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Hi, I am Anubhav from team Lawsikho. I have been playing music since I was 3. Music, specifically acoustic/indie genre, motivates me. 

Pushes me. 

Inspires me to look at different colours of life from a panoramic view. 

Javed Akhtar’s style of lyrics, particularly Toh Zinda Ho Tum moves my soul. Whenever I get an opportunity, I plug my earphones in and listen to Farhan Akhtar’s voice, Pighle Neelam Sa Behta Hua Ye Sama….Toh Zinda Ho Tum.

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A strange thing happened yesterday. My WhatsApp flooded with messages. Senior IPS officer, Mr Sandeep Mittal quoted my video on Section 121 of the Indian Penal Code over a Twitter War. The Tweet was for Farhan Akhtar on his Statement on organising a rally against the newly amended provision of the Citizenship Amendment Act.


Overnight, my video went viral. I saw myself in almost all the leading newspaper gossip sections. 

Friends and colleagues congratulated me for my newfound fame. They asked me to share this as a success story. 

Honestly, I am happy and overwhelmed – at least, Farhan Akhtar might have seen my video. This is great validation for me.

While this empowers me, such things happen once in a blue moon. They are serendipitous accidents. I cannot really count on them. 

Let me share with you the real reason for my motivation for performing my work as a budding lawyer. 

This reason is far stronger.

I started working with iPleaders as an author on the iPleaders blog. I was paid INR 100 for a legal article. 

Gradually, I took up the entire responsibility of managing the posts on iPleaders Blog and in two years, the blog started hitting new records in terms of viewership. 


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10,00,000 visitors a month. 

Many people identified me to be the catalyst for the growth of the iPleaders Blog. I was a mini success story. 

I did this while I was still studying law, sitting in my dorm room with my cosy blanket over me, a cup of coffee and the college wifi connection.

After a couple of years, I decided to take a different path. 

I started working with LawSikho for an entirely new project. Our aim was to create a video library for all the subjects taught in law school over a period of 5 or 3 years, as the case may be. 

We started well. We created a library for CrPC and IPC. You can check them on our LawSikho Youtube Channel. 

Playlist of CrPC

Playlist of IPC

Although I made tremendous effort in creating an exhaustive, well explained, classroom experience of learning the law, it did not work out as planned and I had to quit the project.

But I learnt a lot about the law, about teaching and about recording YouTube videos. 

I can now counsel and train other law students really well, whether it pertains to guidance regarding their career choices or coaching them on how to write and publish articles which are widely read.    

In the meanwhile, Abhyuday also asked me to share my experience in legal research and writing to train students of LawSikho courses on how to write better. 

I had been a senior editor headed the work of interns for iPleaders Blog. Having trained more than a thousand students from all over the country on how to write articles, I gladly took up the opportunity. 

For this month, I am also guiding various students and young lawyers on the career choices they can make.  

Today, I spoke to a mother of twins, who was undergoing a tough marriage. Rejected thrice in the Interview rounds of UPSC CSE, she asked me how to write an article on, “Can daughter-in-law seek maintenance for herself, her children as well as for her father and mother in law”.

Being a student, she trusted me and told me what she is undergoing right now and wishes to write an article for all those who are undergoing a similar situation. She wanted the law to be accessible for all those who are in need.

I guided her in making a structure for her article, and identification of the points she could cover.

Very soon, she understood how to go about the project. 

I was clear that she will complete this. 

I was extremely joyous.  

What is common in all the incidents above is that I had acquired some very unique skills. It drove me towards excellence. It puts me in a position to contribute in a big way to others. 

This joy is far more reliable and consistent, in comparison to my video going viral.  

Over the past few years, I have developed my skills in different areas – legal research, writing blog posts, managing others, SEO, etc. significantly. I have worked on various tasks that others do not perform. 

Acquisition of these skills has driven me towards excellence. It also puts me in a position to contribute to others. It enables others to repose their trust in me and to count on me. 

You can have this experience too. 

Build your ability to contribute. Acquire skills. Use them to contribute or provide value to others.

You need to work consistently over a period of time to acquire unique skill-sets. 

If you have no skills, you cannot contribute. You cannot pursue excellence without acquiring skills.

It just took me two years of serious work to grow iPleaders blog to one of the most widely read legal blogs in the world. 

Who would have known that a 4th year law school kid could achieve this? Many people who do not know me think I am some senior practitioner.  

Imagine where you can be if you focus two years of your life on acquiring skills that enable you to contribute to a client.   

You might be far ahead of your peers, in fact, even far ahead of some lawyers with 2-3 years of experience. 

How do you plan to build your skill-sets? How can you pursue excellence? 

Share your responses with me. I’ll reply to everyone. Also, let me know if you would like to have a conversation with me. 

If you want to acquire skills to serve clients as a lawyer, here are some of the courses which are currently open for enrolment:


Diploma in Business Laws for In House Counsels

Diploma in Companies Act, Corporate Governance and SEBI Regulations


Certificate Course in Advanced Corporate Taxation

Certificate Course in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Certificate Course in Advanced Civil Litigation: Practice, Procedure and Drafting

Certificate Course in National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) Litigation

Certificate Course in Arbitration: Strategy, Procedure and Drafting

P.S. I’m really excited to start conducting the writing sessions in these courses! 

Students of Lawsikho courses regularly produce writing assignments and work on practical exercises as a part of their coursework and develop themselves in real-life practical skill.

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