This article has been written by Shoronya Banerjee from Amity University, Kolkata, and this article gives an overview of the initiatives taken by the Institute of Management Study, Praxis Business School and Proschool to build a PAN India educational powerhouse. 


Outbursting population, poverty, unstable economy garnished with a touch of illiteracy, and low rate of education is often claimed to be the main hindrance in India’s path towards development, success, and progress. With time and through years, education has become an indispensable part of every individual’s life. Everyone is born with talents, creativity, and a capacity to learn. Education is the medium through which we acquire knowledge, and it also nurtures our minds, hearts, and lives and shapes all our talents and traits to achieve something in life. It altogether helps us progress in life, and have a career. Education accompanied by wisdom is quite essential in all our lives. Hard work and education shapes all lives and careers. The initiation of competition in the sphere of examinations is vital for taking the challenge of achievement and development to the next level. Education and career come with a scope of challenges. For every school, college, university, the position of a public servant, or even a private company, one has to pass through the obstacle of competitive examinations for earning a place in an institution. The entry in the topmost institution or a great job for the best future and career has created a demand in the market for coaching institutions for training to be successful in competitive exams. The Institute of Management of Studies is one of the oldest institutions in this field with divisions in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and so on. It had initially started to help students get into topmost business schools and successfully pass through the examinations to be able to pursue a master of business administration. But with its ever-evolving strategies and trial to contribute to the educational field, IMS also provides training and coaching for other courses as well. 

The Institute of Management Studies

IMS has been one of the oldest Indian institutions founded in 1977, that offers a platform and supports students to have a better future and shot at their careers. The education system of India at one point of time gave no importance to management education, it was then that Professor Nagesh Raghunath Rane formulated a curriculum putting forth the importance of this field of education to start IMS with the technological resources which were available then. He had articulated and started conducting training courses for various management entrance examinations required to be taken by one to get into the Indian Business Schools. Fame received by an MBA degree has the efforts of IMS behind it. Mr. Kamlesh Sajnani is the current managing director of IMS.

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This institution has provided the best guidance to management aspirants in their dilemma of where they should go, how to prepare for examinations, set goals, and so., on. With experience, time, and success, IMS aims to be involved in maximum spheres of education with special significance to graduation and post-graduation related studies, development in skills, and required practical training. IMS believes in getting all their students industry-ready. With the increase in students and the number of competitive examination takers, IMS believes that the training provided by them would always place their students at the topmost position. IMS is currently engaged in expanding their institution and idea of the education system all over the nation to build an army of skilled manpower, domain specialists, and industry-ready students.

Their objectives

Being one of the oldest management education institutions of India, the perfect adherence to its goals and objectives have time and again set the institution at a superior position in this field. IMS has received the 4th rank in the education sector, and 44th position in the list of the 50 Most Trusted Service Brands in India (AC-Nielsen & Brand Equity, December 2003). IMS prepares its students to strive in the exams and come out victorious. Its perfect aims and objectives have always been the backbone of the institution.

IMS aims to mentor, and guide every single student and help them pave their way into a top-most college or university in a much easier and successful manner. It aims to support the students until they find their victorious path through the entrance examinations. Their main goal is to prepare and develop the students much beyond the requirements of just an entrance examination, it also nurtures its passion and dreams. Its greatest goal is to ensure the next generation with the best life, success, and career. Opening institutions all over the nation is a step towards making their strategies, guidance, and support available to students all across the nation. With all the success and achievements, IMS has always acquired the top-most position in case of such other institutions making it known as an ‘educational powerhouse.’ Currently, IMS has more than 90 centres and almost over 50,000 students all over India, and still, it has always tasted success with students making it through competitive examinations and getting to be a part of the top-most colleges and universities in India, and abroad.

Praxis Business School

Praxis Business School, an initiative of the IMS, highlights and focuses deeply on learning programs on professional and practical subjects. Praxis Business School was started in 2007, July with some of its members such as Mr. Charanpreet Singh, and Mr. Kaushik Sarkar, Head of Corporate Relations at Praxis. Mr. Charanpreet Singh is one of the founding members of the school. Mr. Charanpreet Singh was working with HP then he had left it in 2006 to start the Praxis Business School. Mr. Kaushik Sarkar had joined the team at Praxis Business School as the Head of Corporate Relations. 

IMS with works and growing requirements have understood the prerequisites for experts managing the corporates. Praxis has always followed its aim to get to the top. It is a simple institution and holds on to the sight of creating industry-ready, future leaders. It gives a lot of importance to training students with practical work. 

Although every student seeking admission to Praxis gets full support from the institution, it yet follows the principles of having small batches, and the perfect combination of students who possess the ability to cope up with the curriculum and training. The applicant to the institution has to have a standard academic aptitude and competence, a well-developed personality along with an extensive scope of interests in other fields as well and awareness about current affairs in the nation and the world. The perfect combination of students is crucial for achieving success.  Even if additional work experience is not given importance for the PGDM program, it does help in better assessment, and there will come a time when past work experience would matter a lot.

Aims and objectives

Praxis Business School has three basic aims of acquiring, nurturing, and retaining talent. But at the current age retaining becomes tough with the diverse talents, demand for more, hunger for success, and also too many people in the competitive field. The institution has to keep a balance with the demand and supply in this field. Demand denoting the requirement for what sort of students and candidates that companies hunt for, and if one individual is capable of it. Supply, on the other hand, matters for the institution as they provide with trained individuals that companies want. They put forth the high standard candidates, who are demanded by all companies, this, in turn, creates fame and establishes the reputation of the institution. Praxis gives time to candidates whom they can assess as worthy and whom they know would devote all of their time to learn and work hard. 

Courses offered 

The main programs initiated by Praxis Business School are AICTE approved, a full-time PG Diploma in Management for 2 years, full-time PG Program in Business Analytics for 1 year. It involves Business Analytics, Consumer Banking, Investments, and Project Financing Consumer Insight and Market Intelligence. The Praxis Business School team identified the importance that the field of data science would have, as a separate discipline, and the crisis that would occur because of the absence of skilful, and trained manpower.

The Kolkata Campus offers three full-time courses, 2 years PG Diploma in management, 9 months PGP in Data Science, and 9 months in PGP in Cyber-security. The Bangalore Campus has two full-time courses of 9 months PGP in Data Science, and 9 months PGP in Data Engineering. Streams like Finance, Marketing, HR, Systems, and Operations are some spheres where Praxis offers opportunities and training. Praxis believes that students need a different environment, and time to understand the difference between the complex theory and practice of Business Analytics and the help of well-versed, and expert faculties for mentoring the aspirants. This has been one of the main reasons for Praxis to develop a full-time program on Analytics. The success, and popularity of the program and its faculties made the  Andhra Pradesh government select Praxis as a model program for institutes like the International Institute of Digital Technologies, and Tirupati and by Savitribai Phule Pune University.

IMS Proschool

The IMS Proschool had started with the sole aim of helping find and nurture talents in India. IMS Proschool, an initiative of IMS, was started to extend the aims and dreams of IMS that started working in 1977. Initially, it had begun working with children, and women from rural, and tribal areas. With progress and experience, they slowly shifted towards urban education and further opening divisions in metropolitan cities. Proschool acquired the 4th rank in the list of top 10 analytics and data science training institutes in India. 

IMS Proschool works to identify the best professional opportunities, strategies for constructing new age skilling programs, and training, build plans to involve the youth in the program, engage the mentor to guide the youth, and pave a way for the bright future for the students. The IMS Proschool brought in specific skill training programs related to finance and retail. Programs are mainly for a period of 3 to 6 months, with the aim of getting all the students placed successfully. The students pursuing this program could be in their graduation or passed graduation. These students would be trained, have enhanced skills, and be industry-ready within the duration of the course rather than several years that it takes. IMS Proschool trained more than 3000 such students in the past years for the Finance field.


Courses offered

Some of the courses offered by Proschool are:

  • It offers courses under three broad categories of finance, accounts, and digital transformation. 
  • PG Diploma in Data Science is a well known course. It’s a 10 months government-approved post and it also gives the course takers the opportunity of getting an optional certification from the NSE Academy. The aspirants for this course have to have a minimum of 60% and above marks in graduation, good mathematical skills, and knowledge about programming. 
  • Proschool offers an imminent course on digital marketing for three months accompanied by 6 certificates from Google, and Facebook. It has two modes of carrying out this course, its either classroom program, or online training. After the completion of this course, one can apply for Analytics certifications like Google Analytics for beginners, and Advanced google analytics.
  • The investment banking program was provided with a certificate from NSDC and Proschool. It can be either carried on as a live virtual classroom, or the classroom program. It could be suitable for graduates, or MBA graduates wanting to acquire an investment banking job. 
  • The advanced certificate course in cyber-security based on real life, and practical examples. It introduces the course takers to technologies and methodologies introduced by companies such as CISCO, Fortinet, BSI, and ISACA. Certificate in Cybersecurity program would make one prepared for the posts of SOC analyst, Vulnerability Assessor, Penetration Tester, and a Cybersecurity Auditor.


An initiative towards building brighter futures

IMS has forever focused on students, being their guide, encouraging them to achieve their dreams, and do great in life. More than 40 years in the profession and the institute has never failed to abide by its principles. They have shaped the examination aspirants and led them towards success. The education received from IMS is also much beyond subjective knowledge. Over the years, thousands of students have been appearing for taking and retaking the competitive examinations. The seats in comparison to the number of applicants are always short and from there begins the competition. Strategy, proper study techniques, and hard work can pave the way for cracking the examinations.

IMS has always provided support in these terms to its students. IMS has more than 1000 working staff members and with some of the best professors who are the alumnus of top-most universities, and colleges. IMS working in-depth tries to fulfil its objective of providing the nation and world with great leaders, and also ensure the success of its students. This institution has always thought ahead about the future for providing the students with the best. In the case of top business schools and their MBA programs, it has been noticed that students coming from other countries are of the age by which they have a certain standard of work experience in the field, and which holds them above all. IMS prepares the students on this basis. It is expected that soon to pursue an MBA degree the existence of work experience has to be there and provide us proof of how better one is from another. They have plenty of centres in Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhopal, Delhi, and so., on. IMS can be contacted by sending an email on [email protected] or call on 80970 55667/8291895749, from 9 am to 7 pm. 


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