List of Excuses For Not Beginning A Start Up if You Ever Need One  

If you ever need an excuse to not to start up although you really want to, you can use this list. Chances are high that you will find an excuse or two acceptable to you over here.

I am too young to do something so serious!

I am too old to start from scratch.

I have no experience, I will first work with a (company/lawfirm/insert anything of your choice) and then I will be ready after a few years.

I have too much experience and too big a career at stake to risk it all.

I need capital to start! I need to work for a few years and save up first.

I know nothing about running a business; I need to do an MBA before I start up.

My parents think I am too young to do this – I need to prove myself as a professional first.

My grades will suffer – I will not get time to study. College is the time to study, I can always do this later.

I need to do an MBA first.

The market is not good right now, let’s wait till it bounces back.

The market is rallying now, let me mint money we can start up later.

I need to save X money before I can start up.

I am waiting for the right idea to hit me.

Not everyone can be Mark Zuckerberg. What if I fail?

I am going through a difficult phase in my life.

My family/spouse is not supportive.

I have a car/house/education loan to pay.

Every time I tried my hand at business it was a disaster. I am not lucky.

Any other excuses you can think of? Add in the comments.

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