job_ipleadersAt iPleaders, we work on transforming what training one can give to budding lawyers, law students, entrepreneurs, government officials and others who want to understand the law and use it to their advantage. We are working on access to justice for the last few years, and have made some real headway.  Things that were impossible 4 years back, are very much reality now. That’s how we work – away from the spotlights, cracking on the real problems and taking on things others think are impossible to change.

Now here is a position very essential right now to achieve the success of our dreams, and it is open for the first time. I don’t have a name or designation for it. You can come, join and decide what it should be.

I need a person with great communication skills, an indomitable will to learn, a lot of enthusiasm towards life. This person need to be able to communicate well in English and Hindi. Educational degree or qualification is no bar, if writing and speaking skill is superb which is the main criteria. We have a young person who is a recent graduate on our mind for this.

Your job will be to coordinate with people and support the founders in making their vision a reality. You should be a person of integrity, and good at keeping your words, since you may have to hold others accountable for the words they will give. Feel free to walk in for an interview into our office after prior notice to Ramanuj or Abhyuday.

Salary on offer in INR 20-25K. If you think you fit the bill, please act fast. We already have a few interviews lined up and we really need an extraordinary person on this position.





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