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Knowledge of contract drafting, negotiation and dispute resolution cuts across almost all areas of legal work. If you are a master of contract drafting, you are definitely going to do very well in your legal career, no matter what is your chosen area of practice.

Whether you want to work at law firms, in-house legal departments in companies or litigate in the court, learning contract drafting is essential!

We have the most epic contract drafting training course, and we have trained thousands of lawyers to draft cutting edge contracts. Our graduates are working in major law firms, in-house legal teams as well as practicing independently, and thriving where they are.

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But that’s what we say. What are those who took up this course, spent time and money, saying about it?

Let’s hear directly from students of our Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and dispute resolution:

This course has been very beneficial to me. It encouraged me to prepare documents prior to the drafting of the contract and search for the requisite information and adopting and incorporating them into contracts. This is an important course for young professionals as they will get an exposure to industrial experience while doing this course. The team dedicatedly follows up with you for regular feedback to ensure powerful learning and insists every student to complete assignments time and again. They do not stop after enrolling in this course.

  • Natraja M, Manager (Legal) at TITAN

My experience in pursuing this course has been really good. I really love the agreement drafting exercises and I enjoy doing them. While I work on the assignments, it’s a good practice session of continuously thinking and drafting. I like the challenges these assignments put me through.

  • Nupur Dutta, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Assistant Manager (Law)

The course encourages learning and ensures understanding. The assignments and the fact that the team coxes you to work pushes you towards excellence. It had been long since I wrote articles to be published on blogs, but the compulsory assignments got me working on articles again. I like to finish all the tasks within the given timelines, it is fun and has a lot of brainstorming. People from all walks of life can benefit from this platform.

  • Vani Panicker (Legal, Manager)

Memorable learning is about the crux of drafting. I learned a lot especially about the formatting of a draft agreement and the meaning of any such agreement. An interesting or memorable thing in my career was while I wanted to intern in one of the top tier corporate firms and they gave me an actual case and needed to draft a return statement for the said case. I was able to figure out the crux of the issue and was able to frame it along with evidence. This course is different from the usual college curriculum and we get to deal with a variety of assignments that are interesting. We are more motivated and encouraged when our articles get published on the blog.

  • Baargarvi Ramesh (Law Student, CMR Law College)

One of the core features of our courses is to impart drafting-relating skills to managers in their respective domain areas, whether it pertains to contracts, policies, court documents and petitions, show-cause notices to employees, responses to show cause notices by statutory authorities, disciplinary orders, etc. In fact, you may already have received some ideas about this through the exercises shared in the free materials.

How do we produce this result?

This stellar feedback has been made possible by our unique training methodology.

Every week, we give 2 simulation exercises to solve, along with a briefing to every student. They have to either draft or review a contract. Sometimes, they have to write a notice for breach or reply to one such notice, centered on a particular contract. 

They refer to study materials and perform the exercise by themselves. This is followed by personal feedback on their performance on an individual basis. There are also live classes that join afterward and learn high-level skills from the top industry experts. 

What do our students say about this methodology? Read on. 

“Through the exercises in this course, I am becoming far more effective at blending legal language and commercials into a contract and in coordinating with our law colleagues, who respect my views, despite not having a law degree. I have gained enormous confidence in my drafting skills, and that I find the course content and assignments highly updated, cutting-edge, relevant and challenging. “

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– Venkateswaran, General Manager, Adani Ports & SEZ

“The reading materials and templates are very elaborate and detailed. Also, the response of LawSikho team for questions and queries is very prompt.”

– Tarun Biswas, Legal Practitioner, Del HC

“I have taken various courses and workshops on contract drafting from Lawsikho and found them useful, and this one is at the cutting-edge because of weekly exercises and feedback. Now I can draft a lot of business contracts which I don’t usually do as a patent agent, as I have practiced them in the exercises.”

– Praful Gala, Patent Agent and Proprietor for 12 years at Nirmal Innserve

“The lectures are very good because specific clauses are drafted in front of us and we get feedback on track changes, so that is very beneficial. In this format, people are building confidence.”

– Sachin Ughade, Manager (Legal) at Siemens Ltd.  (Working in real estate, leasing, acquisition, disposal and statutory compliances of all factories)

“When a client approaches me for contract drafting, I feel more conversant and I am able to give them far more detailed advice. I can identify many more critical contracts than I could earlier. I have done other courses such as the MBL course from NLSIU but it is theoretical like the LLB course. This course is very interactive, and the assignments and reviews are very good. I wish I had done at the time I was studying law.”

– Suresh Kumar, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Unimarks Legal

What do experienced lawyers who have seen us pursuing our mission for the past 7 years have to say? 

Let’s hear from them!

Rimali Batra, Principal Associate, DSK Legal

LawSikho team is doing a great job of making practical legal education accessible. Their courses deliver on what’s expected of lawyers and managers today and very insightful.

Arunava Mukherjee, Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India (formerly at Clifford Chance LLP, London)

I personally know the founders of the Lawsikho team. They are doing this for a long time now and are really committed to making a difference to the careers of law students by delivering practical education.

Devika Singh, currently with Desai & Diwanji worked with Dua & Associates, Archer and Angel and Clasis Law:

I have seen the design and syllabus of Lawsikho courses at close quarters, and they teach practical skills relevant for day to day work performed by corporate lawyers. These skills are not taught in law school and will be highly beneficial while working in law firms. If there was something like this available back when I was in law school, I would have definitely taken it up.

The question for you is – where can you get to if you start learning now? What is the difference that learning advanced contract drafting can make to your career? 

We currently have enrolments open for admission in our Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation, and Dispute Resolution.

This is a 12-months diploma course with 1 online live class per week, 2 practical /drafting exercises per week, printed study materials at your disposal, doubt clearance within 24 hours and a lot of other benefits that you can find on the course page with details.

How can you start? It’s simple.

Find out more about the Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution here. 

We strongly recommend you to download the free material from the course page to get a sense of what we teach.

If you have any queries, please comment below or schedule a career counseling session by calling 011-40845203.

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