Effective use of available technology is essential to being a knowledgeable law student. You’ll need to be able to process much knowledge in a very short amount of time if you want to succeed in law school.

Managing your time and resources effectively can be facilitated by using technological tools to alleviate tension, taking notes, and assisting with studying.

Because time management is crucial as a law student (and later as a lawyer), incorporating the best app mobile for lawyers into your daily routine may significantly influence how well you do in law school.

During your time in law school, locating lawyer apps you enjoy using might be beneficial. You will be a more effective and well-organized law student if you always have your preferred learning tool or planner within easy reach.

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Top 6 apps for lawyers


Slack is a web-based collaboration application enabling users to connect with their coworkers from any location and using any device they want. As a lawyer using Slack, you can:

  • Communicate via text or video/audio call
  • You can talk with the whole team at once or in private.
  • Send each other copies of crucial documents using the appropriate protocols.
  • Utilize multiple channels organized by using different hashtags (for example, a #legalresearch channel where you and your team exclusively share material regarding research, or a #finance channel for any specific content linked to finance).

People are encouraged only to share relevant information, papers, and relevant images when there are multiple channels to choose from. This indicates that all the files and documents are located in the appropriate locations, and you do not need to look for them.

Slack is available on desktop computers and mobile devices (iOS and Android), and monthly price levels begin at $6.67.


Becoming a lawyer isn’t easy, especially having privacy in your cases so that no one would find out the strategy you’re going to work with. Therefore, a phone VPN app is essential. Having a VPN will protect all your strategies and techniques that you may employ in the courtroom. VeePN is your VPN if you are in search of the best lawyer apps. 

VeePN has a VPN app for iPhone, so you can easily get it in the apple store on your iPhone. But don’t worry, Android users, you can also download VPN for Android, so go ahead and get it on the play store. Both iPhone and Android users are on the safe side.


Another of the most useful apps for lawyers is Lexicata. This customer relationship management software can make it much easier for you to do administrative activities such as client intake, lead collection, and customer follow-up.

You can use Lexicata to sign documents and utilize the reporting capabilities to evaluate how well your digital marketing approach is performing. This app is a partner of Clio’s, offering the same high-quality customer service as Clio.

  1. FastCase

One of the best lawyer apps you’ll get is FastCase. The application provides attorneys with access to a comprehensive digital legal library, which they may browse on their mobile phones or tablets. On the FastCase app, attorneys can search for and find information on various topics, including specialty courts, federal and state legislation, and others.

If you are a member of any professional organizations or state bars, you can start with a free version that is good for only one day before upgrading to a paid plan that costs $65 per month. Both Android and iOS versions of FastCase are currently available.

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Buffer is an all-inclusive social media management platform that assists company owners, and corporations improve the efficiency with which they manage their presence on social media.

In today’s highly digitalized world, it is very necessary for businesses of any kind, including attorneys and other legal professionals, to actively manage their presence on social media.

It is possible for attorneys and legal firms to efficiently manage all of their social media accounts, including those on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Legal practitioners now can schedule social media postings, monitor their brand mentions, and keep up with the latest developments in the legal industry thanks to these apps for lawyers.

  1. Quizlet

Another excellent lawyer apps recommendation is Quizlet. You’ll need to commit a lot of knowledge to memory while you’re studying law. Within the Quizlet app, you can build your personalized digital flashcards.

You may also teach others with your flashcards by sharing them with them. The most beneficial aspect of using this program is that you will never be without access to your flashcards, which is useful if you find yourself with some spare time to study. You also have the option to design a study set on Quizlet, which will generate an individualized study program for you based on your examination date.

This choice allows you to monitor your progress and sends you reminders via push notifications when it’s time to get some studying done.

Which is the best app for law students? There is no precise answer to this because all apps play their roles with the help of a lawyer. You may make your law practice more profitable with the help of apps for lawyers. 

Don’t let the want to sample them all at once get the better of you. Instead, focus on the few best app mobile for lawyers that you think will benefit you most. Your collection of apps is always open to expansion; no matter how much time passes.

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