Ila Vyas is into property law and is a Legal executive at Tridhaatu Realty & Infra Pvt. Ltd. Prior to this, she has interned with many prestigious law firms like Nishith Desai Associates, Mumbai and Manilal Kher Ambalal & amp; Co., Mumbai. She has done her B.B.A – LLB from Bhartiya Vidya Peeth’s New Law College. Pune.

We asked Ila how the course helped her so far in her career and why she enrolled for the NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Administration and Business Law. She had very interesting things to talk about her experience with the course, which we are sharing here. Over to Ila:

When I took up the course I was still in law school and was interning with iPleaders. I got to know about the NUJS diploma course from iPleaders only, as this diploma course is conceptualized, coordinated and conducted by iPleaders under the academic supervision of NUJS. I looked at the course content and it looked impressive. Along with the good course content, the fact that this diploma is awarded by NUJS made me go for it.

My purpose of joining the NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws was more of gaining practical knowledge rather than an absolute requirement. However, this course has helped me understand concepts of business law.

Although I don’t practice business law in my current career, the knowledge gained through this course is remarkable. I would say this is a very good course for understanding business law basics.

Modules on banking and financeemployment law, copyright, trademark, structuring a business, IT Law etc were very beneficial.  Even the module on taxation laws was very informative.

I still get back to the course and read it regularly to keep myself updated. The way the course is designed makes it very handy; support like the Facebook group is a unique concept. I have posted my queries on Facebook group many times and got a timely response to them.

I have mentioned the NUJS diploma in my CV and my LinkedIn profile as I’m sure a course from NUJS will be observed and would not go unnoticed.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants an overall good knowledge of business law. I have already referred few friends and acquaintances.

I personally feel this Diploma is especially beneficial to entrepreneurs and Law students. It’s beneficial even for people from the business world, mainly people from IT sector and tech startups.





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