This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho

This certificate or that degree? What should I do?

As kids, we were told that if we study hard and a lot, we will succeed.

Our parents said it to us to keep us engaged so we didn’t bother them all the time and didn’t do any crazy shit, didn’t get into trouble and therefore stayed alive and healthy.

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Some of us are still not in on the joke and think that doing this course or that course will change our lives.

Some think that attaching the name of a famous university or organisation (like MBL from NLSIU, some expensive HarvardX course or obscenely expensive IIM management development program certificate) will make them succeed.

Well, here is breaking news for you. It doesn’t make a difference. No courses, no certificates, no workshop is going to make your life. Including LawSikho courses.

Only thing that works if you want to succeed is you being able to generate value for others.

Are you good enough to do that?

Don’t do any course for a tag. Or to write a line in your CV. It’s a very lowly pursuit and life is too short for wasting your time like that.

The only consideration is this: what’s your goal? How are you going to get there? What’s the skill you need? What can you add to what you already have so that you can serve your clients (or employers) better? How can you increase the standard and quality of your work? How can you be the best in your field?

At LawSikho, we made the mistake once. We thought we need universities to certify our courses. And they messed around with our ability and ambition to deliver the best law courses in the world.

If we worked with universities, professors with no practical experience would decide the syllabus, tell us how to run courses, and we will have to pay them for the often low-quality study material they would prepare.

Not any more. We don’t need any brand crutches, any tags, any certificates to do amazing work. Our work and the results we produce for our students will speak for themselves!

It’s time to stand up on our own two feet.

And it’s happening. Every day.

Yesterday a lawyer from Nasik who just finished a course mailed us saying he enjoyed this course so much that he wishes it never ended. That’s the only certificate we need.

And the only certificate you need is from your satisfied clients. Or your boss who says I am grateful to have a person like you in my team.

I am grateful to have the people I have in my team, they are so good.

Become amazing. That’s the only agenda in 2019. You don’t need anyone to give you a certificate. Set your standards high and get there. Get better at your core skills every day. Put yourself in a situation where there is no other choice.

Don’t run after some tag please. Become the tag.

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