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This article is written by Harsh Jain, Co-founder, LawSikho.

What is important to you in life? I thought it is important to be successful. I gave less importance to a loved one because I wanted an amazing future together. In pursuit of future, I forgot to take care of my present. I want to share with you a story of loss and a life lesson.

We all think that making money is important, working hard is important, concentrating on work to earn money is important, and everything we are doing in our day to day life is important. Just so that “One Day” we will live happily. One day we will sit and talk with our parents. One day we will play with our children. One day we will go on a tour with our girlfriend or wife. One day we will enjoy with our friends.

“One Day”. But have you ever imagined that when this “One Day” is going to come? Even if that one day will come, will our near and dear ones will be there or not? What if you get to know that hearing your voice was more valuable to your parents than any other comfort that money could have bought?

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Have you ever considered that no matter how much money or property you make for your children and which school you send them to, their childhood will never come back? The time which has gone will never come back.

Let me share my experience with you. I was busy making money and building a business so that I can give my girl every happiness of life which she deserved. After all, she supported me when I was nothing. When nobody except my mother and sister had faith in me, only she was there who knew that I am capable of doing anything. We always used to sit together and plan that “One Day” when we will go together to Ladakh on an adventure trip. “One day” we will go to Paris on a romantic trip. “One day” we will have a house on a sand dune with a lake in front of it and will sit together with hands in hand in full moonlight together on its roof. “One day” we will have two cute kids. I always wanted a girl “Parisha”, who I wanted to spoil like anything. While she wanted a disciplined boy “Hansh”.

As time passed, I earned money, built business, purchased properties, and side by side cracked various competitive exams. I remember that she always asked me that we should get married and get settled. She always suggested that growth is a continuous process and we can grow together throughout our life. I always used to postpone it because I wanted to secure my mother’s, my sister’s, her’s and my unborn children’s future. So much secured that I am alive or not, they will still have all the facilities they deserve with them. I used to say “One Day” we will get married and do all this.

“One Day” she was hospitalised suddenly and it was found that she had some infection in her uterus due to which poison spread in her body and within 7 days she collapsed. I didn’t even get time to properly understand what is happening and suddenly the biggest support system of my life besides my sister was gone.

Now I have that money which I wanted. I have built a business and property to an extent that I have already retired. I also have purchased that sand dune and that lake where we had to sit together on a romantic full moonlight. Only thing which is missing is her. Just because I waited for that “One perfect day”. I deprived her of all the happiness she deserved for all she did for me.

The same day I decided that now I will not wait for that “One day” any more in my life. After all my dreams shattered, there was one dream still left in my hands. The dream for which I never joined or skipped jobs like the judiciary, bank specialist officer and never joined as a regular lecturer in any college even after cracking NET JRF twice.

This dream was to provide education to those who don’t have access to it. To those young students who are from small cities and don’t have access to high profile universities. To those girls whose parents don’t allow them to move out of their cities to study. To those women who can’t leave their house, children, husband and in-laws for study or build their career. To those hard working and deserving candidates who can’t afford expensive education system of NLUs or other such universities.

I started teaching students and even my lecturers for various legal competitive exams. I started teaching students from all over India through Facebook, Whatsapp, and whatnot. When I started all this, I had a dream to change the life of at least 1 person. Today I have more than 45 former students in various judiciaries, even higher judiciaries, law officers, APPs, lecturers, etc. But that was not enough for me.

I wanted to make a mass impact, I knew that the problem is not only with competitive exam students. Another big problem was that our legal education system is not providing practical knowledge to our students. You can hear students saying that academic knowledge is completely different from practical knowledge. I wanted to make a difference in this space at any cost.

One way of doing this was by doing it all by myself. Another way was finding someone having the same intentions and making 1+1 = 11. I searched and found Lawsikho. I didn’t want to wait for that “One day” to become perfect and join some big firm and impact.

But I also knew that I was from a small town and was a non-NLU student. I had no knowledge of Corporate laws or Drafting or any such fancy thing which was needed to get myself established or accepted there. Only thing I had was a belief that if I want, I can achieve anything. I was ready to do any kind of hard work to get there but not to wait for “One Day” to become perfect to join them.

The Co-founders were NUJS graduates and had left their jobs in a big law firm for this cause. They were so extremely brilliant that I had a doubt that they will even talk to me. I still gathered my courage and even after being extremely qualified to join any university as a lecturer, I requested Ramanuj sir to take me as an intern. Had I waited for that “One Day” I would have never thought to sit with 1st to 5th year students as an intern.

The result was that in the mentorship of Abhyuday sir, I started playing a very important role in Lawsikho within 6 months of joining and was mentoring many interns and various law graduates for dream job boot camp from NLUs and big law colleges all over the country.

I teach lawyers having experience ranging from 10 to 20 years regarding practical aspects of criminal litigation. I am able to delight those learners not based on some bookish knowledge, but real hard work that went into learning the practical realities of legal profession. I have contributed in preparation of course material of many unique courses like Labour law course, Contract Drafting course, Cyberlaw course, IPR course, DEABL, Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Arbitration, and whatnot.

I clubbed my own knowledge and hard work with the knowledge which I gained under the mentorship of Abhyuday sir and Ramanuj sir. It took only one year to reach from having nothing to actually implementing my dream. This happened just because I didn’t wait for that “One perfect day” to happen and getting perfect to fulfill my dreams. I want to thank Abhyuday sir and Ramanuj sir for having trust in me even when I was not an NLU graduate.

I am still growing. But I know that I am getting closer and closer to my dream everyday. Now the question is that – Will you wait for that imaginary “One perfect day” to come, so that you can start working on your dreams and start being happy with your family and friends? Can you live with that pain in your heart of living without that person in your life or depriving him/ her from the happiness he/ she deserved? Or will you start working on your dreams and happiness today?

If you need any guidance or help regarding your career and achieving your dreams, you can contact me through LinkedIn. Or call the LawSikho number (+911139595032) and request for Harsh Jain.

At LawSikho, we promise to work with you together in your journey to achieve your dreams. Also, we need more people who are passionate about legal education to come and support the cause. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have passion and fire in your belly. We may not be able to pay you a lot of money being a small company and having refused to take venture capital to retain our independence, but the standard of work here is very high.

You will find it hard to find another group of people as passionate and as awesome to learn from. Every month here will cause tremendous growth for you, provided you don’t run away due to work pressure and being held to very high standards at all times!

Also, lest we forget, don’t wait for “one day” to invest in your learning and development. Knowing practical aspects of law can make a big difference in your life. We even give an opportunity to you to experience the course for 1 month and then claim a 100% refund. See our refund policy.

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