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iPleaders is working in collaboration with top universities and government bodies for the last 4 years to make practical legal education from the industry accessible for various focus groups. We work on transforming what training one can give to budding lawyers, law students, entrepreneurs, government officials and others who want to use law to create or progress towards their dream career.

We are announcing research fellowships for young practitioners, who have at least 2 years’ work experience in the relevant field who will be able to commit a minimum of 2 months for creating practical legal courses, which would help in creating the next generation of extraordinary lawyers and business leaders.

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The fellowships are described in detail below:

  1. iPleaders Senior Research Fellow – Corporate Laws (Includes M&A, Capital Markets and Banking and Finance)
  2. iPleaders Senior Research Fellow – Intellectual Property and Information Technology Laws
  3. iPleaders Senior Research Fellow – Litigation Strategy, Regulatory Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution (Arbitration and Mediation)


Selected fellows will spend their time in research and creating course materials (on their own and in coordination with industry experts) around their areas of expertise and specialization during their committed period. We have a comfortable, homely and a highly energetic work environment.

If you have worked in the industry and are switching jobs, on a break or you want to do something by which you can make a difference, this can be highly exciting.

The work involved will include research and content creation (by yourself and in coordination with industry experts) on various subject areas in connection with business laws, commercial and regulatory litigation.


Minimum 2 years’ work experience in a law firm (advisory and transactional work) or in litigation.


Honorarium of INR 20,000 per month with further incentive of up to INR 10,000

In addition, if your work is accepted and used for any course conducted by a university in collaboration with iPleaders, a special certificate of acknowledgment recognizing your contribution will be provided from such university.


2 – 3 months

How to apply

This position is relevant if you are interested in joining a rapidly growing startup, be part of the legal education and technology revolution in India, and make a difference. If you are interested, please mail your CV to [email protected] with the subject line “Resume for iPleaders Senior Research Fellow”.



  1. The step taken by the team of ipleaders is very laudable. The Senior Research Fellowship is very useful to the young Lawyers practicing in State Capitals or in Delhi. Young Lawyers practicing at Subordinate Court level or District level may not use this opportunity because Law Firms at district level is very, very less. Trial Court Advocates should have knowledge of “In house training” provided by the Corporates, internships available in reputed Law Firms and Corporates and other various departments. It is unfortunate many are commenting on the pendency of the cases as if it is the inefficiency at the Trial court level but in reality lack of sufficient Courts at District level. Governments are also not concentrating on the appointment of Law Officers like PPs, APPs, G.Ps. and AGPs and other Standing Counsels as well as not recruiting sufficient Court Staff. There must be transparency in appointment of such Law Officers. To give opportunity to more Advocates from the Advocates Panel the Govt. has to take steps to appoint them as quickly as possible. More delay leads to denial of opportunities to other Advocates and existing Law Officers will continue even after completion of their term/s.

    Once the pendency is on the rise, Courts prefer out of Court settlements. Precisely say at present Judicial Officers or Judges want a radical change in the mindset of Lawyers across the country ie. from linear thinking to lateral thinking. What we need a new mindset. More creativity rather than to follow the already decided cases or judgments.

    Once again congratulations to the team of creative and innovative ipleaders. To tap the knowledge expand your base to Trial Courts also. Don’t limit your activities to mere State Capitals or Cities or New Delhi. We wish in future you will undertake more and more creative activities.


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