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Prerna Bhargava: On how BarHacker Course from Lawsikho helped her cracking AIBE (All India Bar Examination)

When did you take the course? How did you find out about it?

I took the course in the month of November. While Having no clue regarding the Bar Exam, I thought about looking for something to prepare for the exam by means of online notes or questions from past years. When I googled I landed up on a page, where I found the course Bar Hacker.

Why did you decide to take the course?

Since the exam was nearby and no book or no other source could provide me with the guidance which I needed, I happened to land up in a talk with Mr Abhuday Agarwal, who depicted well-planned study material to me, with the assurance of passing the bar exam and that too with a money back guarantee. Which inspired me to opt for this course.

How was your experience, good bad and ugly?

Very Good learning experience. I revised all subjects of law studied in my Law School, in a nutshell.

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What modules did you like the most?

The Code of Civil Procedure Module and the Contract Act Module, and that each module consists of Quiz to check your knowledge.

Which modules need improvement?

All modules need to be made a little more presentable, the way modules have been presented are in a flow Like notes owing to the online pattern and the less interactive part, it can be made a little more interactive in the form of video lecture or at least in the form of power point scenario.

What are the strengths of the course?

The contents of the subjects are covered in a very descriptive and explanatory manner. Also, the Hack sheets are enough to help you in the exams, instead of carrying numerous books follow the pattern suggested in the course.

How did you find our customer support?

The customer support is well versed and very helpful, always available to help and support with all queries Special Thanks to Manoj and Priyanka, who have been a constant support in times of times of technical support.  

Were your questions or doubts quickly resolved?

Yes, always my questions or doubts were quickly resolved.

What can we improve about this course?

The presentation of the course may be made more into a continuous flow or in more of interactive session like the other courses offered on the same portal.

Would you recommend this course to anyone? What sort of people do you think can benefit from this course best?

Yes, would recommend the course to all those aspiring to pass the Bar exam and have hectic schedules and less time, so they have a 20-hour Plan to prepare for the exam and also readymade hack sheets to carry with me to the exam hall and refer the same in the exam.



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