In this blog post, Sonia Shinde, the Senior Manager of Operations at Pcura Consulting Pvt. Ltd. who is currently pursuing a Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws from NUJS, Kolkata, writes about the integral areas of corporate reporting in narrative responsibility.


Integrated Reporting is about communication between companies and capital markets. Financial reports alone don’t provide sufficient insight about business performance. The investors and shareholders look for a holistic view of how an organization creates value, how external drivers impact business model in short – medium – longer term.


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Integrated Reporting gives the opportunity for business reporting about organizational strategy and how they create value. They demonstrate how business uses capital. This allows us to understand risks around achieving the performance measure and the sustainability of the business in long run. Helps investors to extend they should continue in the business.

The International Integrated Reporting Councils (IIRC) framework provides the company with a starting point for driving integrated thinking and reporting.


IIRC has set out 5 guiding principles and 6 content elements for an Integrated Reporting:-

Guiding principles

  1. Strategic Focus
  2. Future Organization
  3. Connectivity of Information
  4. Responsiveness and Stakeholder Inclusiveness
  5. Conciseness, Reliability, and Materiality

Content elements

  1. Organizational overview and business model
  2. Operating context, including risks and opportunities
  3. Strategic objectives
  4. Governance and Remuneration
  5. Performance
  6. Future outlook

IIRC also helps the organization to understand how Integrated Reporting differs from traditional corporate reporting. For this, it has contrasting difference between Current and Integrated Reporting. The main aspects of Integrated Reporting are to address resources (capital) which the business consumes and how it creates finance, human, manufactures, intellectual, social, positive and profitable impact. It gives a clear opportunity for the company to experiment and to explore the potential benefits in future.



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