Jhanak Singh completed NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in 2012 while studying at Amity Law School, Noida. She is currently an associate with Seth Dua & Associates (SDA), a leading Indian law firm head-quartered at New Delhi. After finishing her LLB, she went on to do her LLM from University of Minnesota, and join law practice as a corporate lawyer at Seth Dua. She is also part of the advisory board of a startup based in London.

As part of our ongoing program to reach out to our alumni and learn from how the course did or didn’t help them (so that we can make it even better) we asked Jhanak how the course helped her so far in her career. She had many positive things to talk about. We decided to share her experience with all of you as a success story. Over to Jhanak.

When I enrolled for the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws, I was in my third year of graduation.  I decided to take up the course after looking up the course structure which I found to be very practical and useful for a law student who wanted to be a corporate lawyer. In fact, it was reading the syllabus that made me realize that I really wanted to do this course. At this time I was also doing my CS, and along with regular legal studies, I was worried whether I will be able to do justice to an extra course. However, I managed to find a few hours on the weekends, and this investment of a little time really paid off.

After completing my graduation and the NUJS diploma I decided to go abroad for further studies. After exploring many universities I chose to pursue my LLM from University of Minnesota, U.S.

During my application for admission in LLM at the University of Minnesota, I had mentioned the diploma from NUJS in my resume and I believe it helped me in my selection. The NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws has helped me learn the practical aspects of business laws which are different from what is taught in the college.


I have successfully completed my LLM from the USA.  At the university, I was part of Mergers & Acquisitions team and learned about corporate laws and documentation.

I was also asked various questions related to this NUJS diploma course during my job interview at Seth Dua & Associates (SDA).  I have couple of other diplomas also, but the job interview was for a business lawyer and I feel that the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws really helped me to stand out. I was asked questions about this diploma course in every interview I have given so far and that’s why I feel that it really helps.

During the course I particularly liked the module on M&A and Joint Ventures because the course presented these concepts from a different perspective than what was taught in college – which was mostly sections and case laws. This course covered the strategic and management angle. Learning about drafting various clauses and negotiation was also quite useful.

I was skeptical as to how practical things can be taught in an online course. However, it was a very practical approach compared to the theoretical concepts that we are taught in law college. I also found the section on FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) to be very useful. In fact, at some points, especially before my interviews, I felt that I would love to take up the course one more time to refresh my knowledge.

For the next couple of years, I plan to work with a law firm and then decide to continue with law a firm or join any corporate as legal counsel eventually. Also, I’m on the advisory board of a startup based in London and I believe that this Diploma course has helped me to understand and address the concerns of a startup business.

My experience during the course was amazing and the team was very supportive.  I still eagerly wait for the NUJS newsletters and find them to be enlightening.


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