What impact can you generate by seriously taking up a business law diploma course offered by NUJS? Can we help you to get a job at a top law firm, like one of the Amarchands?

We have contributed to the lives of a large number of our students through our online course along with their career development. You may have heard us claim that before – and may have wondered – how much can an online diploma course really help?

OK, let’s get down to that. We have decided to bring out a series of success stories that will inevitably inspire you to take up our course. Take our challenge – keep reading and you will see the point of signing up for this particular course even if you never considered it till now. Here is the first story, of a NALSAR student and how our career support program helped her with her quest to get a job at one of India’s top law firms.

Sravya Kopparapu from NALSAR 2016 batch signed up for the Diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws offered by NUJS when she was in the 4th year at NALSAR. She is within the top 30% of her batch. She had already done 9 internships when we started to engage with her through the career assistance program. Sravya was one of first students who availed the in-person (online) mentoring facility offered to all students of the course.

It may sound quite abstract when we say that we’ll provide career assistance, as people tend to think that career assistance is meaningless unless we hand over a job on a plate to them. This does not work. The real challenge is to create value into your own profile, learn important skills and develop yourself as a professional. This is a journey that one has to undertake to become a good lawyer, and we assist our students on that journey in a way that is impactful and effective.

Sravya agreed to share her experience to demonstrate that the value of this course and the career assistance program is clear and measurable.

How did we help Sravya? Let’s hear it from her in her own words. Over to Sravya.


At the time of applying for the NUJS Diploma in Business Laws, I was seeking to understand the practical implications of the relevant laws. Although Law School does teach some of the applicable laws, the practical aspects are not covered in much detail as part of the course. The practical aspect plays a very important role while working at a law firm. Further, being the first person in the family to pursue legal studies, I needed guidance on how to get a start in the industry.

As the day zero recruitment session came closer, I started preparing for the interviews. Apart from legal knowledge, there are several finer aspects of interview preparation. At this point I got in touch with iPleaders as career support is provided to all students and alumni of the course by experts from iPleaders. I was provided a personal session on CV advice which helped me a lot. I was told about the shortcomings in both CV drafting and my understanding of the subject matter covered in my CV. I was advised to understand the basic details pertaining to mergers & acquisitions. I was provided guidance on how to prepare for interviews. When I was in need of such assistance, the diploma course had indeed come as a blessing.

The instructions had given me a direction to work towards my goal successfully in a structured manner. I carried out research in the relevant subject areas and studied the same to the extent that they were relevant to the subject matter covered in my CV. This indeed ensured my performance in the interviews.

 The academics at NALSAR Law School and the timely assistance of iPleaders Team ensured that I could be placed with Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Sons (AMSS). Though this was my first interview, I was in a position to handle it confidently. The basic concepts discussed during the CV advising session played a great role in steering my confidence.  I take this opportunity to thank the iPleaders team for the assistance as it has certainly enabled a planned approach to legal studies and enhanced my overall confidence in handling challenging situations in a methodical manner.


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