Know this Law School: NALSAR

An anonymous NALSAR student writes about NALSAR as an University. How is it to study in this University regarded as one of the best?

NALSAR Academic Block
NALSAR Academic Block

College Environment and infrastructure

Friendly relations between juniors and seniors are hallmark of almost all the NLUs, but at NALSAR its quite at another level as its a small campus, away from the city almost inside a forest area and people in the campus are your only friends, family and social circle.

People here at NALSAR are not just occupied with books. There is a strong sporting culture that is imbibed since the inception of our journey in NALSAR. Precisely the reason why we have an excellent infrastructure which furthers our interest for sports.

There is proper cricket-cum football stadium in the campus itself. The stadium has a capacity of more than 1000 spectators. Apart from that we have two tennis clay courts, 2 basketball courts, a gym for the girls as well as the boys.

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Size dominates everything in NALSAR. The campus is really massive. We have a 55-acre campus, the biggest among all the National Law Schools. The hostel space crunch that plagues other NLUs is never an issue here at NALSAR. We always have surplus rooms (around 10-15), though we get single occupancy only from the third year!

Food is never an issue either. The Mess Food is far too great as per the mess standards, and those who have a fetish for South Indian food will never miss the home food.

There is a widespread misconception that NALSAR lacks good faculty. However, I beg to differ. It goes like this. I think only those persons have the locus stand to speak about the faculty standards, who have studied in both the Universities they are comparing. If I’m from NALSAR, it’s sheer stupidity to demean the faculty of NLS and preach that they lack good faculty, as compared to NALSAR’s, because I’ve NEVER been taught by them.

Prof. Vijender Kumar is the authority in Family Law in this country. He has edited Mayne’s version of Hindu Law, which has been cited in scores of SC’s judgment. He has written dozens of books in the family law. Prof Amita Dhanda is an international authority in disability jurisprudence. She was a part of the UN committee appointed to draft and formulate guidelines for disable people. And both are fantastic teachers. MOST of the teachers in NALSAR are really good, barring a few exceptions, who I must admit are really bad.

NALSAR certainly has demerits as well.

The foremost being its location, which is a bit far from the city. This makes the curfew timing a bit strict for ensuring security and safety. However, most of us believe that it’s a blessing a disguise for us. Being there in the same place, in a way, coerces us to study.

Mooting at NALSAR

Research is what drives people in NALSAR. The fact that we have been winning MPL for the two consecutive years bears testimony of the same as well. Though this year’s dismal performance is accounted for some internal matter, and we are pretty much sure of putting up a great show next year too.

I think this sums up all. Though I wrote in a haphazard manner, I hope it helps. Moreover, I wanted you to write on your own, because as I said earlier, we’re not allowed to vent out anything about our college outside the college.


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