Consumer Protection and Motor Vehicles Act

Solve the important question bank and an exhaustive quiz on Consumer protection and Motor Vehicles Act for Bar Exam.

Consumer Protection Act Quiz 

1.) What does the district forum mean according to the Consumer Protection Act? 

A.) City Civil Court 

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B.) First Class Judicial Magistrate 

C.) Munsif Court 

D.) Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum 

2.) What is the composition of District Forum? 

A.) President, Vice President and a member 

B.) President, two member including a women member 

C.) President, two other members 

D.) Three members with no President 

3.) What is the pecuniary jurisdiction of district forum? 

A.) 5 lakhs 

B.) 10 lakhs 

C.) 20 lakhs 

D.) 15 lakhs 

4.) Is an appeal against the order of the National Commission possible? 

A.) High Court of the State 

B.) Supreme Court of India 

C.) No appeal allowed 

D.) Can file a review petition , since no appeal is allowed 

5.) What does a consumer dispute means? 

A.) A dispute between a Customer and a Complaint 

B.) A dispute where the person against whom a complaint has been made, denies or disputes the allegation contained in the complaint 

C.) A producer who approach the court 

D.) None of the above 

6.) What are the objectives of Central Council under the Consumer Protection Act? 

A.) To promote right to consumer education 

B.) To promote and protect the right to be heard and to be assured the consumer interests will receive due consideration at appropriate forum 

C.) To promote awareness about the quality and price of goods 

D.) All the above 

7.) What is the pecuniary jurisdiction of the state commission under the Consumer Protection Act? 

A.) Twenty lakhs to one crore 

B.) Twenty lakhs and above 

C.) Fifteen lakhs to one crore 

D.) No pecuniary jurisdiction 

8.) Who is eligible to be appointed as a President of National Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum? 

A.) Chief Justice of High Court 

B.) Judge of the Supreme Court 

C.) Attorney General of India 

D.) Judge of High Court 

9.) Can a National Commission entertain the petition when the cause of action arose two years before the filing of application? 

A.) No, the limitation period is two years 

B.) Yes , it can if the Complaint satisfies the national Commission 

C.) Yes, there is no limitation period 

D.) None of the above 

10.) Can a suit lie against the member of District forum while he is executing a order of the forum? 

A.) Yes, a suit can lie against such a person 

B.) No 

C.) Yes 

D.) No, if the action of the member is bona fide then the suit does not lie 

11.) What is the limitation period for filing an appeal against the order of a consumer forum? 

A.) Six months 

B.) 1 Year 

C.) Two years 

D.) Three years, as per the limitation act 

Answer Key for Consumer Protection Act Quiz

1.) D 2.) B 3.) C 4.) B 5.) B 6.) D 7.) A 8.) B 9.) B 10.) D 11.) C 

Motor Vehicle Act quiz 

1.) Does the Motor vehicle act apply for the state of Jammu and Kashmir? 

A.) No, the act does not extend to J&K 

B.) Yes, the act will apply to J&K 

C.) J&K has a separate act dealing with motor vehicle act 

D.) State government can adopt the motor vehicle act. 

2.) What does “Omnibus” mean under the Motor Vehicles Act? 

A.) A vehicle which can carry more than 5 people including the driver. 

B.) A vehicle which can carry 7 people excluding the driver 

C.) A vehicle which can carry 6 people including the driver 

D.) A vehicle which can carry 6 people excluding the driver 

3.) Can a person transfer his driving license to another person? 

A.) He can with the permission of the licensing authority 

B.) He cannot transfer under any circumstances 

C.) He can transfer without any permission 

D.) Depends on the circumstances of the case 

4.) What are the prerequisite to drive a heavy passenger motor vehicle? 

A.) Should have driving license for at least a year to drive a light motor vehicle. 

B.) Should have drive license for at least two years to drive a light motor vehicle 

C.) Should have driving license for at least one year to drive a medium passenger motor vehicle 

D.) B & C Both 

5.) Can the court cancel the driving license of a person? 

A.) Yes, it can for any offence convicted under the Motor Vehicles Act and where a motor vehicle is used to commit a crime 

B.) No, the court does not have the power to cancel the license 

C.) Only the licensing authority has the power to cancel the license 

D.) None of the above. 

6.) What is the validity of the “Temporary registration” of a motor vehicle under the act? 

A.) 6 months, shall not be renewable 

B.) 3 months, which can be renewed 

C.) 1 month and is not be renewable 

D.) 2 months, which cannot be renewed 

7.) Who has the power to fix the age limit of motor vehicle? 

A.) State Government 

B.) The licensing authority empowered by the state 


C.) Central Government 

D.) The Central Government can leave it to the state government 

8.) How much time does a person aggrieved by the order under Section 45 of the Motor Vehicles Act to file an appeal before the prescribed authority? 

A.) 45 days 

B.) 60 days 

C.) 15 days 

D.) 30 days 

9.) Can a civil court exercise its jurisdiction relation to the question of grant of permit under this act? 

A.) No, the civil court cannot intervene 

B.) Depends on facts of the case. 

C.) Yes , it can when it is necessary 

D.) If the High Court directs the matter to civil court, then it can. 

10.) What are the consequences of driving an uninsured vehicle? 

A.) May be subject to imprisonment which may extend to 6 month 

B.) Shall be subject to imprisonment which may extend to 3 month or with a fine of one thousand rupees or both 

C.) Only subject to a fine of three thousand rupees 

D.) Is subject to imprisonment according to the act. 

Answer Key for MV Quiz

1.) B 2.) D 3.) B 4.) D 5.) A 6.) C 7.) C 8.) D 9.) A 10.) B 

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