This aritcle is written by team, The Diversity Project.

The NUJS Gender and Sexuality Forum was started in 2014, as a response to the Suresh Kumar Koushal v. Naz Foundation judgment of the Supreme Court. Conceived to create an inclusive space in our University, the Forum was created with the vision that one day all students of NUJS would become a part of it.

This year, with the help of many, the Forum inaugurated The Diversity Project, a platform aimed at providing a space for subdued voices to be heard, and to encourage dialogue about power dynamics that affect inclusivity within and outside the campus. This online platform was created to provide a space to openly talk about a broad range of issues, including sexuality, class, and gender norms, by allowing personal accounts of these experiences.

Today, the Diversity Project blog offers an option to submit anonymously which ensures that authors do not feel pressurised to maintain a politically correct stance while writing. This was designed to prevent censorship which led to authors losing the essence of what they wanted to say, or worse, be afraid to say anything at all owing to the social repercussions that follow. While allowing anonymous submissions, the curators make sure that no hate speech or defamatory matter is published, thus ensuring that the critiques are not vindictive.

Since its genesis, the blog has received many submissions from people within and outside the campus, wanting to express their dissatisfaction with the status quo in law schools and the gendered power structures within it or commenting on general issues that plague campuses across the country.

The blog has become a safe space where a diverse range of opinions, cutting across caste, class and gender barriers have found their voice. Nuances of deeply entrenched misogyny in the context of college campuses have been addressed by a number of articles on the blog – from toxic masculinity in the Boys Hostel, to calling out a friend who has been accused of sexual harassment. This has led to a certain level of introspection among the readers wherein existing behaviours are beginning to be questioned. Other pieces include explorations of sexualities, discussions on class-based divides, and patriarchy in the Girls Hostel.

Apart from the personalised narratives, the blog also offers legal articles on a variety of topics including international and domestic law.

If you want to write about your experiences in law school, whether positive or otherwise, then please do write to us at [email protected]. In case you’d like it to be an anonymous post, please upload your file here. Although you will be required to fill an email id and username, Dropbox DOES NOT verify it, and therefore, inaccurate information may be filled.

It is as diverse as it names itself to be, so do write to us about your experiences!  


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