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This blog is India’s biggest legal issue based blog with close to 1 lakh visitors a month and growing at a double digit growth rate. Popular blogposts on this blog are read thousands of times, and sometimes tens of thousands of times. Articles are shared hundreds of times on social media by our regular readers. The reason for this blogs massive traffic is simple – we publish high quality, authentic articles on an exclusive basis.

Would you like to be a regular contributor to the blog, and showcase your legal expertise to our massive audience looking for legal information and answers to real questions? We are not bragging, but people who write on our blog often find that their potential clients are reading their posts and reaching out to them. To know more about this, read about how these lawyers used blogging for enhanced professional visibility.

Legal blogging also helps a great deal to get noticed by potential recruiters and industry insiders. When people read articles written by you again and again on relevant topics, you start to build a reputation with those people. Sharing your blogposts published in respected blogs in your own social media feeds make sure that people around you get to know more about your legal expertise, and that really helps.

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At iPleaders blog, we have started expert columns and are looking for regular contributors. Please fill up the form below to let us know that you are interested in publishing original articles on an exclusive basis, and we will get in touch with you.

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  1. I am not a legal professional but a management professional. Am i eligible for registering with ipleaders as blogger? Please advise. I also have some queries to be asked on ipleaders. But, unable to find “ask question” option. How to proceed with asking doubts / queries? Please help.


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