Raghav Gupta did his B.Com (Hons) from Bhawanipur Education Society College, University of Calcutta and is handling his family business of textile wholesale.  He is currently pursuing the MA in Business Laws course from NUJS. Over her, he shares why he chose to do an online course in business laws and his experience with the course so far. Over to Raghav:

I’m a nature enthusiast and I love hiking and going to new places. I have a family business and we deal in power loom and handloom textiles and have our office in Burra Bazar, Kolkata. We supply textiles to brands like Raymond’s etc. We even wholesale textiles in different states of India, my current role in my business involve managing staff and sales. I am an avid reader and love reading books and novels.

I came to know about this course through the internet, on further research I found the course syllabus to be very interesting, the NUJS tag was another aspect which made me sign up for this course. What drew me to this course was the specification of law related to the business environment, which would help me understand laws related to business and make me capable enough to take small decisions which mostly require a lawyer.

I wanted something flexible which I could study while doing my business and the NUJS MA in Business Laws course fit the bill.

The activities and assignments are very well planned. I never thought I would learn so much. I was never into writing, but the writing assignments have improved my writing and research skills. My general knowledge about business laws is growing.

I came to know about laws related to doing business in the North Eastern states of India, especially the tribal regions.  I’m more aware of the Consumer protection act now. Earlier I used to consult lawyers, now I’m independent and don’t have to consult lawyers unless it’s a legal matter which requires a lawyer’s attention.

I have already recommended this course to few of my friends. I feel almost everyone can benefit from this course; be it a lawyer, a businessman or a start-up founder.


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