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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, and Kashish Khattar, Team LawSikho.

“Tick Tock, Tick Tock, while taking the SEBI exam, you really are against the clock.” 

Though this saying is practically relevant in every competitive exam, it has a significantly higher relevance in SEBI law officers exam. This is primarily because you only get 40 minutes to complete questions worth 100 marks in total in the legal paper, which means you have to answer every question within a minuscule amount of time. 

Scary, right? 

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You really need to be a real-life flash to be able to complete this paper in time! 

Though this task might prima facie appear to be a mammoth one, there are a few tricks that you can master to be able to finish your paper in style. 

Know your bare acts well

Knowing your bare act is the elixir to every single competitive exam that tests your legal acumen. 

This is no different in case of the SEBI Grade A exam, either. You must be thorough with your bare acts, all the important provisions should always be at your finger-tips. However, please note that the bare acts you deal with here are quite different from other exams like judiciary and UGC NET, so you need to put in some effort of a different kind.

The best way to make the herculean task of being thorough with all your bare acts is to know the art of breaking down the provisions of a particular Section. Once you know how to do this, you have already won half the battle. Moreover, breaking down the sections not only helps you in remembering the provisions, it also helps you to understand them better. 

Practice, Practice and Practice!

You believe that you have been successful in making the bare acts your best friend. 

What next? How can you ensure that you are not being overly confident? 

This is where practicing mocks and quizzes come to your rescue. 

The more you practice, the more confident you can become. Since this exam is conducted online, it would help if you take mocks and quizzes online. 

This is because a lot of us face the problem of being unable to sit in front of our desktops or laptops for longer durations. Thus, taking online mocks can prove to be tremendously beneficial for you before you actually sit for the exam. 

Another benefit of practicing mocks and quizzes is that you learn to solve a designated number of questions within a limited time-frame. 

It is advisable that you at least take 1-2 mock tests between now and the test to keep yourself sharp. This alone would ensure that you are miles ahead of your competition.

Furthermore, when you practice a lot, you start performing better with each and every test you take. Your timing will improve drastically over the months. The task that seemed almost impossible at first, becomes easier with every single practice test you take.

What is more, a lot of questions in your competitive exams can be the same as the ones you have practiced in your mocks. This would also allow you to save valuable time that can be utilized in solving the ones that are a bit more complicated. 

Mocks also help you in realizing the areas of study that you need to focus on. They aid you in realizing your own strengths and weaknesses. 

Thus, for instance, if you have been performing exceptionally well in Constitutional Law and Corporate Law, but have been scoring comparatively lesser in Criminal Law and Civil Procedure Code, you would realize where you need to spend more time. You can decide your weekly priorities much better when you decide them based on mock tests you practice on a weekly basis. 

Practicing mocks help you in realizing the core areas or the most important subjects and themes that need to be focused on. 

For instance, you get to understand the kind of questions that can be asked from a particular topic. Once you know this, you can easily strategize the areas that need further improvement from your end and the concepts that just need to be brushed up before the exams.

Work on the right strategy

Preparing the right strategy is the sine qua non for every single competitive exam. There are certain magic tricks that can work wonders in helping you to save time during the exam, if you know them correctly. This can only be developed with practicing as much as possible. 

But before practicing, you have to figure them out first, and that is where the help of an experienced mentor can be invaluable!

For instance, you will realize the tricks that are required to solve an application based question, or the right way to go about those questions that test your memory. You will also figure out which sections of the exam to attack first, and which ones to leave out if, say, there is a negative marking or a chance that you will end up spending way too much time on a certain kind of question. You will prepare with a strategy, and you will then even take the exam strategically. 

You learn the art of time management

You will always be in a race against the clock in every competitive exam that you take. Thus, this even goes without saying that you must be adept in the art of time management. 

Being able to manage your time effectively is an art and not all people can master the same. This acts as the cutting-edge to help you get the few extra marks you need in your exams to make the shortlist. If you do everything else and fail to figure out time management, that is no good at all. 

How can LawSikho help?

Our SEBI Grade A crash course has been meticulously designed keeping all these factors in mind. 

You will get live classes. You will get the perfectly curated study material. You will get tons of quizzes and mock tests. There will be weekly practice tests so you know if you are progressing week on week. You will get our mentorship to strategize and review your preparation. You will get the motivation that is much needed when you work with our coaches. 

To enable you to learn the art of managing time while practicing your mocks, we will be timing you for an even shorter duration than your actual exams in some of our mocks! No, you don’t need to fret after hearing this.

Since we understand that you will take some time to get acclimatized to this, our initial mocks would provide you with a slightly higher time duration than the latter ones so that you know the art of managing your time effectively. Further, all our mocks will have questions ranging from easy to moderate that will help you get a hang of the kind of questions that can be asked during the exam. 

Check out our SEBI law officers’ exam prep course here. Talk to us if you need any help or have any questions. Just reply to this email, and we will reach out to you.

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