The greatest challenge for employees in the IT industry is to stay current and updated in their professional field. Especially since information technologies are evolving at a rapid rate and require workers to up skill themselves to stay ahead of the competition. If there are many ways to stay afloat, such as the Certbolt AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate that is a well-known certification offered by the leading cloud computing service provider, Amazon Web Services, or just AWS. Meanwhile, although the accreditation process is costly and requires a considerable amount of effort, certified professionals enjoy numerous benefits.

So, here are the top 5 benefits of obtaining the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certificate.

Perk 1: More than just a certification

The Certbolt AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is more than just an average accreditation track. Amazon’s impressive reputation makes this certification effective and relevant. Therefore, it signifies the skills, knowledge, hard work, and dedication of individuals, especially considering that this certification is globally accepted and recognized.

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Moreover, this AWS badge will be awarded on completion of the SAA-C02 exam and will be added to your social media profiles and resume.

Perk 2: Increased technical knowledge and skills

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification increases an individual’s skills and exposure. Moreover, the accreditation content is continuously updated to reflect the latest technologies and concepts allowing specialists to be up to the mark. Anyway, this qualification validates an individual’s knowledge of AWS technologies, developing and implementing secure applications, providing solutions based on customer needs, and providing implementation support for projects.

Perk 3: Join the global network of professionals

On award of this Amazon AWS Certification, individuals get the opportunity to join an international community of cloud professionals. This provides a tremendous opportunity to attend conferences, events, dinners, and meetings to socialize and expand their knowledge. As you understand, in today’s world, your network is your net worth.

Perk 4: Carve out a career

As already noted above, most companies around the world are migrating to cloud-based solutions. Therefore, certified professionals have the opportunity to get a head start in the cloud industry as there is a massive shortage of skilled professionals.

Meanwhile, given that the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is an associate-level accreditation, you can continue on your certification path by opting for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification, and thus strengthen your position on the IT Click Here.

Perk 5: Double the financial gain

The AWS certification is guaranteed to increase your salary. This is because certified specialists tend to earn higher wages, as they have been validated by a reputed accreditation vendor. Moreover, studies conducted by indicate that the annual average salary of this certificate’s holders is $114,350. And this is not the limit, as the final figure depends only on your expertise and experience.


Now you understand why the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certificate is a valuable addition to your skillset. This accreditation provides individuals with many opportunities for growth and professional development. It helps you fast-track your career and gives the much-needed boost. Therefore, start your AWS certification journey today and become a part of the upcoming technological revolution.


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