This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

Do your expectations and dreams far exceed what you can do in reality today?

I hope so. If your dreams are just as much as you can actually do, then you have stopped growing. Far too many people reduce the size of their dreams in order to match with their current abilities. That’s just unfortunate.

Yes, if you dream bigger than your capacity, you will face many discomforts. You will face many heartbreaks. You will face ridicule sometimes. You will certainly face many failures.

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However, if you manage to hold on through all of that, if you do not give up, if you continue to fight, your capacity will expand. Your muscles will grow. Your mind will expand. You will discover secrets others have no idea about because you have gone where others seldom dare to go. You will come up with solutions you never thought of.

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This does not mean that you make it difficult for yourself. Of course, you must find the ways that make it more likely that you reach your destination. You have to find allies, you have to find gurus, you have to find resources along the way. You have to train your body and mind, hard.

But it all starts with an inspiring dream that is out of your reach. That is what makes one stand up and strive for what seems impossible. That is how all growth happens.

This is how human beings have built civilizations.

When we started LawSikho, we dreamed of creating extraordinary lawyers by giving our users practical training. It seemed very hard when big universities with lots of resources fail to do so, how will we go beyond that with online courses?

It was a big challenge. The biggest part of the challenge was this: how do we make sure people actually study and do the activities they are supposed to do in order to benefit from the course?

We make great course material. Check.

We make interesting exercises that are realistic and challenging. Check.

We have evaluators who give you personal feedback so you can improve your skills week on week. Check.

We have weekly live classes with top-notch lawyers to ensure unparalleled learning experience. Check.

But how do we ensure people are doing all the activities? How do we ensure that they are not dropping out, getting derailed by other events in life, and getting discouraged by the amount of work (8-10 hours a week)?

After all, even the gym is amazing, how many of you actually show up after subscribing?

But what if your trainers from the gym called you and coached you to attend regularly? What if they kept in touch over the phone and WhatsApp, and encouraged you when you felt down?

This is unheard of in the education industry, but we are actually doing it. Starting from August 2019, we are tracking the students who are not submitting assignments or completing their courses and coaching them on how they can complete their course.

After all, if they complete their courses and produce results, the impact will be visible. There will be success stories out there in the world. People would hear, the brand will grow.

So our highest priority has been the success of our users. And success stories have been pouring in.

So that’s the thing. With us, you know that you are not alone in your learning journey. We are here for you. We are here to remind you what you signed up for, and we will push you to excel.

Would you like to have us as your ally?

And remember, LawSikho is not just a business, it is our collective dream to start a revolution in legal education.

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