months we are facing this issue our neighbours are always drunk and they do bad things in front of us and they abuse a lot to us. There are two brothers and both do the same and now they started one more thing they used to change there clothes in front of our gate and that is very horrible. What should we do?

  93. There is person banu prakesh he has no respect and harresement on the filed the files were there is no respect in the office were he will work and face the issues in Further and loyatly should be cased as the section 208 then file need to moved telling about me to others in bad way well he has show to peel to face the problems doing the harresment with court and need to how to behave with people local people are the uneducated broots were they will face in life

    for any issue contact me 8904210147

  94. My neighbor’s tenant bought a new AC and instead of putting a pipe at the drip area he has left it open, so all the water reached our doorstep. And when complaint about the same he has only one reply ki yeh area humaare makaan maalik ka hai or ya yeh road tumhari nhi hai so yaha pe kuch bhi Kar sakte hai hum.
    We have asked them like at least ten times but still no action has been taken. Also Everytime the request turns into a fight.
    Can I legally take any action against them.

  95. My neighborhood constantly harassment my family using common wall, they creates noise through common wall, throwing heavy materials on common wall, breaks our sleep due to their rude nature they cant hear, what we can take legal actions on them, how we stop them?

  96. Dear victims of all parts of India.
    Please read this true happening it’s fact not fiction.
    2010 we purchased 4bighas of land at Barasat Baikantapur. 2nd plot from highway.
    Harassment comes in different shapes and sizes according to the financial involvement.
    This property was purchased after checking the dimensions.
    The saler called all parties and told them to leave the land they were cultivating and had incoached on, they all agreed in our presence. The demarcation was put down.
    These demarcation were moved by night causing us to do another survay
    After five survays.
    We came to the conclusion that this same saler along with some land syndicate police grampanchyate and other anti-social from neighbouring plots had grouped together to make us leave our property.
    Harassment and stress is different DISTRESS causes DEATH.
    We have the porch and land deeds pay both taxes land and grampanchyate tax with plot nos registered in electronic media.
    These people are politically motivated and connected.
    They have intimidated trespassed and incoached on our privacy in more ways than one.
    Our trees are being destroyed the goats on our farm poisoned the vegetation destroyed and sprayed with chemicals.
    We have 47 gauva trees fruit bearing 2oo banana trees. 12 coconut trees they have killed. They pretend to chase thieves at night when there are the thieves who come in brazenly to steal our produce.
    We have caught the several times in side our cultivation after having a boundary wall.
    All our fruit trees and fruit is damaged
    Jackfruit are dug and mercury on plastic rope is pushed inside with the very intention to kill.
    We can’t eat anything from our cultivation thereby they can have it all.
    They are an endangerment to LIFE.
    I have floated a group Anglo Indian world property owners which they have compromised.
    I have kept video records from 2010 till date. 350 papaya all flattened to the ground. This year one cutting all my trees including 40 odd plum trees.
    To crown all this we have an illegal cement godown switching labels of cement and adding mud to the content.
    These cement bags find their way into GOVT projects and endangers life. Then what is the value of our life to them. The sides of our HIGHWAY is dug out now they have started with our land the 100 day Labour is used and alcohol is given as an incentive with a sumptuous dinner for each Labour while the taxpayers money goes to these criminals.
    My wife Beverly and self are under treatment.
    She has acquired glocoma and I have deprived liver disorder. While they are breaking my boundary to make and sell houses to increase income for the party club police touts and neighbours who are all relatives of the same group who are actively involved in politics and have family in our Amdanga thana.
    The club and grampanchyate means the political party has incoached and taken possession of our pump shelter. They have put a ceiling and stolen filling from the back of my godown to raise up the insides of the shelter. They are trying to present it as a domestic house with their gov’t contracts. B.D.O. B.LL.R.O.

  97. My parents live in an apartment in Trichy. A neighbor in the top floor just below terrace, inspite of having 2 bathrooms in their house, their family members use the terrace’s common tap for tooth brushing, washing clothes, taking bath. Both the male & female, take bath in half dressed manner, which is disgusting & uncomfortable for others to enter terrace. What is the legal way to stop tis?

    Also we already complained to them this is wrong. But they are not ready to admit/correct themselves. Instead got angry that we are asking against them, & a guy in that family threatens my dad that he ll hook my dad to police in any sensitive case. So what can be done to legal protective measures?

  98. Hi,
    I am leaving in badarpur, few months ago one neighbour came to live in front of my house, since that day I have noticed that garbage has been thrown in front of my house and my roof. I have asked not do so to his wife, then that lady started abusive language. I have just stopped to have any word to her. Few days ago my wife also asked her not to do so and complaint to her husband, then that lady started abusing to my wife. Please let me know what we can do in this case as there is no such visual or audio evidence….

  99. I am facing harrasment from my neighbour. He always used to park his vehicle in front of my main gate. On pointing out the mischief, he rudely behaves telling that “Rasta Tumhare Bap Ka Nahi Hai”. Once he jumped into my building Terrace from his terrace and broke my Dish TV Camera. On asking to him, he defended himself, I have not done any damages. My wife used to clean courtyard of my building everyday in the morning. Sameway his wife also cleans his courtyard. However, he stops my wife cleaning the courtyard because it makes him uncomfortable but not his wife. There is a common wall between two buildings of us. He has broken portion of his side wall making the room more spacious. While painting inside my home, he stopped me saying that his side wall is getting damage, when there was no damage on my side. He used to gather some notorious children in front of my home and creates nuisance of multiple voices. On asking, he rudely behaves saying that they are the sons of God and it is sin to stop them. He so many times presurised me to invest in a chit fund of his scheme. On denying, he abuses me that I have no good relations with my neighbours.

  100. I am staying in a flat and the family staying in the above floor and create lot of noise by running around, using skating, bouncing ball, moving furniture, etc. It’s not something that happens once in while, but constantly all the day. Do we have a law that can help in India??

  101. An old woman and her ill husband lives in the fall above us.. she constantly leaves the tap open and does not get waterproofing done on her floor. The water keeps dropping in our house. It has worsened since yesterday. The kitchen ceiling is on the verge of collapsing. We are scared to enter the kitchen. The old woman’s daughter lives in the US and has 10Crore property there but they are not getting waterproofing done. It’s causing us problem. Please help us!!

  102. Hey,am DEEPAK
    Actually। live in Gorakhpur in up..
    I have a problem of my neighbor..
    They always make noise and ..using dj at late night and …calling friends ..by them I facing a lot of problem …I can’t sleep at night..so many times I told them but they didn’t stop making noise…should I complained..

  103. Which ipc sec : If neighbor being sectetary tresspasses our door only in shorts?? Also threatens us in lobby ??? He is trying to harass us of filing false attrocity case ??? Threatening of disrupting my close relative??? threatening us that we are not caring our mother how does it matter to them when they are waiting for her death, many times we here them asking each other when will she die???? Above floor people have damaged our ceiling plaster is gone, as it was getting damp when they wash their balcony thou informed severally they have ignored past three years now??? Above flat keeps banging some thing or the other on their floor big noise hurts my old mother aged 83 my sister age 55 me aged 53???

  104. Hi i am cheryl from pune
    I stay in katepuram
    My owner he always torture us ..bcoz we have a pet dog and he tries to play with small childrens but those kids they get scared and they shout …so my owner he abuses us and he tortures my father publicly..and i will like to share u todays incident
    My owner he was yelling on top of his voice to my father so i said him ..that we will be leaving this place and no one will come here so he got angry and he abused me he..said me ki tre kaan ke niche bajaauga..and he also came to beat me..but my father stopped him and he abused me publicy and he said i will shoot ur dog…is this the way to speak with a girl…what do he think of himself…i we stay in a rent..it doesnt mean ki hum unke naukar hai..usko hum paise b dete hai…plzzz i request u to take a action against this thing…and this type of characterless ppl must b hanged to death…

  105. No one will help….even police will not consider these problems…..but there is a best sollution….all such people …we should make a group and altogether we can solve every persons problem one by one ….giving a lesson to our neighbours

  106. My wife and daughter is staying in jalpaiguri in a flat and I am doing a job in a private company in Bidhannagar near Phansidewa. DT- Darjeeling.
    My neighbors are creating plenty of problems intentionally to my family leave the flat and indirectly forcing to leave. In this connection I am helpless because I am staying in another place , doing a private job. I have taken flat under finance from DHFL. So my head is covered with Home Loan. I am financialy not so sound that I can go for legal court help. I am mentally depressed due to this problem , Some time I am thinking I should burn the flat to destroy the whole flat with everything.
    Can any body suggest me in this regard.
    Thank you.

  107. I am a senior citizen and a widow. my neighbour woman manhandled me today because I told her sons to stop hitting our door with cricket balls. They have been doing that for a year now and never listened to my requests. Today she hit me in the chest and pushed me back and i almost fell down. the police came and just politely told that criminal woman to tell her sons to not play in the passage. Nothing else was done about the manhandling. The crime went unpunished. what is to be done? I live in Court more, Asansol

  108. Sir jitna women’s protection important he kya men’s ke liye v utna hi protection jaruri nhi agar mahilaye mardo dwara pidit he to kya mard mahilao dwara pidit nahi. Sir baat he hamare Desh me equality ka darja dene ki kisi ek tarfa hone ki nahi. Lekin hamare Desh me fir aesa bhedvao kyu kyu mahilao ko hi Sara Adhikar dia he kyu mardo ko nahi kya wo Insan nahi. Kya purush mahila Barabar nahi. Mahilao ka power sarkar ne itna badha dia ki purusho ki koi sunta hi nahi chahe wah Kitna v sach bole sach khte khte mar jaye mit jaye par nahi women’s power jindabad uske agey kisi ki sacchae v nahi chalti har sach dabke rah jata he. Or jhut Jeet jata he kyu women’s power iske jariye koi v mahila kisi pe v jhuta arop laga deti he or police police ko sab jankari hone k bawujud v police ulta ek sacche Insan ko dhamkata he ku, ku ki mahila ka case strong, agar wo kisi pe aesehi jhuta arop v laga de ki is purush ne mujhe galat najar se dekha to wo v strong ho jata he or wo Insan fas jata he uske pariwar k log Shanti se rah ni sakte hamesa darkar rahna padta he kahi fir se hamare bete,pita,bhae,pati par koi mahila jhuta arop lagakar fasa na de or police police to sab jante huye v ush Insan ko uske Parivar ko ye paramarsh deta he ki is lady se dur rahna darkar rahna Varna ye tumhe or kisi bade case me fasa degi or tum kuch ni kar paoge ku ki ye aurat he or tum mard, or ajkal aurto ka power jyada he jab police hi aesa kah deti he sab samjhte huye v to fir mard log bete Janam dene wala ghar kaha jaye, kese Shanti se ek swatarnt Desh ki Shanti samaj me rhega beton ko Janam dene wala ghar, kese Shanti se rahegi ek bete ko Janam dene wali maa, kese sir utha k chalegi ek bhae ki behen, kese izzat se rahegi ek pati ki patni or kese mahol me badi hogi ek pita ki beti. In sabko dar k jina hoga ku kuki ek galat mahila women’s power ka galat istemal krke acche logo ko jhute aropo me fasa Sakti he or police sab jante samjhte huye v dekhte rah jati he kuch ni kar pati. police to ulta ladko or uske pariwar ko dosh deti he Bina kisi investigation k or baad me pyar se ladke or uske pariwar ko samajhati he ki aplog isse dur rahe ku ki ye mahila danger he ye future me apko or buri tarah se jhute case me fasa Sakti he kuuuuuuuuu aesa he hamare Desh ka Kanoon ku, barabari ka haq do sabko aurto ko v or mardo ko v. Mene ye baat az isliye kahi ku ki me khud pareshan ho chuki hu in Sabse gharelu hinsa k Karan bar bar mere pati par galat arop lagaya jata he mere choti si 4 or 5 saal ki bacchio ko angan me khelte waqt atey jatey huye dhamkaya jata he galat word bola jata he jo ki sahan nahi hota meri choti si bacchio ko gandi baat khke dhamkaya jata he Lekin ush aurot ko kuch ni kah Sakti, ku nahi kah Sakti ku ki agar me kuch kahungi to wo mere pati par jhuta arop lagakar case kar degi unhe arrest karayegi unhe jale bhijwayegi in sab dhamkio k Karan kuch ni kar sakti. Police k paas v iska koi upae nahi wo Hume chup rhne or indirectly or directly darkar rahne ko kahte he ab me kya karu aaplog hi batao mujhe aese darkar ni Rahna or na hi Apne pariwar ko darkar jeeta hua dekh Sakti hu ab aap hi koi sujhao de aap hi rasta dikhaye.

  109. Hi,
    My name is Anthony. We are facing this problem from almost 6 months now. But dont have a proper solution to this problem. Please advise.
    There is a newly constructed building come up in front our society building. There are these new residents those who have come to stay here and have total of around 45 to 48 families of the same community. Because of their numbers they gather around in their society compound, which is facing our building and create a lot of commotion by speaking loudly, laughing, yelling, children playing and sometimes even two wheelers creating a loud sound when they enter into their compound. This all happens after 11 PM till 1 AM in the morning. And weekends there are some boys of these families who sit and chit chat till 4 to 5 AM.
    Please advise. What kind of action can we take against these new residents of another society. Who also happens to be associated to a powerful politician.

  110. I m staying in building, the owner has sold out building in 2 parts. My neighbour has almost or can say half of area as her home. Just because of jealousy as they are four sisters and one brother only 2 are married and rest are unmarried and my family i dnt have father only mother and wife. Main thing is my neighbours are jealous and every now and they keep on abusing my mom, we told them we don’t want any fight but they want spoil my career. She gives fake comments that I have touched her, but the fact is I have born in front of her and consider her as sister . Now what step shall I to get rid of this it’s my every day tension when I am at work, what must have happened at home?. Is mom alright? AND MOST IMPORTANT WE HAVE FILED COMPLAINT BUT POLICE ALSO SUPPORTS HER. PLEASE HELP IT’S AN INDEED REQUEST.

  111. Hi, I have issue with my landlord. Last two years she is very bad behaving with me and also told so many bad words to my husband behind me. She is giving thread and insulting me. So if i want to go for justice so what I do

  112. Hi,
    I am Akhil. Actually i want to tell about my neighbors harassment.
    My house is in a village. And we bought 4 cent land from the above mentioned neighbor 13 years ago. First his mentality was ok after few months he tried to harass us. Because of that we build a fence (with hollow bricks) between us with our expenses (south side). Now he trying to damage that. He planted some trees closely to the fense. Now the tree become 8to10 inch width. And it damaged the fence. And the west side they build a septic tank which also touches with the fence boundary and cause a slant and crack in fences. Anytime that can fall down.
    Several times we talked with him but he didn’t mind it.
    What to do? Where we have to give complaint? Who will responsible for the damage? Who will liable for the damge?

  113. Hello sir,

    Our neighbors has built their house enterence on our place and they keep on giving bad words to us everyday they have 2 son and when we go out of our house keep us starring us very badly even if try to build the wall they are not allowing to build our neighbors is an ex army person so keeps on saying i will destroy you all and i will take your house, please give me right solution what can be done in this case it like a mental harressment for all of us in my family

  114. Hello
    My mom booked an apartment and paid a lumpsum in cheque. After long argument with the builder as he did not wanted to give the apartment, he agreed to give a cheque to refund the amount. The cheque bounced and we were in no situation other than go to court.
    This is the turning point of the false allegation & rude words on my Mom, when ever the builder & his lawyer gets a chance. it’s the 2nd time he is creating false complaint.
    1st was a police complaint that my mom created havoc visiting his, yet to be complete apartment, where as she visited the apartment with the lawyer for the purpose of the case.
    2nd he complained against her to the commissioner via his high profile contacts stating odd reasons.
    I am far away from her and desperately looking for help to get her into a safer situation.
    Can anyone help please.

    Thanks for any kind of favor that I could get from you.

  115. Sir.. My neighbour is a pan masala chewer and keeps spitsing on my door, throwing dust in door and say bad words when you confide to them….
    kindly help me.

  116. Hi

    My old parents stay in my old village away from me. Their neighbors are harassing them by throwing some seeds like substance daily on roof. Their intention may be pushing my parents out to leave the property so that they can buy and increase their territory. My mother raised issue but they all together suppressed her. I installed CCTV cameras on my roof but that not succeed to catch red handed because of very small size of particles thrown. Due to all this, my mother is under severe mental agony and depressed. Please guide me how to solve this issue and take out my parents from this mental harassment.

  117. Hi! I am Lisa,

    I stay in a small villa my own my mum dad put it in my name all documents are in my name. my aunt has taken 80cms of the property but yet fights and puts false allegation that i fight. last week i raised up the wall with 2 bricks as her workers come and peep so her daughter came and just damaged the wall i built it again they both abused me my mum my hubby and my kids calling us gattis , beggars and so on. she lives alone but when she has to fight 3rd daugher in law comes. I had filed a cmplaint in 2016 against her in the PS. because of that days fight she and her daughter in law says we shall file a senior citizen case against u you and your hubby. my hubby was quite didnt say a word. can she register a case. I have recorded that i am putting up the bricks which she damaged. can she file and will they accept false allegations.

  118. Hi brother can u pls give solution to my problem
    As in front of our house the neighbour parked car against his house, but that’s blocking way of people with car in street and he comes to us and ask us to remove plant from our house which hardly take any space and his car takes huge space, can u suggest me the best action against him ASAP because with those plant my father has asthama and they hardly take any space may be 2-3 inches those plants take space but that car take huge space and he is never ever in mood of compromising tell me what to do

  119. I am writing to respectfully bring to your attention that the Managing Committee of an unregistered housing association, are reluctant to register the complex with the Registrar of Coop Housing Societies for various reasons, some of which are as follows:
    1. There are a total of 45 flats and half of them are unoccupied.
    2. Most of the members are absentee landlords who invested in the flats and left them closed for many years. They do not reside in Goa and do not attend any meetings. They support the managing committee and do not object to any inappropriate practices existing in the housing complex.
    3. Some members own commercial units in the complex but do not pay maintenance for the same.
    4. Some members own more than one flat.
    5. Some member’s claim that the builder “gave them” covered parking and they have resorted to enclosing the parking area for themselves – without it appears proper licenses.
    6. There is one member who has been a permanent committee member since the apartments were built and continues to dominate every meeting.
    7. It appears that the same members of the Managing Committee continue to select among themselves to be voted every year.
    8. The meetings are attended by less than the two third of the members and matters continue to be actioned by them without due process.
    9. The legal status of the Association is not disclosed and bank information is withheld.

    When the committee was asked why they are reluctant to register as a society, I was informed that the registration process is cumbersome and expensive. Please let me know whether this is true and kindly let me know the detailed process and documents that are required for registration.

    In view of the above, may I request you Sir, to please let me know what recourse to the members have to enforce registration as a Cooperative Housing Society and/or other laws of Goa on the above Association to function as a legal entity with proper status and legitimacy as well as Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association.

    Thank you kindly.

  120. Hi Mam,
    Need assistance one of my case,I have a property in Uttarakhand half portion I have given on rent and rest half is locked.There is 40 house in that colony and now 39 neighbors are against us and our tenants because we have not paid the society( which is not register)charges on time and they have put a incorrect charge against our tenant that they create nuisance in the colony and also there car is not allowed in the colony for parking and also called the police to arrest them.Mental harassment is done by all the neighbors.please suggest a way out.

  121. Hi, one of my female friend is experiencing sexual harassment from an unknown person, she couldn’t handle it and she is hesitant to complain it to her family. What is the best way to handle this. She is getting abused both physically and orally.

  122. Neighbour in upper floor not fixing water leakage Hi, I stay in indore, i-2 M.i.G colony And, own my apartment. The owner who stays on the floor above mine is having a water leakage problem. The water is dripping faster for last 5 yrs they just always nomal fixed as a temprerory now from the wall which is attached to his bathroom floor. He had made some fixes earlier, but it hasn’t stopped the leakage. Now there’s continuous drip and water is entering the electric connections and holders. It is causing high risks to my family, like slipping in bathroom due to wet walls, electric short circuit, lots of my kitxhen furniture damage etc. they are not listening and negotiate . Isn’t this supposed to be a break/fix problem at his home for which he is harassing me since ello sir
    I want to complaint against one person who is aganist and danger from him.He is behaving very rudely and beating us because of his political power he had contacts with polices and he can take call log and they harrising my mom me and my dad. He says we have political power and gundas also are give money and alcohols to poor ladies and man they come and doing nude dance in front of ur gate and start bad wordings and shouting very badly we want to die because of him please help us no one can help us

  123. Hello sir
    I want to complaint against one person who is aganist and danger from him.He is behaving very rudely and beating us because of his money power he had contacts with polices and he can take call log and harrising us very badly we want to die because of him please help us

  124. I recently shifted to this individual house… when we cam some contruction was happening. First I hestiated.. but after few weeks the construction got over.. but now the owner of that house dumping garbagejust next to our house, even though BBMP auto comes for collection he dumps next our small compound… lot of smell and moquitos… we raised the issue to him and cleaned up but again he dumping… how to sop this niusance permamnently…. and the next house is another issue… where till late night they do carpenting work… and dump all their constrution material before our painted compound… even after telling twice they are not at all bothered to listen to our plea… what needs to be please guide .. I know section 268 and 441 but will there be any consequence later

    • Simple build a small temple at that place. Clean everything first and in one night build small temple there. I am sure he will not put trash in front of god….Afterall what God is used for then ?

  125. Omaha Nebraska… My neighbor Sherri Walton is harassing us, stalking us, annoying us, & just a giant pain in the you now what. It started with her son shooting illegal bottle rockets at our house, our dogs and us every year. They did fireworks way past the times and dates legal to light them and would shoot them at our trees and house even. Everything I do she watches, stares or copies me. She has these out of control parties that keep my family up until 5 am with people screaming bloody murder in middle of street all hours and loud music. I have had to call the police. Every time police show up at her house or Humane Society because she abuses her dog, she blames me for it now. Every time I go outside she has to pop up & harass me, scream at me, stare at me, or make me feel unsafe in my own yard. She is about 5 times larger than I am so yes she is intimidating.
    Her son does drugs on her front porch & they may even be selling drugs as much traffic as she has at her house kind of like quick shop . They throw trash, beer cans all over my yard. Honk horns all hours of the night. She also lets her dog poop all over , even in middle of road & don’t clean it up. She went around & told all the other neighbors I called them a racial names when I never did that. I have only said one thing to Sherri and that was to leave me alone and that was last year. I took out a protection order & it was granted & she continued to do the same things, then took out one on me with false claims. I have evidence of the false statements she made. Judge told her she is childish and dropped the order, then she followed out of the court house screaming threats at us and has harassed me every day.
    I have a police paper that says I can go take out a warrant on her & will do that next. She talks/screams so loud I walked down the street to see how far away I could hear her & it’s 2 blocks over I can hear her. Other neighbors don’t like the stuff she does or noise she makes but they are afraid of her & don’t want her to do what she has done to me so they go along with it. Some call police on her but she blames me for that too. She goes to every neighbor she can trying to make up lies & get them mad at us. She obviously has a problem with drugs and alcohol. I think she is crazy too and other people do too.
    She tried to say I’m obsessed with her son who has boobs larger than mine. I think they are obsessed with us. I even put stuff on my porch to try and block them off & we stay in back yard away from her but still can hear her. We had to install security cameras and I have to film myself every time I go outside. I have spoke with Habitat about her as she lives in a habitat house but they refuse to do anything even with the warrant paper from police to take out warrant on her and all the evidence. She even lied in court and said habitat told her personal information about me, which I have on tape that Habitat never said those things to her. Talk about a nut job.

    I am buying my house and shouldn’t have to be afraid to go get my mail, mow my yard, water my yard or take out trash yet I am. She even yelled at my mother one time when she was at my house. Then tried to run over my son. She lied under oath to take out protection order and when in court, just shows the type of person she is. The parties she has, she has in the middle of her driveway and yard and blast music from her car & I can hear it over my tv on full blast plus it keeps us up all night and makes us tired the next day. She has screamed at my dogs to shut up when it was her that gets my dogs to bark with her loud mouth. I am so tired of it and I don’t know what else to do.
    A group of counselors and police officers came to my house one day to talk to me about why the police are being called so much and she took photos of them standing on my porch and she has 8 x 10 color photos of them on my deck and my house. What a complete psychopath stalker. I would move if I could but I can’t right now. I never even did anything to her to deserve all of this nightmare either. Being harassed and bullied every day is getting really old and depressing.

  126. I’m Dr. Ankit Dhami. I live in 2nd floor of apartment. Actually the problem is some noisy harrasemmt by shops beneath our flats. They are carpenter and work till 10 o’clock at night. So disturbing our family. I live with 10 month child. I complain him for 2-3 time but he ignored. Kindly advice me some suggestions.

    • its very wful, i am a hyperacuses patient, you may fix galsses tight to your windows and try to have water filled tank like things between noise making and your sleping area. it will deduct noise.

  127. my mothers upstairs neighbor stomp around all hours of the night police wont help shes 76 years old on oxygen and its affecting her help

    • By just reading comments, I feel so sad mad. Pls try to avoid or shift your mom, at this stage don’t fight or esclate more becoz in your absence they will give more trouble to your mother. For the time being just let it go.

  128. Respected sir/ madam
    pls tell me the solution
    My three neighbours are passing kitchen and bathroom water into my land.Even after requests and complain in panchayat they are not making soak pits in their premices.what should i do? Pls guide

  129. I live in a groudfloor flat.. Our house is having 3floor flat. The top most neighbour always park his car in front of our gate and he has 1bike and 1scooty which he parks in our balcony.I have only one Activa yesterday I didn’t get space to take my vehicle out to go somewhere. There was no space to take out the vehicle after asking them to move their vehicle but they didn’t moved, this always happens.. So I was taking Activa out and it crashed with his no plate of the car his no plate has broken but no damage to car.. He came and abused my mother . iam a 16yr boy I live alone with my mother father is in army not posted here.. We called police to complaint about him.. But police misbehaved with my mother and supported the neighbour.. Now what should I do.. Plzz help me.

  130. Hi, i am a 31year old man living with my wife, son and my mother. i stay on second floor and my neighbor in the ground floor is causing nuisance for me. i had a renovation work done recently and he started to ask me to get the debris removed on the footpath. i asked him to wait for a day, but he got angry and threatened to get the extra construction on my dda house demolised. to that i said that i can also get his extra part demolished by complaining. Then he told me that he would chuck me out of the area as he has contacts. He is a rich person and has a son in Govt bank. I am an finance professional working in a private company. please give me options if he does something as i dont have any relatives in delhi to help

  131. Respected Sir
    I am from Kharar Punjab.
    we have recently built a house in this place . In my neighborhood there is one lady who behave very weirdly .she doesn’t permit the children to play in the street as she don’t like us. she use abusing language against us. sometimes she beats the children of other people to whom she don’t like.
    I have no proof for all that but how i can handle all that in front of me. Is there any legal way to solve this kind of problems as nobody in my neighborhood is ready to speak against her because of her threats . As no one knows when she lift anything and harm others.Kindly suggest Where i can make the complaint against her. she has strong connections in higher authorities and doesn’t like anyone to revolt against her. Please help. i will be very thankful .

  132. I am suffering from my downstair neighbour who is complaining about noise from my house at 11pm to 12 or 1pm. I said I am not doing such sound why you are coming and getting me wake up at mid night? but he is not listeing me and sometimes he comes with police also. So, in such case I am sure that I am not at all guilty so, what action should be taken? Please, guide

  133. Hi my neighborhood person is lighting a wood fueled stove, the entire smoke is coming into our house due to wind, now our eyes are burning, getting caught , smell and getting suffocated sometimes, we have personally informed them our concern several times and requested them to stop the use of wood stove. We are in a concrete city and this smoke is really troubling us and causing health issues. How can I take action ? .

  134. Our neighbor has been stopping us from accessing the building terrace. Also he has locked the terrace and not providing the key when asked. We have been facing several issue from him. He had once filed a false case against my father which got closed by police as no offence. We had also informed the police about the terrace situation but they r referring us to registrar office in municipality. The other flat owner s are not interested in the issue as they have rented out their flats. How can we take care of this situation.

  135. Good article Mam. Thanks.

    However, my issue is slightly different, whereby a resident of our society who is a drunkard, almost every midnight creates nuisance and harassment by breaking upon windshield of cars, uttering abuses. What offences are attracted?

  136. Respected Sir
    My neighbour is spitting in my door, throwing dust in door and say bad words to me and my family…. My neighbour is a lady and I have video recorded all her act .
    What is the solution kindly help me

  137. Sir.. My neighbour is spitting in my door, throwing dust in door and say bad words to me and my family…. My neighbour is a lady and I have video recorded all her act .
    What is the solution kindly help me.

  138. We own a buider floor in gurgaon & really fed up with our neighbours residing on the ground floor. What section is applicable if the neighbour interfares in every day life. Looks for oppourtunities to fight over every thing possible. Threatens other neighbours not to visit our house. Threatens not to have social gatherings. Inserted cameras every where to take note of the activities of other people.

    • Hi Nidhi,

      Dial 100 and call the police and tell them that your neighbors are causing you mental harassment .One or two visit by policemen would be sufficient to subdue them from causing any nuisance in future. If things still not improve then file an FIR and send them a legal notice.

  139. Neighbour is threaten to me that they will file a false complaint against me. As a Govt. employee i am afraid that if complaint will be registered against me then my job can be lost.

  140. Hey, am aditya
    Actually i stay in a society am having problem with my neighbours.. They are spreading roumers about me all over the society telling rubbish things though they are not at all true and before some days they came and started fighting with me by saying that you threw condom in front of my house and all…. ??? they said i will beat you if such things happen again.. Though this is not a crime but i am feeling stressed about it coz i have done nothing…. So is there anything i can do

    • Try sending them a legal notice and if they again continues then file a formal complaint with the police. If does not work then approaching the court seems to be the only viable option.

      Mohit Garg
      [email protected]


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