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Even before COVID-19, the world was beginning to shift to digital. You no longer have to leave your home to do shopping, to find new music, or to buy a new book. 

In the same vein, earning a living online is becoming easier and more common. Remote work had already begun to take off, but lockdown accelerated its growth. More and more people are realizing that working online is not only possible, but more convenient in many ways.. 

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It’s possible to mix your passion and your job, too. It may seem unlikely, but Indian remote workers can get golf jobs anywhere in the world. 

They may not be your average, out-on-the-course kind of golf jobs, but if you’re passionate about the sport, there’s a way to work with it online. 

Here are some ways Indian remote workers can get golf jobs online. 


Considering the leaps and bounds technology is making today, and the fact that so much of the world is transitioning over to digital, there’s a huge market for apps and software

This is true in the golfing world as well. Things like swing analyzers, rangefinders, and smartwatches equipped with golf course analyzing technology are becoming more popular. 

Remote jobs exist in the app development world. Especially as more and more employees make the change to working from the comfort of their homes, technology like that of home golf simulators is only going to rise in popularity. 

Developers familiar with Java and C# will find opportunities for work, even from afar. For the e-commerce side of development, developers with Salesforce knowledge will be in demand. 

General job websites like Indeed and Monster Jobs can yield tech jobs if you search. Developers may be better off searching technical job boards like Stack Overflow and GitHub to find work specific to their talents. 

Golf Website Content 

With the rise in popularity of digital platforms, there’s an increased need for digital content. Golf websites the world over must rise to meet the demand for content, and jobs are available for bloggers, ebook writers, content editors, podcast creators, video makers and editors, and sound engineers. 

A working knowledge of English spelling and grammar will be a huge asset for Indian remote workers looking for these kinds of jobs. There are blog posts to be written, guides to be created, text to be edited, and videos to be created. 

Job boards such as ProBlogger, MediaBistro, Contena, and BloggingPro are good places for aspiring content writers and editors to begin their job search. Some are free, while others require a membership to be able to apply for their jobs. 

Video creators and editors may find various types of video work (digital, cinematography, etc) on sites such as Vimeo Jobs, Video Collective, Behance, Mandy, Production Hub, and Stage32

Those who prefer to freelance, job boards like Upwork, Freelancer, and People Per Hour are a goldmine of creative jobs. Many are once-off jobs, but some can lead to long-term contracts or full-time work. 

Online Golf Lessons 

While things like music lessons and language learning are easy to do online, golf lessons are a little more complicated. 

It’s possible to create a YouTube channel with golf instructions videos, however, this can be difficult to monetize immediately. 

Indian golfers looking for opportunities to coach golf online may find more success creating short videos tutorials for websites wanting to offer this feature. 

As with other golf jobs, it’s possible to find golf tutorial jobs online on job boards. You may be able to find a position doing online coaching in person, but it’s likely to be less common than standalone instructional videos. 

Creating Online Courses 

Online courses are a great way of bringing in passive income (if you create, market, and sell your own). 

This is another option that could be offered on freelance websites, but it’s more common to create one’s own courses and market them online. 

A combination of video tutorials, ebooks guides, and audio files makes for a comprehensive course. 

The beauty of online courses as a form of income is that they have very little startup cost, and can be sold over and over again as digital downloads. 


It’s perfectly possible for Indian remote workers to get remote golf jobs. It’s just a case of searching intelligently and marketing oneself properly. 

Golf enthusiasts can also find jobs to bring in an income and satisfy their love for the sport at the same time! Whatever your skills and talents, there are many resources out there to help remote workers earn a decent living and enjoy what they’re doing at the same time. 

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