Harsha Kungwani is a research associate with Career Toran, which provides easy-to-understand and comprehensive career information in dynamic fields of law and engineering. Prior to this, she has interned with MMB legal, Bangalore, A Kumar & Associates, Nagpur etc. She has done her LLB from Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Law, Nagpur and is also pursuing CS, professional level. She is passionate about social causes and cherishes her time spent at Make a Difference Foundation an NGO which works with orphanages for the welfare of kids. She volunteers here regularly. She loves writing and writes articles for the legal section of a career portal. Let’s hear what Harsha has to say about the course. Over to Harsha:

I signed up for the Diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws offered by NUJS when I was in the final year of my college. I got to know about the course through the internet as I was searching for some courses which I could do along with my law degree. When I came across the advertisement of the NUJS diploma course I liked the course structure and also got impressed with the fact that NUJS is associated with this diploma.

My purpose of joining the course is fulfilled.  Usually, diploma courses have such easy passing criteria that students don’t really need to go through the whole course.  But in this diploma, the questions asked in the tests were very practical and one needs to read through each and every module to pass the tests, you cannot mug up things and clear the tests.  This ensures that one has understood the concepts well and has clarity about the topics covered.

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The course offers practical information which one can put to use, for example most books will tell you what formalities are to be completed for partnership registration but no one tells you where to go to register the partnership.  This course even provides addresses of offices in various cities where you can get the partnership registered.  There are several other pieces of real practical information available throughout the course. This makes it an outstanding course from a practical sense.

Since I am doing my CS, I have already learnt drafting, still while I was going through the drafting module of the diploma course; I got to know several points which were not taught in CS course. I learnt a great deal of drafting from this course and this way it helped me with my CS preparation also.

I personally liked the modules on Tax and Accounting and Company Law.  During my CS Executive exam, there was a question about Minimum Alternative Tax and I could answer that question effectively because I had studied about it in the diploma course. This concept is not explained very well in the CS course module and most of my friends had a hard time answering that question.

In future, I plan to work with a law firm for a couple of years and then start my own practice as a lawyer and CS. This course would be useful then also as a handy reference tool.

I have mentioned this diploma in my CV and LinkedIn profile. I am asked a lot of questions about it.  I remember being asked lots of questions about the diploma at Mirchandani and company. Having this diploma in my CV not only adds value to my profile, it sets a ground for communication.

I have already referred this course to few of my college juniors.  Since I have mentioned it on my LinkedIn profile, people often ask me about the course and I recommend it to them also.

I strongly believe it is a very beneficial course, CS, CA and law students will benefit a lot from this course.  Also, people from the banking industry will benefit from this course.


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