Know This Law School: NLIU, Bhopal

NLIU Bhopal is next in line in our “Know this law school” post written by Swati Shanker who is a student out there.

Over to Swati.

Know This Law School: NLIU, BhopalNLIU, Bhopal is one of the premier law institutes of India established in 1997. The university admits 90 undergraduates every year through the Common Law Admission Test. The university is devoted to encouraging intellectual freedom and development of personality and outstanding qualities of leadership amongst its students.
Let us have a look at the stand of the university on the under mentioned criteria:

Quality of education:

The NLIU faculty is quite decent. The teachers are highly qualified and the best part is their readiness to help the students. The strong bonding between students and teachers is the best part over here which guarantees success to diligent students.
NLIU follows trimester system having a total of 15 Trimesters. Each Trimester includes Midterm exam having a weightage of 30 marks and an End- term exam having a weightage of 50 marks. Besides this, the students are required to make projects on each subject of the particular trimester which carries other 15 marks. Every subject carries 5 marks for attendance.
The Trimester system is really hectic and the marks for attendance system add to the plight. These two things make it very difficult to be active in extracurricular activities. However, the best part is that the duration of each Trimester break is quite long and one can spare their time then in creative activities apart from enjoying the vacations.


The university does not guarantee 100% placement, however, the placement rate is quite satisfactory. All top law firms apart from major PSUs and premium Banks recruit students from here. The placement rate varies each year depending upon the quality of students in a batch and the efforts of the Placement Coordination Committee. However, most of the NLIU students prefer higher education or Judiciary rather than placements.

College environment:

NLIU has a student-friendly environment. The amicable relationship between seniors and juniors is the highlight of this criterion. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college which is adhered to by all the students. The students here participate in all major decisions related to academics or administration.
NLIU organises its grand sports fest “Virudhikka” every year (in December) in which almost all the premier law institutes do participate. The students participate through various committees in the maintenance of discipline and other activities of the hostel viz. ‘Dining Committee’, ‘Cultural Committee’, ‘Discipline Committee’, ‘Medical Assistance Committee’ and ‘Event Management Committee’ – making the Halls of Residence unique in themselves and distinguished from the rest in terms of practicing participatory management and living democracy. Curfew time for the girls is 9: 00 P.M, however, the same is not applicable on boys.


NLIU stands on a really sound footing on this criterion. The University offers separate residential facilities for men and women. All residents are provided with single spacious rooms having adequate furniture. The residents are also provided with 24 hours hot and cold water and laundry services.
NLIU library (popular as Gyan-Mandir) is the central point of attraction which is enriched with quality books. The campus is eco- friendly and its greenery and beauty attracts both students and parents. The campus consists of four hostels. Two hostels are meant for the first year boys and girls to protect them from any probability of being bullied by the seniors.
The mess facility is admirable. There is a separate mess for both boys and girls. The menu ranges from North Indian and South Indian to the Chinese. Non-vegetarian food is served four times a week. Late night snacks are provided during the exam weeks. Sundays are usually a special treat.
The college provides guest room facility to parents and other visitors of students. The campus also consists of a large gymnasium having modern equipment, auditorium and cafe. It’s really a pleasure to walk in the campus especially at night.


Bhopal is known as the “city of Lakes”. The city is really clean and quite. One can enjoy the pleasures of both city and countryside keeping in mind the location of the campus. The college is located far from the city however this never creates a problem as to Swaraj Mazda vehicles are used for providing conveyance facility for the faculty, staff and students to commute to the city, market and railway station twice a week.
It’s never a problem for the foodies over here as the city consists of all the main food hot spots like Pizza Hut, KFC, Mc-Donalds other than tasty street food available at reasonable prices.
The weather condition is quite decent over here and it’s really pleasant during the rainy season. There are a lot of visiting places around the campus at a stone throw distance and one can always visit these places to kill time.
It’s actually a fun to be at NLIU.
Hope this post will help you in gaining worthy knowledge about NLIU and will make your choice easy. For any queries, feel free to contact!



  1. The Registrar of the University, the faculty and the administrative staff members must be terminated for leaking out information, highly sensitive in nature to the Media and third party. They have made mockery of the University and the Inquiry. They are retaliating against students. It is the fault of the University for not maintaining the records, hiring incompetent staff who did mistakes in recording marks, attendance etc, and the incompetent faculty who failed several students deliberately, so that University can make money out of repeat and re- repeat examinations. The faculty members are highly biased, who passed students with low or average IO/ EQ, while brilliant minds remained as average or below par students.

    The Current inquiry/Investigation ongoing by the University, where the University called about 400 students for verification is punitive, where students were forced to sign documents against their consent and were threatened for their degree to be revoked.
    – The students are being punished for the misconduct by faculty and the Administration.
    – The Registrar , faculty members, and Administrative staff have leaked the information to the third party such as media.
    – The Registrar breached the confidentiality clauses and violated the order of the High Court by giving details with high degree of specificity of students in the Media.
    – To cover up their own irregularities, misconducts and fall out, the Faculty; administrative staff and the Registrar who are highly incompetent invited Media to the Campus and leaked the Information.


    Faculty Members Delibertaly failed several students, out of grudges and vengeance in the Past.

    * Faculty members had their own favourites students, who scored highest marks, in spite of their low IQ and EQ.

    * The Tactics were used to fail students, and collect money from students by forcing them to sit in repeat and re- repeat examinations. They charge 500 INR per subject.

    * The faculty members are incompetent, they themselves are involved in plagiarism. They don’t provide students with model answers, they don’t provide students with study material.

    * Non Law Teachers taught law subjects.

    * The students were failed or scored minimum if they didn’t write from the notes.

    * The Project works were majorly copy and paste.

    *. Teacher having no law degree taught Evidence, Teacher having no degree in International law, taught International law, teacher having no degree in law taught humanitarian law and human rights law.

    * The faculty members who are resided in Bhopal since several years should be terminated because of their incompetence, and the University should be closed or the UGC/Bar council should take a bold step to deregister NLIU from the Law school status.

    * Clearly, the faculty and the administrators are retaliating against the students, for no fault of the students.

    * The Registrar should resign or her services should be terminated with an immediate effect for providing details of Inquiry and leaking sensitive information of Inquiry to the third party, in fact she should be arrested by the police along side a few members of GC, who are leaking information to the media and public.

    * They have vested political, and monetary interest.


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