Living An Amazing Life

What is the secret of living an amazing life?

Honestly, I have no freaking idea.

I have learnt a lot about life and myself in the last few months since I have joined the law firm. I have been challenged in many ways, not all of them pleasant challenges or challenges that I will normally choose for myself. I am forced to the firefight, deal with social dynamics in ways that I don’t want to and have a lifestyle that often seems almost meaningless. I get very little time to do things I absolutely love to do – self-development, training my body and mind, and creative, satisfying work. There are more and more things that I am doing because I don’t have to choice to not do them.

However, there is one reason why none of these can have any lasting effect on me. I don’t need a lot of things to be successful or happy, and I certainly don’t need any material resources to be happy, to feel amazing. Feelings, thoughts and actions are what makes us happy and amazing, and that means one thing – our happiness is not restrained by resource constraints. Resources sure can affect our thoughts and actions, but we can choose to overwhelm those constraints completely.

There are those who does it by letting things take their own course, through experience, by not resisting a moment. For me, it comes through actions that shape my agenda.

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I just need one reason to be happy at a time.

I just need one brilliant agenda to follow with my sweat and soul.

I just need to do one amazing thing in a day to feel that the day was worth living, and realize that I have not stagnated.

More will be good, but I am going to find at least one – one way or the other. What is the one amazing thing you are going to do today?



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