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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

If you have been eyeing multiple business law or corporate law-related courses at LawSikho, this is a program you do not want to miss. Here comes the much anticipated and awaited Corporate Law Library.

Imagine getting access to all our current business law and corporate law courses for a price of Rs. 50 a day ( this is an introductory offer only for the month of October).

Yes, no kidding. You have to pay upfront for 5 years, but that’s what a lucky few are essentially going to pay for our Corporate Law Library – Total Access program for all our corporate law and business law courses, current and those that are going to get launched in the next 5 years (we have an amazing number of courses lined up, do check them out). 

Let’s get to the maths later, but let us discuss what is the Corporate Law Library – Total Access by LawSikho first. 

What is the Corporate Law Library? Why are we doing this?

While Master Access by LawSikho was a great success, it had many courses that are not relevant for corporate lawyers or those who want to be a corporate lawyer in the future. 

Corporate lawyers are busy people, they have little patience to go through the material that is not relevant for them! Also, why should they pay for litigation courses they are not going to use as was the case with Master Access. 

And we also launched a Litigation Library, which was a big hit, so we have been under immense pressure to launch a Corporate Law Library as well.

Master Access is not open anymore, and it is quite certain that we are increasing the price next time we launch it again in 2020, as already stated at the time of launch.

Hence, we decided to launch the Corporate Library by LawSikho to cater to transactional lawyers, in-house counsels and aspiring corporate lawyers in the meantime. Anyway, we have been getting a lot of requests for this! This is probably the second most popular request after a request for a LawSikho course bundle for law students, which would anyway take a while to launch.

The Corporate Law Library is meant for our power users who wish to access our entire course and resources library related to corporate law and business laws. 

We have launched many valuable and very popular business and corporate law courses. You can find the list below. These courses have already proven their mettle thanks to the amazing performance of those who have already done these courses. I am sure that you will find the current list very impressive. However, that is not all.

If you join this VIP membership program, you get access to all our new corporate law courses that we will launch in the next 5 years part from existing ones. You can access these courses for no further charges for the next 5 years.

You will have complete and unconditional access to this entire library of our corporate law courses, and you can use them to enhance your transactional and negotiation prowess and/or grow rapidly in your career.

What are the benefits you can expect if you buy the Corporate Law Library by LawSikho?

  • Learn whatever you need to learn on the go. Let’s say there is a meeting tomorrow and you need to quickly brush up your knowledge about a certain area of law. Just look up our course library for the step-by-step guides and practice notes that will help you to prepare in a short time for your meeting.
  • Need high-quality templates? Download from the library. Can’t find one? Ask us directly, we are always looking to add new documents to our resources library. We are always ready to help you out as a member of a VIP program.
  • Keep learning unlimited skills by participating in any number of courses you like for the next 5 years. Join any class you want. Solve any skill challenges you like and get personal feedback so that you can improve.
  • Become more efficient – reduce time spent on looking for research, processes and templates. You will prepare for matters, briefings, and meetings faster than ever, and that means you can handle more clients and have more free time in life.
  • Learn to strategize negotiations and transactions. Develop a habit of planning ahead with our help. Develop in-depth knowledge and intuition which would help you to anticipate what is coming ahead. 
  • As you join our various specific courses, you will also benefit from various profile building programs that we offer. You will publish articles, build a social media presence and develop a powerful professional network that forwards you in your goal to succeed as a lawyer, if you wish to avail those services.
  • We have made our ultra-premium Legal Practice Development and Management course a part of this program, which means you can learn how to grow your law firm or your practice, or even get to partnership faster using your ability to land top clients.

What are the courses you get access to if you buy yourself the Corporate Law Library?

Premium Courses

  • Diploma in Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Laws
  • Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
  • Diploma in M&A, Institutional Finance and Investment Laws (PE and VC transactions)
  • Diploma in Cyber Law, Fintech Regulations and Technology Contracts
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws
  • Diploma in Companies Act, Corporate Governance and SEBI Regulations
  • Certificate Course in Real Estate Laws
  • Certificate Course in Advanced Corporate Taxation
  • Certificate Course in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
  • Certificate Course in Legal Practice Development and Management
  • Certificate Course in Media and Entertainment Law: Contracts, Licensing, and Regulations
  • Certificate Course in Securities Laws, Insider Trading and SEBI Litigation
  • Dream Job Bootcamp
  • Certificate Course in Technology Contracts
  • Certificate Course in Import-Export, Customs laws, and Regulation
  • Certificate Course in Consumer Law

Upcoming courses

  • Certificate Course in Environmental Law (expected – February 2020)
  • Certificate Course in Banking and Finance Transactions and Disputes (expected – January 2020)
  • Certificate course in Capital Markets (expected – March 2020)
  • Any other business law course we may add to LawSikho in the next 5 years!

Although you will have access to the above courses for a period of 5 years, if you want certification for a course, you have to complete all course criteria for that course within a maximum period of 1 year.

Example 1. If you take our Executive Certificate course in IBC or Capital Markets and start such a course let’s say from 1st of November, you have to finish the course by 31st October of the following year. 

Example 2: If you take our newly launched Executive certificate course on Asteroid Laws (for example, an imaginary subject as of now) after completion of 4 years 11 months after buying Corporate Law Library, you can continue to access that particular course for the next 1 year or until you finish it, whichever is earlier. Basically, we give you maximum possible leverage.

Example 3: If you take our Diploma in Companies Act, Corporate Governance and SEBI Regulations course, and start such a course let’s say from 1st of January, you have to finish the course by 31st December in order to be eligible for a certificate. If you don’t care about certificate, then you can access any class and any material at any time you like.

Please note that due to the sheer number of courses included in this Corporate Law Library package and the relatively low cost, it is not possible for us to give you hard copy materials free of cost. However, we will provide you any hard copy you want on a no-profit no-loss basis (just pay us the printing and courier costs) and you can request the hard copy material of as many courses as you want.

How much will this cost me?

If you just enroll in the courses available right now and pay for them one-by-one, it would cost you around three lakhs and twenty thousand rupees.

The 3 future courses that we are additionally promising will be priced similarly and will cost over 60 thousand altogether. That’s a total of at least 3.8 lakhs.

Basically, if you bought each of the courses in this Corporate Law Library – Total Access package, one-by-one, you would be paying around 3.8 lakhs or more for all these courses.

For a limited period of time, till the end of this month, we are offering this entire package to 20 users for a price of INR 90,000, inclusive of all taxes and charges! 

If you buy any of the above courses, usually you have access to the course for only 3 years. However, as a part of the Corporate Law Library – Total Access program, you will have access to all these courses for a period of 5 years starting from the day of your enrollment.

This is a premium program, for those who love our courses. There are amazing benefits that come as a part of this package that we do not offer to other customers. Hence, we intend to keep this course accessible to only a limited number of people. And that number is just 20 for now.

Once these 20 slots are gone, we will not enroll anybody else and close down the program. Also, in any case, we are running this program only till the end of October, and after that, we are closing it down.

If you really want it, you have reasons to hurry. We intend to keep these packages exclusive and limited to a few users only. It is a VIP package.

How is it just Rs. 50 per day?

Multiply 50 with 365 and then with 5, because you will get to use this product for 365 days for 5 years. You will get a figure of INR 91,250. We are charging only INR 90,000, including taxes. There are no hidden charges of any sort.

Money-back guarantee

Our amazing refund policy will apply to the Corporate Law Library – Total Access by Lawsikho also. Try the Corporate Law Library – Total Access for 30 days, attend at least 4 classes and solve at least 4 assignments of any single course during that period, and you will be eligible for a full refund for up to the next 15 days. Basically, if you do not like the Corporate Law Library – Total Access program after using it properly for 30 days, then between the 30th and 45th day you can claim a full refund. Here is the detailed refund policy.

Can I upgrade to Master Access later?

Yes, you can upgrade by paying the difference between what you have already paid and the price of Master Access at that time. In fact, we will give preference to Corporate Law Library Members if they want to upgrade to Master Access.

What if I have already paid for 2 or more courses on LawSikho? Do I get any extra benefit?

We expect people who have taken at least one course and loved it to go for this Corporate Law Library – Total Access package. However, if you have done 2 or more courses from LawSikho already (that are already included in this Corporate Law Library course package), you can simply pay the difference between what you have already paid to us in total so far, and ninety thousand rupees, instead of paying the entire Corporate Law Library – Total Access fee. 

If you have already spent over INR 90,000 or more on litigation-related courses on LawSikho, we will give you Corporate Law Library – Total Access free of cost. If you bought less than two (2) courses from LawSikho so far, this benefit does not apply. This rule also does not apply if you have taken any course from NUJS in the past. We cannot refund any money if you have spent more than 90,000 already on LawSikho. Please note than more than one person cannot combine to benefit from this provision. Corporate clients or those who are sponsored by their companies would not get this benefit.

Training methodology and how the access works

The course details, methodology and system for each course is described in the relevant course page.

At the time of enrolment you will get access to the following:

  • Study materials on our online Learning Management System (LMS) to the courses that are launched as of the given date under the Corporate Law Library – Total Access by Lawsikho.  
  • You can access the same on your Android or iOS App as well. The study materials are downloadable inside the app for offline access on your phone.
  • You will get added to a separate discussion group for each of the courses that you specifically join. 

Please note that some courses have live classes, assignments and personal feedback while others do not. This is because some courses are premium while others are not. Please note the same level of service and content that is available to other students of these courses will also be available to Corporate Law Library members. 

Will I get printed materials? 

You can take printed material for any course by paying the additional nominal cost of printing, courier and handling. No hard copy is included in this package otherwise. We do not make any profit from this activity, so you only pay for the actual costs.

How many courses can you participate in at a time? 

You will have unlimited access to all study materials for courses that are launched to date in the Corporate Law Library. You can perform exercises, get feedback and obtain certificates for any number of courses that are available in that period. For courses listed above that are to be launched in the future, you will be provided access when they are launched. 

We will not limit your participation within the courses to which you have access, but how you manage your time to extract maximum value is up to you. 

The list of classes and exercises will not be customized as per your choice. You have to go with the batch that you join according to the schedule of the batch.

Who should opt for the Corporate Law Library?

The course is ideal for litigators who wish to expand their practice as well as become more efficient at their work. Corporate Law Library will increase your knowledge manyfold, and enable you to deal with diverse practice areas effortlessly. Some in-house counsels also may find it very useful. Law students who are interested in Corporate Law may also take the same.

However, we suggest that only those who have taken one or two courses from already and are familiar with our methodology and systems should invest in Corporate Law Library. We prefer our power users who regularly take our various courses as Corporate Law Library users rather than those who are trying out our courses for the first time.

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Will I receive recruitment and internship support? are there any placement guarantees?

We are the only organization in India that teaches this kind of comprehensive and practical course. Many employers, law firms and companies are happy to recruit our high performing students. If you do well in your exercises and classes, we can help you to get jobs, internships and assessment internships in good law firms, with renowned lawyers as well as in various companies. However, we recommend only those who we believe are ready to do the job they are applying for and provide no guarantee of placement or recruitment of any kind. You have to put in efforts from your side as well to make it work for you!

Also, this Corporate LawLibrary is more suitable for practicing lawyers and not so much for job seekers. Please consult us over a call if you are looking to do a course for increasing your skill levels so that you can get a better job. 

What are the passing criteria?

You have to submit at least 50% exercises and 3/6 writing assignments (as the case may be) in executive certificate courses and 50% of the exercises and 10 writing assignments in diploma courses. The pass criteria of respective courses will remain the same for Corporate Law Library members and refer to respective course pages for the same.

You can start any course of your choice and you can choose as many courses as you want to start at a time. Before starting the course, you have to inform us regarding the same by writing an email to [email protected] and you will be formally added to the next batch available for attending classes. Once you have started a course, you have to complete it within the duration given for the course to be eligible to get the certificate.

You can join in any online class of any course any week throughout the period of your access to the course. You can also attempt the exercise and get feedback on the same throughout the duration of your access. Access to the course material and mentors and experts will also be available during the period of 5 years of access. But, once you have initiated a course and have not completed it within the given time, you will not be considered for the certificate. 

If you start the course without informing us first and submit exercises randomly, we will provide feedback to you but such submissions will not be considered for the purpose of the certificate. 

Who will issue the certificate? What is the value of the certificate? 

This program or any of our courses have no recognition, no affiliation and no certification from any university, government or third party. These courses are certified by, run by a private limited company based out of India. We follow our own processes and standards which are clearly and transparently laid down on this website. We do not easily issue certificates to everyone who takes our course, but strictly enforce certification criteria. This ensures that graduates of our courses are of very high quality, and far exceeds the expectations of the legal industry. This is why our certificates are widely respected. Leading companies in India and abroad use our courses for their employees or sponsor their employees to pursue our courses. Our corporate clients include leaders in their domain like Microsoft, Samsung, ICICI Bank, ITC, Mahindra & Mahindra, Gates Foundation etc.

What can I do if I do not understand something or need doubt clarification? 

  • You can read FAQs of the relevant course, or call the number provided on if it is an administrative matter
  • You can write your queries on the discussion board of the LMS
  • You can ask your queries in the Whatsapp group in which you will be added after enrolling in the course
  • You can discuss the same in the class with faculty
  • You can ask our support team to help you out

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