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This article is written by Tushar Mehrisi.

I have had the good fortune of having worked at Google, which is often considered among the leading technology companies of the world. Other than Google, I have been at Airbnb and Wipro.

What these companies all have in common is an exhaustive and interesting interview process, which involves several rounds of interviews and at times even a written test. It is therefore no surprise that I often get asked questions on how did I crack these interviews, how many rounds of interviews did I actually have, what was that one thing which set me apart in these interviews and what advice would I give to younger professionals, who aspire to get hired at these companies.

I, therefore, decided to put pen to paper and share some of my insights, which I hope will be helpful to all of you and make this a fun and interesting read.

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  • Understand the company you are interviewing for- Get to know them better. Other than knowing about your immediate role, learn about their vision/mission as well as their values and culture. This always goes a long way in any job interview.
  • Ask yourself the question – ‘why this company’?- Other than the role, what else drove you to wanting to work for this company. [Remember, the company would more often than not use this as the basis to distinguish you from the other applicants]. It simply can’t be the case that you applied to ‘x’ company for ‘y’ role as part of an ongoing search. There has to more through to it than that and that must come across.
  • Contextualise, Contextualise and Contextualise- Think of legal issues in the context of the company. It is good to know about the Data Protection Bill or the E-Commerce Rules but how do these draft/final legislations impact the company you are interviewing for. Think of examples you can quote!

  • Prepare, Prepare and Prepare- Read up more and more about the company. About the past, present and future of the company. About they why, when and what? No company would not want to hire an individual who understands its business, people and culture from the word go.
  • Wear your Confidence- Almost everyone has been to a good law school, read the same things and understands the law in a similar fashion but what makes you stand out is your confidence. It should always be the case that the company is both intrigued and impressed by you and being confident helps you achieve that.
  • Smile and Breathe. Can’t emphasize on this enough. You must enjoy giving your interview. If you do then the interviewer is also positively impacted. A little nervousness is natural and good to have but it must not overshadow your interview. If you remember to smile and breathe through your interview, you will bring out your best.
  • The ‘Why Me’ Test- You must always be prepared to answer what sets you apart and why the company should hire your over everyone else. Everyone gives a voice over of their career so far but what would set your voice over apart from the others. I once famously said at a job interview when asked this very question – ‘Why not me! I can’t think of a reason, can you?’ It did make me stand out and I did get that job J

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