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This article is written by Gurpreet Singh, a student at the Faculty of Law, Delhi University.


This article will take you through major cases that are going to rock the courtrooms around the world in the upcoming year if all stays well!

The Trump trial   

Infamous Mr. Trump has been ousted from the president’s office after an attempt to stifle democratic processes by inciting a capitol siege. For now, his impeachment has failed, but he will not be free from the clutches of law as president privileges are no longer available to him. He will probably face charges for alleged tax evasion that he managed to avoid by brute force. According to the New York Times, Mr. Trump has paid$ 750 as tax during the first 2 years of his presidency that breaks down to approximately Rs 50,000, quite low for an acclaimed billionaire. Moreover, a report claims that he managed to evade tax for 10 years in the previous 15 years. An interesting aspect is that Trump is the wealthiest of the presidents in US history but his tax payments are lower than that of previous presidents consisting of George Bush and Barack Obama who paid around $100,000  that is 140 times that of Trump! Another exciting Courtroom battle would be the vilification case filed by the New York times columnist E. Jean Carrol when Mr. Trump alleged that she is lying about rape accusations against him. 

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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial 

Ghislaine Maxwell is a British socialite and aide of Jeffrey Epstein, a financier, who was convicted of sexual harassment and assault. Since last summer for her alleged role in aiding Jeffery in conducting sexual assault, she is confiding in new york jail since the last summer. According to New York Times, on 29th march charges of sex trafficking have been added as prosecutors have alleged that she groomed a minor to engage sexually with Epstein and later paid her to groom other girls to pass sexual favors to her aide. Ghislaine Maxwell’s bail plea has been rejected thrice, despite her being willing to give up her British and French Citizenship. While on the other hand, Mr. Epstein killed himself while serving a sentence in manhattan jail for sexual assault.

Elizabeth Holmes Trial

This is one of the most awaited trials in the United States (U.S) that has been delayed by the pandemic and the pregnancy of Mrs. Holmes. Mrs. Holmes and her partner Sunny Balwani are charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and committing 2 wires of fraud. The main charges against them are that they defrauded investors, patients, and doctors. Their company Theranos claimed to have found a way to conduct better blood tests. With this claim, they climbed their way up in the silicon valley, with Theranos being the talk of the town, but all this was a sham and the company had no effective way of conducting things. The Company is now shut and Mr. Sunny is facing charges separately. American’s have  a way to sympathize with fraudsters as there is one best selling book, one podcast, and different documentaries in tribute to Mrs. Holmes. 

Roger Neg Trial 

Roger Neg is the former managing director of Goldman Sachs. Neg is accused of aiding Malaysian financier Jho Low by fraud and stealing from Malaysian state investment fund 1MDB, by bribing certain officials as well. Goldman Sachs received a blow from this fraud and has agreed to compensate the losses and bear any civil or criminal liabilities as mandated by law. Former Boss of Neg has given his assent to testify in the Court of law indicting Neg of the fraud. However, Neg pleads that he had warned the company of such an outcome. It would be interesting to witness a trial that involves such a huge sum of money.

Steve Bannon Trial

Steve Banon and 3 of his aides have charges against them of defrauding the public of 25 million by setting up a campaign of building up a wall and promising of building a U.S Defence wall, but such are the ways of the individuals as it was discovered that it was all sham and 25 million received from the public were siphoned for personal expenses”. 

Pharmacy Chains Trials 

Pharmacy chains that include names such as CVS and Walgreen are facing trial for ignoring the red flags of constantly bombarding the market with opioid painkillers. The state government has brought the case against the companies as communities are facing devastating effects of increased opioids and consumptions and the governments have to spend more on health care and in maintaining the law and order situation. 

Huawei Trial 

The daughter of the Huawei Founder, Meng is under house arrest in Vancouver Canada from where she is fighting an extradition case against the United States where she has been accused of committing bank fraud and violating the trade sanctions violations in the country. It would be interesting to observe whether she manages to fly back to her native country China or the trial counties in the courts of Canada. 

Trial of former Peruvian President 

The former Peruvian president, Humala, and his wife have been charged for the offense of money laundering with the active involvement of the Odebrecht (construction company related to Brazil). The Obederch scandal has led to the arrest of 2 former Peruvian presidents raising the probability of Humala getting arrested and justice being served.  

Trial of the former president of Columbia 

“Alvaro Uribe, the former president of Colombia is facing charges for allegedly employing people to meet with former militias who are incarcerated, to coerce them to change their testimonies against him and indict his political foe, Ivan Cepeda.

Sanjay Shah Trial 

Sanjay Shah is a hedge fund manager who is accused of defrauding the European government of billions in tax revenue will face a civil trial in London, The prosecution is overseen by the Dutch tax authorities in this case. Interestingly Indians are known for committing tax frauds worldwide!

Crispin Odey Trial

“Crispin Odey is a former hedge fund manager who is being charged for committing sexual assault on a female banker in 1998. The case against him is that he invited the female banker to his residence in London and then assaulted her in his kitchen. By this time the trial has been completed and M.r Odey has been cleared of the charge. The Court observed that there are glaring infirmities in the testimony of the victim, that cannot be relied on to satisfy the standard of beyond reasonable doubt”. 

Nicolas Sarkozy Trial 

Nicholas Sarkozy is the former French president who is accused of bribing a judge with a premier job in exchange for confidential information about a case against him that involved financial irregularities. The Prosecution case is based on the calls exchanged between the sides of the president and the Judge. Nicholas Sarkozy has vowed to clear his name in this corruption scandal. 

Martin WinterkornTrial 

Martin Winkerton is the former CEO of Volkswagen, a leader in the automobile Industry. He is currently facing trial for alleged criminal fraud. The case against him is that he knew that Volkswagen used software that turned on emission strands during the trial and turned off during the real-world driving scenario, which resulted in the release of nitrogen oxide beyond the permissible limit, which in effect had an impact on the environment and people’s health.”

Beny Steinmetz Trial 

Beny Steinmetz is a french billionaire who deals in diamonds. He has been charged for bribing the then Guinean President’s wife for securing mining rights in that country in 2008. He denies that his company BSGR was involved in any bribery scandal. Although in an interview in 2008 he has been on record stating that “People don’t like success” and it was normal to pursue “opportunities in an aggressive manner”. What he meant by aggressive is not a mystery anymore!

Jacob Zuma Trial 

Jacob Zuma is the former president of South Africa, who ruled the country for nine years. He is currently facing corruption charges regarding an arms deal worth 500,000 Rands involving french defense firm the Thames. The allegation against him is that he took 500,000 rands from the Thames company in exchange for granting protection against any investigation regarding irregularities. This trial is hugely observed around the world in sheer excitement, witnessing a public official of such stature getting indicted for fraud.

Diezani Alison-Madueke Trial 

Diezani Alison Madueke is the former oil minister of Nigeria, who faces corruption charges during her reign of ministership. It is alleged that she has acquired properties and cash worth 615 million owing to corruption. She is currently residing in the United Kingdom and facing a case of irregularities there as well. and staring at possible extradition to Nigeria. The head of the commission of economic and financial crime Mr. Magu commented that  “We have collected a lot of information to expose the looters for them to return their loot. For instance, there is sabotage from foreign partners about the trial of a former Petroleum Minister, Alison Madueke, because they (foreign nations) are giving her protection. He further remarked that “We have relations with the FBI and CIA. She (Madueke) will be brought down to Nigeria for the continuation of her trial this year because there is no reason for keeping her. She has not been taken to court for the past five years of her trial.”

“Why should one issue be investigated for five years, this is a straightforward case. It is a financial crime case. This is a straightforward case, if they don’t have enough evidence, she should be brought back home for trial.

Jimmy Lai Trial 

Jimmy lai is a media tycoon and a pro-democracy activist in China, but democracy and China don’t go hand in hand. Jimmy Lai, Martin lee, Albert Ho, and Lee Cheuk-yan were to face a trial on charges that they were part of a pro-democracy rally organized in 2028 which was banned by the administration. The trial has concluded and Jimmy Lai and his aides have been convicted, the Judge observed that the prosecution can prove beyond reasonable doubt that all the defendants organized what amounted to an unauthorized assembly on August 18, 2019, The convicted stare at a maximum of five years imprisonment. 

Greg Kelly Trial 

Greg Kelly is a former executive of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, who is currently facing charges of financial misconduct. The facts are as follows, Nissan a Japanese automobile manufacturer was facing losses in business, and then Renault a french based automobile manufacturer acquired stakes in Nissan and sent an executive Mr. Carlos Ghosn. The fortunes of Nissan just transformed from and managed to survive. Mr. Carlos Ghoshn was mulling leaving Nissan and joining a place, where he would receive financial benefits. To prevent Carlos Ghoshn from leaving, he was paid what he was not authorized to receive. He was paid in the form of discounted property, increased post-retirement benefits, and providing him with loans that would be later forgiven. Greg Kelly is accused of providing illegal payments to Carlos. Interestingly, Mr. Carlos and Kelly were arrested in 2018, but Mr. Carlos fled Japan and is now settled in Lebanon, and both the countries don’t share an extradition treaty, so Mr. Carlos might never face trial! Another key aspect is that 99% of trials in Japan do lead to convictions, so it would be a trial worth witnessing. 


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