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This article is written by Vanya Verma from O.P. Jindal Global University. This article focuses on how one can get remote work opportunities in IP law.


Recent advancements that have made it possible for attorneys to work remotely have increased job openings. Working as a lawyer from home has various advantages. Not only will you be free to work anywhere you want, whether it’s in your home office or a quiet cafe, but you’ll also be able to get more hours in the same amount of time because you won’t be commuting. Many lawyers who work in offices undertake some side work from home to supplement their income. Further, this article will focus on how IP lawyers can get remote opportunities from international clients. 

Ways to find remote jobs

There are several websites dedicated to remote attorney jobs, as well as general job posting sites with a large number of advertisements for remote work in a range of legal professions. 

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  1. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated

As remote companies often seek people who are computer and software savvy, your LinkedIn page and other social media accounts will likely be inspected considerably more extensively than in a traditional position. LinkedIn is where professionals connect and expand their networks. As a result, LinkedIn is one of the finest locations to find international clients. One can utilise the search function to find prospects interested in their services. 

Make certain that your web presence is professional and representative of who you are. Make sure your resume is error-free. Many applications are rejected due to typographical problems or irrelevant information. Make sure your CV and cover letter are tailored to the position you’re looking for.

  1. Use Twitter to find clients

Many overseas professionals utilise Twitter to find the services they require. You may also utilise the search option to find clients there. You may also use Twitter’s powerful filtering capabilities to refine your search results and identify relevant clients. When utilised correctly, Twitter’s Advanced Search can uncover a plethora of opportunities.

  1. Respond to questions on Quora.

People come to Quora to find answers to their difficulties. And by delivering those solutions, you can get on the radar of potential clients. All you have to do now is look for industry-specific questions to answer. If you provide communication services, for example, you can answer inquiries about video conferencing, VoIP, and other services you offer. As a result, make every effort to provide as many useful responses as possible. You can also promote your company and the services you offer there in a subtle manner.

Quora answers are open to the public, and they show up in relevant search results as well. As a result, when other firms are looking for comparable solutions, they will see your responses as well. Prospects will approach you for business if your replies are valuable. You can even use paid advertisements to promote your responses to potential clients.

  1. Participate in international webinars

Online workshops and worldwide webinars are also popular ways to get international clients. It’s also simple because most webinar platforms include a built-in chat option for interacting with participants. You can also conduct one-on-one interactions with possible clients during the webinar if a private chat is provided.

Then, for event-related posts on social media platforms, many event organisers develop dedicated hashtags. It allows you to communicate with the presenters and guests more easily. As a result, you’ll be able to connect with potential customers.

Best sites to find remote IP work opportunities

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Flexjobs is a great job board and the finest location to look for legitimate remote work. Currently, they have over 36,000 active job advertisements from 4,000 employers. All of them are categorised by industry, as well as full-time and freelance positions. You may discover positions at all levels, from entry-level to executive and management, and the majority of them are remote and flexible.
Upwork is a global freelancing marketplace that links businesses with independent workers to generate work and communicate remotely. Upwork is one of the most well-known remote job sites, with work in a wide range of fields. It is completely free to join Upwork. Upwork provides you with 60 connections per month as a freelancer. At least two connections are required for any proposal or job application you submit. Upwork restores your connections at the end of each month, giving you a total of 60 connections to utilise with your applications. Content writing, video editing, web design, research, and programming are just a few of the jobs offered on Upwork. Upwork also allows freelancers to take proficiency tests to assess their abilities and stand out, with the results being used by clients to narrow down the most suitable individuals.
IndeedIndeed is one of the most comprehensive and well-designed remote employment boards available today. It gathers information from all across the internet in order to bring employment and remote work opportunities together. Job ads are organised by industry or kind, income, location, firm name, and level of experience. Indeed serves a wide range of businesses, including engineering, education, real estate, and even the arts, entertainment, and publishing. There are almost 2,000 remote jobs listed on Indeed, including these and many others. Indeed, being one of the most popular remote work sites also advertises jobs by location.
Authentic Jobs
Authentic Jobs has a long list of well-known clients and is particularly well-known for creative remote work. Web designers and web developers are among the freelancer profiles, making it an extremely tech-oriented remote job website. Designers and creative workers have found Authentic Jobs to be a valuable resource. The platform, which promises excellent work chances, makes it simple for freelancers to navigate its remote job board. On this remote employment portal, open positions are organised by skills, location, levels, company type, and compensation.
Australia-based is a freelancer job market that allows clients and organisations to post remote jobs for freelancers to bid on, which is a slightly different approach than the other remote job sites. Freelancer is a free membership programme that allows freelancers to bid on up to eight tasks each month. However, paid membership plans (varying from $0.99 to $59.95) are available that provide additional benefits such as larger bid allowances, unique profiles, daily withdrawal capabilities, and the ability to bid on higher-priced job postings.
Hubstaff Talent
By providing a completely free service as a remote job listing site, Hubstaff Talent has succeeded to create a stir among the nomad world. This implies that when freelancers are engaged, they are paid in full according to the terms of the contract they signed with employers, and the payment is sent straight from the employer to the freelancer. The Hubstaff Talent website is simple to access and has a minimalistic design. Type, experience level, full-time or part-time, and country are all categories for remote work. Compared to its larger and older peers, Hubstaff Talent’s job postings are currently modest, but it has a lot of potential, and it wouldn’t be shocking if Hubstaff Talent receives a larger share of industry attention in the future.
ProBlogger is a website that connects freelancers with content writing jobs and hires content writers to create high-quality content for a variety of businesses. Its clients include huge corporations in need of copywriting services, as well as freelance writers who run their blogs and websites and hire other freelancers to generate content for them. Writing jobs can be filtered by position level, kind, and industry, as well as employment or contract length.
One of the things that the Guru team strives for and believes in is work-life balance. It has more than 1.5 million Gurus around the world who specialise in diverse subjects. The site features a large number of remote work opportunities that can be filtered by category and type, budget, location, and whether or not the company is using a verified payment method. Because Guru is one of the larger platforms for remote job postings, it includes services like daily job matching and job ideas to save users time from having to sift through dozens of job posts.
Virtual Vocations
Virtual Vocations has one of the largest databases for remote job advertisements. Furthermore, Virtual Vocations assures that these work from home opportunities are quality leads by putting them through a rigorous screening procedure. Virtual Vocations has a wide selection of career categories, including business services, travel, education, information technology, accounting, and even Non-Profit. General or Virtual Assistants are the most popular job category on Virtual Vocations, with jobs including social media management, administrative tasks, copywriting, and design, to mention a few.
Jobspresso is a simple-to-use platform for finding great remote employment. Jobspresso’s crew verifies that every job they offer is genuine by analysing employers’ websites and social media accounts, and they maintain their listings up to date to include only open positions. Jobspresso’s finely selected job listing contains exciting remote opportunities in tech, customer service, marketing, and more to help you realise your dream of working from home.
Outsourcely’s goal is to connect remote workers with clients and businesses. Outsourcely’s platform was created to foster full-time status for remote workers and a stable, fluid workforce for companies and entrepreneurs, resulting in long-term success. When employers hire freelancers, Outsourcely does not charge a commission fee. The freelancer is hired directly by the employer, and the freelancer is paid directly by the employer. Design and multimedia, sales and marketing, writing and content, and many other jobs are available on Outsourcely. Outsourcely’s site has unique features such as direct video and chats interaction between freelancers and employers, as well as real-time customer service, making it one of the best remote job sites for startups.
Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers where you can purchase and sell services for as little as $5.After you sign up for Fiverr, you must construct a “Gig,” which is a statement that informs potential clients about the services you do for $5.If you get hired, do outstanding work, and obtain a good rating from your client, you’ll have a better chance of getting more jobs through Fiverr because other employers and client prospects can see your ratings on your membership profile. Good ratings also help you advance in the Fiverr ranks, increasing your credibility. Fiverr is one of the many virtual labour websites that connect people and businesses from all over the world.
Angellist is the place where the world meets startups. Angellist is a job board dedicated to linking job seekers with employers. If you join up as a job seeker, it signifies you are particularly interested in working for a startup. When you come across a job posting, you can either select “Apply” or “Interested.”The startup will be alerted of this and can choose whether or not to select the “Interested” option. If both the freelancer and the startup are interested, a “Match” is created, and both parties will receive an introductory email from Angellist. Angellist not only categorises job postings by type and industry, but also offers a list of “A-List Candidates” (those with high rankings and scores from previous work experiences, education, and skills) and “A-List Companies,” which feature well-funded startups, to further enhance the site’s matching feature.
Working Nomads
Working Nomads is a remote job board with a handpicked selection of work from home positions from companies all around the world. The site, which is updated daily, is frequently viewed by job seekers offering services in marketing, design, sales, development, and other industries. The site’s projects and remote jobs include both temporary and full-time opportunities. Working Nomad’s founders ensure that only legitimate job postings display on their website for job seekers to pick from. Expert potential workers and freelancers make up Working Nomad’s talent pool for firms and recruiters, since the site draws a large number of remote job seekers, making it one of the greatest places to locate remote jobs.
Dribble is a social media site where graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, and other creatives can share and promote their work and current projects. Companies and companies looking for the best designers, software engineers, and small studios in the globe can utilise Dribble to find the right fit in under 24 hours. Dribble has been able to successfully connect clients and freelancers based on over 30,000 projects from some of the world’s largest corporations. All while charging up to four times less than working with a traditional agency.


Remote and work-at-home jobs are fast gaining popularity. Remote jobs give independent professionals the freedom to keep doing what they do best while also allowing them to be more productive, without the stress and limits of regular work. Apart from cost savings, remote work benefits organisations by linking them with competent experts from all over the world, who they would not have had the opportunity to work with under more traditional location-restricted situations.


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