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In today’s world when people are turning their back to agriculture, an NLU law graduate says he is not interested in a corporate law career and wants to concentrate on his organic farming business.

Praveen Kumar did his BBA from MDU, Rohtak and LLB from Faculty of Law, Delhi University. Unlike his batch mates he is not looking forward to a corporate law career and wants to expand his organic farming business. He owns an organic farm in Rewari, Haryana and works with farmers from 15 to 20 villages around his farm. He educates them about organic farming and the benefits of it. He motivates them to take it up instead of conventional farming methods. He has a very wide network of farmers who have turned to organic farming after he made them realize the benefits of it.  He himself owns one of the largest organic farms in Rewari. As of now, he doesn’t market his products but he dominates the local farmers markets and the big mandis.

He is passionate about social causes and took up organic farming also because of this. He wants to uplift the farmers and give them a profitable way of livelihood, while ensuring that the environmental issues due to the usage pesticides and insecticide by  farmers is taken care of. As per him, organic farming is the only way to control the rising levels of pesticide and other harmful chemicals used in agriculture, which is destroying the environment as well as our health.

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He is so passionate about social causes, the only reason why he took up law after his BBA was to help people. He never wanted a law career, but he wants to use his legal knowledge to help people and raise awareness about social causes. He says “The knowledge of law is empowering and without this power of knowledge, you really can’t do much for the society”. He runs an NGO named Community for Nation, which works with farmers, low-income groups and other marginalized sections of the society and educates them about different Govt and non-Govt welfare schemes they are entitled to and helps them avail the benefits of these schemes.

He recently completed the NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws. We asked Praveen, what made him sign up for an online diploma course after a BBA and an LLB and here is what he had to say. Over to Praveen:

I joined the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws while I was in the second year of my law school. I was looking for a course which would help me understand the business laws in detail and I took to the internet. I came across the advertisement of the NUJS diploma course while searching the internet. I found the course structure and the syllabus to be practical and detailed. Secondly, the tag of NUJS was attractive.

Apart from this, I was inspired by reading the success stories of students of this diploma course on the iPleaders blog, what attracted me most was the fact that not only students but lawyers and professional were taking up this diploma course from NUJS. I was sure that this course would be beneficial, otherwise, why would established people take this course.

By the time of joining the course, I had made up my mind that I will not be practicing as a lawyer and would concentrate on my organic farming business only. So I wanted a better understanding of business laws and entrepreneurship; how the laws are used while negotiating contracts, how to structure a business, labor laws etc.  When I came across the content of the course, I felt that it was in line with my needs and gave a good insight into business laws.

The course syllabus covered subjects such as business structuring, labor laws etc which are very practical subjects in terms of my business. The knowledge gained through this course helped me manage and plan my business better. Not just my business, the course helped me in my studies also. As I was in law school at the time of doing this course, it gave me an edge over others, in my class. I was already aware of topics which were yet to be covered in class and this knowledge helped me grasp the subjects taught in the class very well.

In future, I plan to launch a brand of my organic products and market them in big retail chains like eazyday, big bazaar etc. This course would come handy then, as I would be better-prepared to handle contracts, marketing my brand etc.

As of now I’m not able to use much of the learning from this course, as I deal with local farmers markets, mandis etc but this would be beneficial in future when I would be dealing with retail chains.

I would definitely recommend this course to any who wants to start a business. I would say anyone who wants to startup business or join their family business should do this course; so that they get to know about different aspects of business laws. This course is helpful to everyone because of its great content.




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