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You may have heard of law schools that promise to help law students to get a job in a law firm, or excel in litigation. You may have also heard of schools that prepare students for IIT JEE specifically apart from the board exam curriculum. Such institutes are usually quite popular amongst students.

However, you have probably not heard of a law school that is designing its curriculum to specifically help law students to gear up for judicial exams. The fact that Indore based Sage University, which has began its first batch of 5 year BA LLB and BBA LLB courses in August 2018, have decided to launch such a specialized judicial exam training facility for its students within its standard law curriculum, is a great testimonial to the popularity of judicial services as a career option in Indore as well as central India.

Judiciary has emerged as a top career choice for talented law students across India. The syllabus of judicial exams can be quite heavy and diverse, with a lot of focus on local laws.

Of course, if a law school dedicates some time from the teaching and examinations towards preparing students in these laws keeping a focus on skills like judgment writing, precedence analysis and the hard core skill of exam taking, then it can give the students quite a bit of advantage.

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On enquiry, we found that law graduates usually begin their preparation for judicial services exams only after graduation from college. At this point, they join various tutorials that can charge 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh per candidate. This is not only exorbitant, but also causes a lot of wasted time.

If a law school is willing to co-opt training for judicial services, apart from teaching the standard syllabus prescribed by Bar Council of India, it can be a very interesting proposition for the students since they can save on time as well as money.

From this perspective, this unique initiative by Sage University is likely to meet great success. The fees of the college is also very reasonable, at only INR 50,000 per year.

This initiative is very significant in light of massive vacancy in lower courts at present. Times of India reported on 1st January 2018 that vacancy at District Court level is currently at an all time high. In some cases, very few people could be selected through judicial exams as vast majority failed to meet minimum cut off marks, leading to a crisis all over India.

If universities come forward to train lawyers for judicial exams and groom them over all to become better judges, it can make a big difference to the vacancy situation.

If you want further details about the program, check it out over here: Sage University Law Program.



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