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In this article, Anubhav Pandey from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law talks on how to crack CLAT in 30 days. Enjoy the reading!

What is the first step towards cracking CLAT? And, the answer came from the most brilliant section of any classroom, the back bench, “By googling it.” It was yet another “How to crack clat session” at a leading coaching institution.” The question still remains unanswered, How to crack Clat in 30 days? Let us walk through a journey and find an answer to the question most often asked by CLAT aspirants, How to crack CLAT in 30 days.

You are 30 days away from cracking CLAT!

Step 1 Realising what CLAT is all about. Analysing the past year papers

The first thing first is to realise the pattern of the exam which you are about to take. It is pertinently important to have an exact idea of the questions which will be asked in the paper.

An aspirant should start right from the papers of 2008 CLAT. Analsing the past year papers is the first step towards cracking CLAT. The question, How to crack CLAT in 30 days is tough to explain and answer, however, getting to know the exam pattern is the first step.

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CLAT aspirants should realise the fundamentals of the questions and also the level of understanding of subjects expected from them. This realisation can only be attained from analysing the past year papers.

Let us see how to analyse the past year clat papers.

Take a pen, pencil and a rough sheet in your hand. Divide the rough sheet into five columns. Thereafter, starting from the first question, try to demarcate the sort of question asked in each section.

Let us understand this through an example.

In the GK section try to look for how many questions were asked in the current affairs part and static part respectively. Furthermore, in Static part, further analyse how many questions were asked from HISTORY, Geography, constitution, etc. In this way disect the question paper.

Follow this step in every section. You will get a fair idea on what chapters in each section to emphasise more on and also the aspirants will get to have a fair idea of what is expected out of them from the clat paper.

It will take hardly 3 hours to analyse a year’s paper. Therefore, a sum total of 9X3 = 27 hours for analysing all the past year papers. Hence, Out of 30 days, first  2 days for analysing the past years, paper.

This was the first step towards cracking CLAT in 30 days.

Step 2 Realising the amount of time you have in hand.

A law aspirant desiring of cracking CLAT in 30 days must keep in mind the audacity of time in hand. You only have 30 days and none could be spared in vain. Every day, every minute, every hour counts. Thus, the second step towards, How to crack CLAT in 30 days is explained as follows,


Step 3 How to attempt the subjects. Understanding how many hours you will have to give to particular subjects.

This is the most crucial part. An aspirant needs to realise their strength and weaknesses. This will help you in understanding the quantum of efforts you will be making in each subject.

Let us understand this part with the help of several examples and illustrations.

Illustration 1) Suppose an aspirant from Science background asks the question, How to crack CLAT in 30 days?

Let us not get into the debate of whose chances are strong, Science/humanities and what not. We should realise that the CLAT paper demands, three important skills,

  • Time management.
  • The approach towards attempting questions.
  • Knowledge and how easily you can tackle unfavourable situation (All the CLAT 2015 takers can understand this point)

Therefore, answering the question, an aspirant from science background might find mathematics section comparatively easier than other sections. Therefore, they can devote the time they will be allocating to maths to General Knowledge which most of the aspirant from science background find comparatively difficult.

Illustration 2)Suppose an aspirant from Humanities background asks the same question, How to crack CLAT in 30 days?

Generally, most of the students from Humanities background find the General Knowlege sections comparatively easier than other sections. Therefore, they might allocate the time they will be allocating to GK to other sections which they find more difficult.

Please understand that we cannot afford to negate any section. Every section is equally important. It is just the smart work and presence of mind which an aspirant has to apply while deciding the subjects in which they are strong in and hence, will have to spare less energy in.

Answering the question, how to crack CLAT in 30 days, it is all about how an aspirant is managing their time, subjects, wisely.

DO NOt work hard! Work Smart

And with this, we conclude our third step on, how to crack CLAT in 30 days.

Step 4 Section wise analysis. How much time to give to each section.

Before beginning with this part, this is just a sample schedule which might suit your purpose. An aspirant should choose the number of hours to devote to each section as per their will and fancy. This is how I used to divide my hours in the past one month before taking CLAT.

General Knowledge

GK has had always been a scary section for the majority of aspirants. Let us understand the two aspects of GK sections asked in CLAT.

  1. Current Affairs
  2. Static GK

Current Affairs

An aspirant should be vell versed with the current happenings of 12 months prior to the clat paper. (If time is not n your favour, you might even choose to skip the current events of March and Apri the of previous year.)

So let us begin. There are websites which might be of your purpose and can even become your good friend during your 30 days. Any good current affair website.

For understanding this, please visit the upper secitons of the article, STEP 1

An aspirant should understand that which news is important for CLAT purpose and which is irrelevant. For understanding this, please visit the upper section of the article, STEP 1.

IT will hardly take 7 hours to prepare a months current event which are important for CLAT exams.

The only formula to understand the above statement is to realise which news is important and relevant and which is not.

Illustration 1) On 3rd April, Delhi’s Chief Minister went to Poland for inaugurating Indian Book fair.

Illustration 2) On 3rd April, Prime Minister of India went to Japan for G-(XYZ) Summit.

Out of these two news, an aspirant should realise that the second illustration is important for clat purpose as it focuses on a National and Internation event.

How a month’s current event is 7 hours play?

This is the way to attempt the current event.

  1. Firstly, focus on first 10 ten days events. Give a thorough read to every event. (This will take 45 minutes.)
  2. Second, jot down the important event of those 10 days. (Another 30 minutes)
  3. Finally, before moving towards the next 10 days current event, give a glimpse view again to all the happening of first 10 days. (Hardly 10 minutes).
  4. Continue the same for next 10 days and thereafter, for the next 10 days. In this manner, a month’s current event will get done thoroughly within 7 hours.

A total of 7X 12 = 84 hours for current events. (maximum 5 days)

Static GK

Take any good book on static GK. Focus on chapters such as History, Geography, Constitution, and Miscellaneous. Please understand that static GK can be anything under the Sun. It is very difficult to be a master of the subject, that too in a time span of 30 days, it is almost impossible.

Therefore, an aspirant should make a smart attempt. Focus only on those sections from GK which is heavily tested in CLAT.


Again the same principle as is applied in Static GK applies in Maths section too. There are in total,  10-12 Chapters which are heavily tested in CLAT papers. These includes,

Let us understand, we are not discussing whether maths is boring or ugly, hard or difficult. Our motto is to crak CLAT in 30 days!

Profit loss, Time Speed and Distance, Percentage, Number System, Fractions, Probability, Averages, Time and Work, Ratio and Proportion, Simple and compound interest (those banking questions).

Please see STEP 1 explained above to get a more clear picture of the above problem.

Follow any good banking level books and practice these sections. These 10-12 chapters can be get done with, within 7 days.

Legal Reasoning

Legal reasoning is the most scoring part of all the sections. It is a combination of Reading Comprehension and few legal principles.

The first thing first, an aspirant, to understand the legal principles asked in the legal reasoning part should acquaint themselves with fundamental of laws such as torts, crime, constitution. Any coaching institute’s study material will suffice your cause.

After going through these laws, an aspirant will have more clear understanding of the principles asked in the legal reasoning section.

Please do not start to mug the laws. Go through them, understand what the law says and keep them in the safer side of your memory so that you can recall them whenever needed just by seeing these principles on paper. Do not waste your time learning them.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is no more different than maths. There are few chapters such as blood relationship, puzzles, syllogism, mostly analytical reasoning part, which is heavily tested in CLAT. An aspirant can get the Logical reasoning section done along with maths within a week.

Understand the concepts, solve a number of problems and hence master in the logical section. This is the formula.


I find the english section comparatively more difficult than any other section. There seems to be no beginning and no end, just like static GK. But there is a way out. Practice reading comprehension, para jumble- sentences, and devote an hour a day.

What not to do in English

This is more important than the previous section. An aspirant should not take any attempt towards memorising fancy vocabularies when the time left is only one month. This step will be perfectly fine when you are preparing for the past one year or more. But when you are asking the question, how to crack CLAT in 30 days? Say a big no to memorising fancy vocabularies through fancy books.

Step 5 Coaching or At-home preparation?

This is a paradox. The most difficult part of any aspirants query, the most asked one and perhaps the most difficult to answer.

To begin with, the most important asset which any aspirant has, prior to 30 days before clat is time. Even Kohinoor is cheaper than time. Trust me!

Should I join coaching or prepare from home through test series? How to crack clat in 30 days?

Please understand that every individual aspirant has their personal level of understanding. One might find a section easier which the other find difficult and vice-versa. In the midst of all these confusion, the important thing to understand is the time in hand.

Illustration 1) If you join the crash course series. The scenario of Coaching.

On a daily basis, you will have to attend the classes for a minimum of 6-8 hours a day. It is not only the hours of classes which matters. After the classes, you will feel fatigue surrounding all around you. You might want to take a sleep for an hour after coaching.

The hard truth is you will get less time for self-study which is more important than anything else.

Illustration 2) If you are preparing from home. Availing test series only.

You will have the most important thing with you, time. But there is a negative factor to it too. At times you might get surrounded with doubts which will be hard to understand without the help of a mentor.

There is a solution to the above problem. Mostly coaching institute which provides online test materials provides doubt clearing sessions either online or through the telephone. Use these facilities.

Therefore the call is yours. Ask youself, can you guide yourself with the help of any mentor (friend, brother advising you) or you cannot proceed without coachings. The call is yours.

This was the fifth step to, how to crack clat in 30 days.

Step 6 Attempting Mock

Without step 6, all your efforts will go in vain. In 30 days, an aspirant must take a maximum number of mocks possible. Without Mock tests, none of the efforts will work.

Mock helps you in analysing, how to restructure your preparations. What is going wrong. How to fix the problem. It also gives a fair idea of your standing with other fellow competetors. A minimum number of 20 mocks must be attempted.

Not only attempting mock but analysing them is also pertinently important. Without analysing you will never know what is going wrong.

Step 7 Managing your time while attempting mock

Let me make this utmost clear.

  • 200 questions in 120 minutes.

  • 50 GK questions can be attempted within 10 minutes.

  • Therefore, 150 questions left in 110 minutes.

  • Now. 20 questions from maths section, an aspirant can get it over within another 15 minutes (maximum). Therefore, 130 questions left to answer within 95 minutes.

  • Thereafter, 40 questions from English will hardly take 25 minutes. What we are left is 90 question unanswered and 70 minutes.

  • 50 questions from legal reasoning section should not take more than 35 minutes. What now we are left with is 40 questions from logical section and 35 minutes.

    35 minutes is more than enough to tackle logical section.

Congrats! you are done with CLAT paper within required time period.

This is a mere advice which I used to follow while attempting paper. It is advised that every aspirant should try their own ways and methods while attempting mock.

Now we shall discuss few FAQs

How to get into Top 10 National Law University?

Clat paper is designed in such as fashion that, if a student is excellent in any 3 sections (By excellent I mean literal excellent) and average in two, NLU is yours.

How to get into top 5 National Law University?

Heavy competition! One needs to understand that, every aspirant put their heart and soul for getting into top 5 NLUs. For this one has no choice rather than excelling in every section.

Please remember, it is very difficult to prepare for and crack clat in 30 days but not impossible. There is no rocket science involved. Managing your time, getting your schedule right, and the right direction are the three things. The first two are yours to handle and third is provided to you in this article.

The strongest steel passes through the toughest fire. burn like a sun and thereafter, shine!

All the best and remember, you are 30 days aways from cracking clat!

This was all on how to crack CLAT in 30 days. What are your views on the topic, how to crack CLAT in 30 days? Please comment below and let us know.

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