Puzzles About Market Failures

November 29, 2016
Puzzles About Market


Should we not pay our doctors when we keep well under their advice and care? But we pay them only when we fall sick and we pay more if we remain sick.

Should we not pay the car mechanic if the car remains in good condition under his care? Instead, we pay more if the car breaks down again and again.

The insurance company spends more money on the people who fall sick rather than the people who work hard to keep in good shape.

In some countries, you get tax deductions for medical expenses. However, say an obese person spends money on losing weight by working out, buying some equipment or hiring a trainer – he would get no benefit for the same.

There must be good reasons why the equilibrium has been found at these seemingly inefficient points. Why do things stand this way?

Let’s see if any of you can come up with an answer in the comments.

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