How can we make our new year special? Definitely? Without fail?

I know a sure shot way. It is by extending a helping hand.

Here is what we will do from We don’t have to be a big company to help people. We can’t help everyone, but surely we can help a few.

With more years under our belt and more resources, we will do a lot more one day.

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But let’s not wait to start doing good things.

We are going to offer an unlimited scholarship to 3 individuals who have been out of employment for at least 3 months.

They can choose any of our courses, participate, get all the support that we give to our paid students.  Also, we will bring the full force of our network behind them so that they can get connected to the right opportunities.

Everybody deserves a new beginning in the new year.

Unfortunately, we can’t do this for more than 3 people right now. We are a small business with limited means.

If you can think of someone who deserves this opportunity, forward this mail to them, and ask them to write back with their story and explain why they are the right person to get this opportunity.

Remember, this is only for people who have been previously employed but does not have a job right now and requires help.

I will read all the responses, and select the 3 I believe we can help the best and really need it. I will share their names and stories with all of you, and ask for your help too! Let’s elevate those people as a community, together. That’s how we are going to celebrate the new year here.

But first of all, we need to reach the people who really need this. Please forward this mail to your friends who may know people who need this, and maybe pick up the phone and call a couple of people.

They can visit and check out what we offer. We have over 8 courses starting in January. Here is a list:

Diploma courses

Diploma in Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment laws.
Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.
Diploma in M&A, Institutional Finance and Investment Laws (PE and VC transactions).
Diploma in Cyber Law, Fintech Regulations and Technology contracts.
Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Administration and Business Laws.

Executive Certificate Courses

Certificate course in Advanced Criminal Litigation & Trial Advocacy.
Certificate course in Advanced Corporate Taxation.
Certificate course in Companies Act.
Certificate course in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. 

Let’s do it.

Looking forward to this reaching the people who really need it. It all depends on you now!




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