How To Stop Procrastination

In today’s world when it seems that every one of us has got the lot of work. We waste away a major chunk of time in procrastination. Stever Robbins, writer of the book “Get it done guys” provides wonderful ways to overcome procrastination. So, inspired by his book, here is a post for you that will tell you how to overcome procrastination.

How To Stop Procrastination
What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is the act of engaging oneself in the petty task on the pretext of work, and evading the real important stuff that is waiting to be done. Many a times people even fail to realise that they are procrastinating, and then blame their busy schedule for not getting the important work done.

Identify acts of procrastination

Till the time you don’t agree that you procrastinate and you don’t identify particular acts of procrastination, not even god can help you to get your work done.

Do you know you procrastinate when you shuffle between windows to check one facebook notification while you are doing some work; do you know reading all the emails in your inbox on pretext of work is procrastination; if you are working and chatting simultaneously, let me tell you, you are procrastinating simultaneously as well. Procrastination can be of various kinds, for me checking facebook every two minutes is the major act of procrastination, for you, it can be chit chatting with your fellow mates or workers when you are supposed to work or reading one blog after other which you found interesting.

Your next complaint can be that you know that you are procrastinating when you are doing so and so, but you find yourself unable to overcome it.

Types of procrastination do not matter, what is important is how you overcome it.

Steps to overcome procrastination

  • Divide work in small chunks

If your day’s goal is to read a chapter for next day’s class, research for the paper you are working on, write a blog post, instead of doing all these together, divide your work into small chunks. Read the chapter for next day’s class, take a break in which you can chit- chat, roam around a bit etc., and then come back to work, research for the article, take a break, work thereafter and the cycle goes on.

If you try to do everything together, you are just dragging your work for an infinite time. If you do a small amount of work and then take a break, you feel refreshed when you get back to work.

  • Make work your habit

The way you don’t forget to brush your teeth every morning when you wake up as it is your habit. Make work your habit. Sit down to do your work like you do other chores of the day, assign a fixed time and plan a schedule for it.

  • Stay motivated

There is always a higher goal behind your actions. The goal behind cleaning the scattered stuff lying in your room is a clean room and the final goal is to lead a healthy and hygienic life by keeping your surrounding clean. It is also important to convey an impression that you are a clean person to all the people who visit you. The goal behind your action keeps you motivated, the idea of a clean room will push you to arrange the scattered stuff lying in your room. So, whenever you procrastinate, remember the goal behind your actions, that will motivate you and push you to work.

  • Be Accountable

It’s a human tendency to focus on work only if you are accountable to anyone. Try to find a team to work with. Ask your buddies to keep a tab on you. Measure your own progress. Set your goals for the day and share it with your friend. At the end of the day tell him/ her that what you have accomplished. Since you have to tell your friend what all work you did throughout the day, you will feel a sense of accountability and you will try to finish all the tasks you have taken in hand.

  • Bribe yourself

This a thing that makes me works many a times. Promise yourself a movie show if you are able to finish your work by this and this time. Promise to treat yourself with a chocolate if you finish all the things that are there in your to-do-list for the day.

Procrastination eats away half of your time which you could have saved to have fun instead of dragging on with your work. Learn to get your work done faster by following any of these methods and get more time to have fun and trust me this works. For instance, I was able to finish this blog post in less than an hour’s time (without opening facebook even once- an act of procrastination) by promising myself a good sweet sleep if I finish it in one stretch! So, I’m off to sleep! Hope this post was helpful, drop your comment if you think this post was beneficial for you.



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