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This article is written by Harmanjot Kaur Kang.

Envision a sycophant, doing all the chores as directed;

For today, we are launching ‘Human Robots’, with textbooks inflicted;

Fictions are to law; what fraud is to trade[i][ii];

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For the study, we do today just to hunt a decent grade, a decent grade.”

Far away as mooing cattle, today we focus more on the theories and dictions, which in turn has hampered human creativity to a large extent. The role of textbooks, which was once to foster imagination and critical thinking to understand from past mistakes now has turned out to test memorization in the form of learning dates, people and places.

Jurimetrics which once studied statistics and probability in law, forensics which studies the criminal law about practical aspects such as fingerprint analysis, tool mark analysis, and ballistic analysis have turned out to be a boon for society. Then why not give due diligence also a shot, which throws light on the dwelling, thinking and measuring of various aspects in law and research and meticulously studies the aspects keeping in light the prevalent laws.


With the advent of fast-changing technology and advancement, the world is certainly going to have a major shift in various paradigms Post-COVID Era. This fact can be backed up by the fact that the government has started a new scheme called ASEEM which is by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE).[iii] The Artificial Intelligence is having the archetype which is regarding ‘Atma Nirbhar Skilled Employee Employer Mapping’[iv], ASEEM, which is a portal to help skilled people to find sustainable livelihood opportunities.[v] In simpler words, it is similar to the matrimonial sites, which are for the matchmakers i.e. employer and employee, with a professional twist to it.

With the evolution of SEO[vi], Keywords maker, Analytics, Search Engine Marketing[vii]E-commerce, it is certain that all the tedious tasks which were once relied on human intervention, now are completed in seconds with the flowering of Artificial Intelligence, into various realms of our existence. Whether it comes to the DNA testing to find the rape accused or the attendance of an authentic person with the fingerprinting sensors, the instances can be observed at the airport where scanning your face AI could pronounce the name correctly, making you smitten within seconds and momentous. Technologies such as surrogacies, cloning, genomics, X-Rays, radiography proves the marvels of science.

Schools of thought

There are two ‘schools of thought’ presenting opposite yet interesting views on the topic. One parleys the philosophy to choose one topic and get the expertise in that field, whereas the other focuses on inclusive growth. This simply means that if someone is from a science background, he should be ready to explore law and order, vice-versa to understand the world in a better way. This approach guarantees inclusive growth and there are fewer chances of falling into the traps and deceptions of the person who holds expertise in that field. Also, this approach increases self-awareness and helps to figure out flaws, aids to see the situation with an eagle eye, with a statelier perspective. Also, one gets a new vision, open minded to new information and ideas.

Law and artificial intelligence

AI ensures transparency and non-intervention. There would be fewer instances of corruption and malfeasance. This is an epitome of quality over quantity. One may hire thousands of employees but in comparison to them, it would be better to have a loyal one, which would serve you with the same accuracy, diligence, care and caution. With the help of AI, we can demystify governance which in turn would reduce the instances of bribery and treating.
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Why should India adopt AI?

History proves the instances

There are instances of frauds committed by the employees of the companies. The history is having a shred of evidence where due to lack of critical analysis Jahangir allowed Captain Hawkins to come to India and allow the establishment of industries in India.


Today, instead of getting into the brain drain which is not utilizing the resources efficiently for one’s own country we are driven to go abroad and be their slaves. The better option would be to be kings here only and serve it. That would be true patriotism according to me.

Productive use of technology

There is an efficient use of time, which can be there when it comes to the tedious and repetitive tasks. There is effective use of time, money, skills without compromising with accuracy.

Holistic View

There is a holistic view of technology. We can observe the instance of all-inclusiveness as in the case of AADHAR Scheme, which is a nice step to combat data-redundancy.

Compliance with the Law

We have seen instances where twitter, Facebook turns out to be a battlefield during political debates and various issues. Though there are many downsides to it we can observe the presence of direct involvement of people and transparency in this case.

Regulations and fixed liabilities

AI operates with set rules which means if there would be some changes which it observes, it will inform and show an error, which proves its loyalty to a greater level than humans.

Ownership Structure

Today is not the era of loyalty, a brother is jealous of other siblings, relatives are brutish for land and money, there is a power struggle for promotion and fame. Thus, it is evident that no one can be trusted and some things need to be confidential to the owner of the company only. So, one should opt for AI instead of a Birbal which is hard to find in this century.

Five V’s and due diligence


AI can easily handle a large amount of data without getting exhausted or overloaded. There are thousands and lakhs of transactions a company needs to do every hour and for that, it is not practically possible to maintain a separate hard copy of files and remembering every single detail. For that, we have various applications and technical courses such as DBMS, Vera Tech which helps to hone the skills.


AI can work with a variety of data without getting confused or baffled. Each data is stored in separate folders and can be retrieved accurately with a simple query within a fraction of seconds. Each month a company goes through a various number of contracts which may be related to transfer of property, standard form of contract, monetary transactions, deals, offers and acceptances. It is not feasible to ask a lawyer to draft every time, hence, we can save the files with a separate name and folder and print/ download the desired form as required.


AI works with great proficiency without compromising the accuracy of the data. Thus, it can be beneficial for its quick responsiveness in various situations. The AI does the work as a slave, which is tedious, boring and monotonous with the same happiness and joy. AI doesn’t feel stress hormones, adrenal rush during stressful periods and so it’s an edge that technology gets over humans. 


AI is quick to adapt to changes. Unlike human beings who require months and years of training to adapt to a new language, topography, environment; AI works with the same ease whether it’s in India, Australia, Canada or US. There are no major issues about topography such as plains, plateaus, deserts etc.


Unlike human beings who get into behaviours including greed, avarice, stinginess, anger etc. AI doesn’t feel emotions at all. They are just like a trustworthy, naïve, innocent buddy who will work according to your commands without any grills and probes. Your AI friend will not intend to rape you or look at you with luscious eyes!

There would not be instances of fraud or misrepresentations which means no instances of cases such as State Bank of India vs Shyama Devi[viii], Vijay Mallya[ix], Nirvana Modi[x] etc.

Instances of successful implementation?

We are backed up by a plethora of shreds of evidence in varied forms where AI had been fruitful and helped us in various technologies such as aviation, healthcare, polypills, jewellery, graphic designing, automobiles etc. Today, we can solve complex mathematics problems within a fraction of seconds. Calculators, numerical solvers are a great help in this field. Surgical Strikes, defence, investigation bureau all work and operate with the help of AI and Computers.

Suitable for the job

AI is like a slave, trained to do the same task over and over again. Which simply means that it can do work with precision, accuracy, alertness and diligence. This saves time and labour and in turns saves money. We can observe the instances where there are free templates as in Canva, graphic designing software etc. MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint contains predefined slides which help to ease the work to a great extent.

Analysis of Data

AI is quick and easy to adapt to. It can remember a large amount of data with the same precision. Smartphones, tablets, blockchains, google calendar are instances of similar nature. We can observe the boost to Paytm, Google Pay online transactions after demonetization.

Critical analysis

Though there are many good sides about AI, the dark side is also invincible. One can’t guarantee that everything would be perfect. One day the hard disk may crash, another day the electricity would’ve gone etc. The contingencies are inescapable, and this is true in the case of humans as well. The difference is that in the case of humans, emotions are involved but in the case of machines, they aren’t. So, we can infer that there are certain issues here as well, and that is perfectly fine. Try to change passwords every 60 days to ensure security. Also, we should try mind boggling and ensure we are ready to take calculated risks.

” Life is one big road with lots of signs. So, when you are riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!” [xi]–  Bob Marley

What can blockchain do better than conventional databases?                                               


Blockchains while on one hand ensures good privacy as is in ATMs i.e. if I put my card into the machine from say, Punjab and any hacker puts the card from Mumbai, then because I put the card in the first instance at Punjab it creates an encrypted code to make the transaction which would help to withdraw money and in case the other person tries to salvage money from Mumbai, he would not be able to get that because the machine has blocked him. This ensures data protection and privacy.

Easy customization

There is easy customization. We can change font, colour, size, template, design according to our convenience.

Cost reduction

Machines are a one-time investment as compared to hire and fire, which is a repeated process when it comes to humans.

Faster time to market

Today is an era of machines where digital marketing is far more important than your physical presence. No one will come to you irrespective of the skills which you have unless they are displayed to the world.


There is quality work done by machines as compared to humans. Today machines can count currency notes within a few seconds and with 99.99% accuracy. One need not adhere to the mood swings, irritable behaviour, family problems, emergency issues, accidents etc. when it comes to machines. Also, a machine won’t be late at work.

Less wastage

There is less wastage of time, energy, money, efforts. The use of technology can help you save the environment as it reduces paperwork. Also, one can utilize their time efficiently with the help of productivity apps.

My opinion

What will humans do?

Relying on AI doesn’t mean that human beings should go in the caves or mountains and start the life of a monk or a hermit. It simply means we need to be very judicious and efficient when it comes to the skills and the way we utilize our time. We need to understand that even if we are wasting time playing PUBG, scrolling Instagram or Facebook, it would be far better to learn something new after all PUBG and Instagram are also AI’s forms.

What we need to focus on is to develop skills to adapt to the changes, and operate AI. We need to direct the slaves, and in the literary language ‘Divide and Rule’ them by organising them, analysing which task should be given to whom.

We are humans right, we are given the gift of words, language, rhetoric, critical thinking and imagination. But it is awful to observe that today we lack the creativity to think. The use of social media and television has clogged the brain to think critically. Today we are slaves of machines where every ten seconds there is an immense urge to check WhatsApp, every one minute there are several photographs uploaded on Instagram and the Facebook users are shot up every minute. It’s a disgrace that India has the second-largest Instagram users in the world.[xii]“Men are born free but everywhere we are in chains.” [xiii]It is an ignominy that these chain makers get billions and trillions of dollars every minute, but we all are made addicted to such technology.

But on the flip side, we can use the time productively by building soft skills such as project management, critical analysis, adaptability, communication skills, collaboration, immersion, arbitration and so on. It’s the power of digital marketing which has led us to be the slaves of their billionaires, who get dosh for our single click.

“Some people feel the rain, others get wet.”

My mere blabbering won’t change anything, unless and until you have guts to dare and try new things irrespective of the fear of failure. So, dare!


In the end, we can conclude that keeping in mind the changing trend and the needs, today we need to focus more on our soft skills. Arbitration, communication skills, creativity, morale and ethics, psychology are the key areas everyone should master. Human beings were wired to bring about a change in society, not for the sake of rote learning and passing the exams. Today, there are instances of plagiarism and paraphrasing which clearly shows that neither the teachers nor the students are concerned about the critical analysis. Today, the focus is more on the quantity than the quality. Teachers rush through the textbooks to complete syllabus and so do the students simply mugging up the facts, passing exams. They run amuck at the instance of practical knowledge which in turn results in them turning blind eye to internships and curricular activities.

Remember the fire, wheel, iron, gravity and even Facebook, all evolved out of the creative minds and not by the directions which one has given to the other individual. There is no shame in calling yourself a truant or an anarchist if you have varied opinions then most of the people. History provides ample pieces of evidence such as Karl Marx[xiv], whose views were criticised during his reign; ‘Wright Brothers’[xv] termed as ‘Mad’ even in the newspapers and so on. [xvi]

Remember the innovations such as magnifying glasses, compass, fan, transistors, electricity, paper currency[xvii] and many others all have faced criticism during various phases of their development and evolution, and we need to get resilient to such denigrations, because:

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. [xviii] – Albert Einstein.


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