Rakesh Gupta, a qualified Company Secretary, on why he enrolled for the NUJS MA in Business Laws course

January 23, 2017

Rakesh Gupta is a qualified Company Secretary, presently working with a CS firm as an assistant manager. He is currently pursuing the NUJS MA in Business Laws course and over here, he shares his experience with the course so far. Over to Rakesh:

I’m working with a CS firm as Assistant Manager.  Prior to this, I was working with an export-oriented manufacturing company as the Group Company Secretary.

In my current role, I am responsible for all types of secretarial work and other compliance related tasks for client companies. Apart from my professional goals, I’m passionate about social causes as well. I make it a point to take out time whenever possible,  to volunteer for social causes. I used to regularly volunteer with The Freeset Trust; an NGO working for the betterment of women in the Sonagacchi red-light area of Kolkata; teaching them life-skills necessary to truly experience freedom like reading, writing and basic health care.

Initially, I got to know about this course from my friends and on further research, I liked the course syllabus.  However, I wasn’t sure of joining it that time.  Later I got to know that one of my CS faculty members, who is a qualified CA and CS both has joined the course. When I spoke to him, he himself recommended this course to me. This encouraged me to join the course because if someone so learned and established was enrolling for this course, I had to be worthwhile.  I first joined the 5-day free course, the free course gave me visibility into the curriculum of the full course and after that, I enrolled in the course.

The writing assignments which we have to submit as part of this course has encouraged me to research and write extensively. This has tremendously improved my writing skills and has encouraged me to start a blog sometime soon.

I have already recommended this course to my friends and colleagues and many are expected to join soon.

I believe that this course will be equally beneficial for people from law and non-law background, especially for professionals like CA and CS.

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