Expanding your professional marketability becomes more and more exciting with all the certifications offered worldwide. But how do you choose among the array of certifications at hand?

Picking the right credential might be nerve-wracking, especially if you are unsure of the benefits it gives to your career. In the field of cyber-security, there’s one notable certification exam offered by the ever-prominent EC-Council that simply stands out among other certifications. It is the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification, or popularly known as the CEH.

What is CEH Certification?

If you’re unfamiliar with the CEH Certification, this international credential is designed to create standards for ethical hackers in a global setting. Through a comprehensive exam that outlines topics about network security practices, hacking techniques, countermeasures and pen testing methods, successful CEH credential passers become highly calibrated professionals who fully understand the ins and outs of network security.

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As a validation of your ethical hacking skills from a vendor-neutral viewpoint, you describe your value as a high-skilled IT individual to the international market.

What are the major benefits of a CEH professional?

Internationally- recognized certification

The CEH certification holds a rather notable reputation of being an international credential that establishes minimum standards in ethical hacking measures. Being a respected certification in the information security sector, this opens up more than benefits you can ever imagine of. Further, CEH is labeled as the top-notch choice when it comes to different hacking courses all over the world. The reason for this is it sketches the latest security domains that will keep you up-to-date with the network security trends.

Extensive job opportunities

Aside from gaining this global, professional recognition, the skill-set that is regulated with CEH is considered a vital aspect in any companies’ data infrastructure. Plus, technology updates are, unfortunately, paralleled with the rise in hacking industries. Hackers relentlessly create ways to steal financial information from businesses. Hence, to counterattack this upsurge, ethical hacking is highly in demand. More and more security professionals who are expert in network security are needed to keep up with the demand. The job opportunities are simply overflowing because almost all significant industries require safe and secure security, from banks to airlines to hotels. And if you are a Certified Ethical Hacker, for sure, lucrative jobs are waiting for you. You can choose among top-level positions such as security executive, network security administrator, computer forensic analyst, security engineer, penetration tester, security auditor and the list continues.


Higher financial rewards

With the boom of the hacking industry, companies are willing to provide higher monetary compensation to ensure that their businesses are in tip-top status, which is free from threats and vulnerabilities. And one of the most interesting benefits of the CEH credential is that it not only opens doors to job opportunities but also couples it with higher financial rewards. There are other certifications that add charm to your career but CEH adds both charm and impact. With such certification providing impeccable financial remuneration, no wonder why many professionals are eyeing to pass this one.

Acquire a significant understanding of hacking

Above all, passing the CEH certification gives you all the significant knowledge about hacking and its related features like penetration testing, target systems and security practices. It is one of the best ways to test your skills in a more competitive setting. All the study materials, plus the hands-on lab courses provide you with practical experience you can use in different real-life scenarios. And, it exposes you to the darker and dangerous side of the web. Technically, it allows you to think like a criminal hacker. You will understand the depth and the capacity of these kinds of people and create methods to retaliate their penetration. Accordingly, it is because only ethical hackers can counterattack fellow hackers―but in a good way.

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How do you become a Certified Ethical Hacker?

Candidates must complete and pass the CEH exam, through a series of 125 questions in multiple choice type, to be done within the 4-hours duration. The questions are formulated to demonstrate both academic objectivity and real-world applicability. You are given to two options where to get the exam, either from ECC Exam or Pearson VUE. Take note of the exam prefix, which is 312-50 for both ECC Exam and VUE.

To pass the exam, you must answer each question carefully because ECC determines the difficulty level of the questions. As a result, the individual scores affect the complete cut score, which is on a per exam form basis. Cut scores range within 60% to 85%. In simpler terms, you need to get at least 70% or 88 or more questions right.

How to Pass the CEH Exam?

First, you need to outline all the topics and craft a study plan that fits your schedule and study preference. Utilize the free resources offered by the EC-Council, which include CEH Handbook and CEH Exam Blueprint. These exam-prep materials provide you thorough information about the exam objectives.

You can also take leverage in some training courses that will reinforce your skills and expand your knowledge. Through this, you’ll understand in detail how the system works in case of vulnerabilities and attacks. If possible, set up your own virtual lab environment that allows you to practice your technical skills.

And to check how ready you are to take the exam, answer some practice tests including CEH assessment offered by EC-Council and InfoSec Institute.

To revise the learned material and find if there are weak areas you need to focus on, get 312-50 exam dumps. Find the most valid and updated ones, for example, on Prepaway website. Most candidates have already passed the CEH exam due to using them in their exam preparation. The fact that they are checked by IT experts make them worth. On top of this, they are opened with a special VCE Simulator that allows you to train in the real exam environment and thus, helps you to save time on the exam. If you are in doubt which file to download, ask a question on Prepaway platform and the users will eagerly reply you.


If you are interested to navigate the dark yet interesting realm of the web to help secure businesses, then taking the CEH certification is the first step. It opens up a lot of major paybacks that are worth the time, effort and money. To pass the exam on your first try, use the most valid and updated material. For that, browse Prepaway website and choose materials that suit you most of all.



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