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This article is written by Lavanya Gupta pursuing BBA LLB(H) from the school of Law, Ansal University. This is an exhaustive article which deals with various modes of execution under the importance of investing in yourself. 


The most profitable investment any student can ever make is investing in oneself. It gives fruit to not only future happenings but current pay-offs as well. The way to achieve a better quality of life by investing in both personal as well as professional growth to get a successful, productive, and satisfying place to prioritize. The effort in investing in yourself should be put consistently in determining the quality of your life by playing a large role now and in the future. Studying at University was heard by all of us from family, friends, or films. The involvement of law is difficult to know and there were stories with no shortage out there from the most accurate to the utterly fantastical. In this article, we are talking about various aspects that help in improving skills and nurture your career to a good path and get success.

Improving reading skills and comprehension

“Think like a Lawyer” is what we learn in law schools through appellate case methods which were developed by Harvard Law School’s Christopher Langdell in the late 19th century. This case method instruction was embraced by all U.S. law schools which were encouraged by the students in the appellate court to review the decisions. The reasoning of Judges was analyzed and the findings were deduced by the general legal principles from specific cases. You will be required to read and brief or summarize hundreds of cases. If students were assigned by 30 pages per credit hour which approximately becomes 450 pages per week is a large amount. To tackle this large volume the student must have a quick reading with the comprehending skill with complex material. The pertinent information has to pick from the comprehension and need to connect its diverse pieces. This information must be able to take it with communication in respect of others. You need to pull the requirements from comprehension by your experience and the language you read to form or understand the new meanings and written text. 

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Writing skills should be sharpen

The writing skills were exceptionally essential to every first-year law student. A large part of law schools was the process of grading on the craft’s ability for a well-written essay.

The individual must be able to: 

  • Gather the analyzed information
  • The issue must be identified to organize your data
  • Arguments need to be draft well-reasoned
  • A conclusion should be there, to sum up, the information

The response must be delivered under tremendous time constraints in a clear and concise pose. Like any skill, essay writing takes practice. Reading of resources, practice on completing exams, taking courses on pre-law writings and some craft of writing will brush up your writing skills.

The habit of creating solid notes

The strategy to crammer last-minute for exams to study will not work in the School of learn or memorize a large amount of information it was nearly very difficult to cover during the year in a few short days. The required reading should be completed to create notes when you read that condensed primary point. These notes help in reviewing the subject matter later on before the exams. The volume of reading was tremendous and required us to keep up with course materials and assignments. The individual must pace themselves and have to learn the outline to study the substantive and procedural law consistently.

No need to join any rat race

The law students were not considered as the quickest in getting marks to involve in applications and internships in their degrees early but that was a close one. Many more law firms offer placements and tasters during the first year to decide your career choice in a proper or right way. If an individual wants to become a solicitor then it is worth applying to these ahead of games but the big one will be the schemes in the summer vacation of the penultimate year in the end. But most of these kicks were off at the beginning of the second year so you do have time to settle into the legal study for the applications we need to think about. We shouldn’t have to forget about the other options like work in charity, services in civil, interning for a while until an individual decides the path of his/her career or further study are all worthwhile alternatives. Going to a local regional firm or chambers thinking will appeal to you and then you may have to send the letter of someone to ask about going and shadowing rather than applying to an organized scheme.

These alternatives were not less competitive but if we look further afield than your Law Society e-mails which are focused on big opportunities. Tutors, personal advisors, career services, etc. will give you plenty of advice from them about career and guide you from where you start looking for the opportunities in the field you are interested in. you have to think surely about the start of yours and it is easy to sweep along with the crowd. It is also a fact of life that the legal sector was at the moment and is very competitive to find a job. On the top of our work, we need to keep ourselves involved in some extra-curricular and have to apply for placements or schemes which would be interesting to us and help in building our CV to look good as it can get more serious applications.

Believe in yourself as a law student

The law students spend their whole life in libraries learning statues back to front and they emerge to go to the networking events to apply for a career or to sit in exams. This was just not true. The university was exactly with any other subject to what makes it and that would involve invariably meeting some of your best friends and many future colleagues to get involved in societies to make time for having the odd quiet night. The core amount was there for work which was done but the students of humanities were in an enviable position of being able to manage the timetable to a certain extent. Law students make most of it and there were also plenty of extra-curricular activities that were rewarded for yourself and others.

Most of the law students got involved in pro bono work and have schemes running which make a sure try in some mooting where mock appeal trial and you pretend to be the barrister because of its quite scary wonders for your public speaking and many opportunities would be given to sort some legal experience you’re interested in during the holidays. There was no single experience in law degree and there was no single experience of the university to choose what an individual wants to be and make that your priorities over three years and as long as you always make time for your work.

Use keywords

Underlining keywords by using different colors can significantly reduce the material you need to study while stimulating your brain to remember information. It is advised that you read a piece of text to the end then highlight the keywords as you would then be aware of which words are most important. If we go a step further, you can also use the underlined portion of the text to create your notes as a summary.

Develop your skills

Skill improvement does not always mean to invest yourself into higher education but to surely be the option with a necessary depending on your career field. Many forms can be taken in investing your time in knowledge and skills. Also, the level of knowledge was expanded and the skills were also not limited to the business arena and were not necessarily needed to be formal. The skill investment was there with many avenues. The education was advanced by taking extra classes with the advanced degrees of relevant certifications and also valuable in investments. Classes were taken in person or online. Available training should be utilized by enrolling in workshops, attending conferences, or to participate in webinars. The knowledge was expanded with lots of information available on any subject and was imaginable. Reading books, articles, and white papers related to talent or skills were worked on the latest trends to keep current stay with the advancements in abreast.

Explore your creative side

Creativity is a fountain within most of us which was never tapped or hasn’t been used to high potential. To have creativity you need to hone and unearth your work. This in any form helps us to grow both personally and professionally as well to view problems and solutions in many different ways to utilize some other parts of the mind that were previously untapped. Creativity has many faces and this was very important to keep in mind. Learn a new language and take a class or use language training software. 

Nurture your mind and body

The allowance to have more to give now was possible only when you nurture your mind and body in the future with more knowledge, compassion, ideas, greater strength, physical and mental endurance. New things were learned that would keep your mind active in simple ways to help in maintaining and growing mental ability. The culture was explored and the performance was attended to listen to different styles of music, travel, or joi0n an organization or group from different backgrounds. To engage in conversations you have to open your mind to those who disagree with you. The argument was looked at and tried to make a case with the point of view of the opposition. The active mind plays word games, board games that include strategy or use your brain to perform every simple way in calculating rather than relying on a calculator. Your body should be cared for and like a well-oiled machine, your body should work. The care in your way might help you in maintaining your expensive car that will perform marvelously for a very long time.


Remember the basics:

High-quality fuel means healthy food choices as possible.

  • Eating will also play a large role in energy and the performance of ability.
  • You truly are what you eat.
  • Don’t push too hard to rest and relax if you want to slow down and never overload your system.
  • Don’t shift gears quickly to cause stress and damage your machine as your body. 
  • Regular and necessary maintenance would be required to go to the doctor when the person was sick and don’t put it off until you break down. 
  • Use preventive maintenance to get check-ups and take appropriate vitamins and also pay attention to irregular or erratic behavior.
  • Exterior polishing means to take care of the outside body too.
  • Frivolous and self-indulgent people were dismissed and that was not overboard by people who were not gone.


The most profitable investment any student can ever make is investing in yourself. It gives fruit to not only future happenings but current pay-offs as well.  Expand your mind. Learning new things will keep your mind active in simple ways to help in growing and maintaining your mental potential. To hone and unearth the creativity if we need this. Underlining keywords by using different colors can significantly reduce the material you need to study while stimulating your brain to remember information. Law students make most of it and especially with plenty of extra-curricular activities that can be rewarding for them and others. Don’t forget that there are other options too like work for charity, services in civil, interning for a while until the path was not decided for career or further study are all worthwhile alternatives. The fact of life was also the legal sector at the moment and is very competitive to find a job and updated CVs also help a lot in getting the job.


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