Sexual Harassment at Workplace in India : Let's Stop it Together

Sexual Harassment at Workplace in India : Let's Stop it Together

Since 2013, at iPleaders, we have been working on the problem of sexual harassment at workplace in India. Even before the law was notified we knew that it will not be easy to implement it in letter and spirits. Back in August 2013 we were already building the earliest tools to help individual employees as well as corporate India to make sense of the law and writing the earliest blog posts.

Since then we have catered to some of the best known names of India Inc for a reasonable fee as well as counseled and consulted many victims of sexual harassment for no cost. While Pallavi Pareek, one of our co-founders, inspired us to work on this issue; eventually the iPleaders team which is male dominated on the content development side, made the cause their Focal Point for a long time.

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We had launched not only a Toolkit for HR managers to implement sexual harassment laws in their office and a cloud based corporate training program but also collaborated with a top National Law University to launch a 3 month expert certification course. However all our efforts sometimes appeared to be futile because it was clear that the common people of India had little idea about what the law short to do and what was going on.
It is impossible to implement the law like the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act without active participation of the common people. Many companies are doing mere formalities and the travesty of the procedure suggested by the law. Unless the law is known and understood to the common people, for the protection of whom (men and women alike) this law has been made, it will never serve purpose and it will remain a very good legislation only in the statute.
It was clear very soon that we need to make the basic knowledge related to this law available in a simple usable and easily accessible format that is already familiar to people. This was the Genesis of the idea to write a book like the one being launched along with this blog post.

To be honest this book should’ve been launched at least a Year earlier it is my fault alone that urgent took over what is important and the work on the book was delayed by almost a year. However I am proud to present this extremely functional and Powerful ebook, created by iPleaders and Design by Andheri and art affairs because I am very certain that it is going to make a difference out in the world.

It will provide hope to many those who are suffering unspeakable agony due to sexual harassment at the workplace or even for the reason of being falsely accused of indulging sexual harassment. It will give them access to knowledge and information that will make victims of harassment take effective action against the perpetrators and would make the Indian workplace more women friendly in the years to come.
As a proud contributor and de facto details of this ebook and a co-founder of iPleaders it is my privilege to give you this free eBook designed to combat sexual harassment in India through awareness and accurate information.
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Here are some important points we’ve covered in this book: (Click to Tweet & spread awareness)

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Give it to the people in your life and give it to strangers and ask them to pass it around. The few minutes you spend may make a difference in the life of a sexual harassment victim or someone who has been falsely implicated, so don’t be miserly with your time and effort. Spread it far and wide so no one lives remains untouched and the information in this book doesn’t remain unavailable to any person. Feel free to use the graphics used within this post to spread word about this ebook online.
If you want to know more about sexual harassment at the workplace you can also take up our course in collaboration with National University of Juridical Sciences here or you can also learn more about the implementation of various laws by taking our course here.


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Let’s end the menace of sexual harassment at workplace in India.
P.S. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the ebook in the comments below.


  1. If a person is watching adult website in office and women have to see it sometimes when comming and going will it be harassment?

  2. Contemporary issue to be spread to general public to maintain honor of women in society and this needs to be translated to regional languages.

  3. Dear sir/mam i am strictly against harassing a woman at workplace but i would like to quote some interesting fact that being a teacher i am seeing lady teachers sense of wearing is pathetice not only in urban areas but also with the teachers coming from rural areas and even after giving them clear instructions they are breaking the code of conduct and become a part of mockery.
    so i wish to conclude that this sense should be developed because in our country there is high disparity of incomes with people coming from heterogenous background and culture and how to maintain fulcrum between this is a herculene task.
    why delhi is our rape capital?
    see, i ve studied in delhi students are coming from a very poor to rich background and they have never seen a girl or woman in such a glamourised way from a magazine advertisement to a television advertisement woman is served like a dish or can say multi-cuisine, and it becomes very difficult to digest this form of woman.

    whether women can do slut walk or something or anything but maintain ur wearings, men has done everything to make the woman naked, one most important fact that since last two centuries man is wearing pant, shirt but see how a dressing sense of woman is changed, being opposite part woman is supporting a man in becoming a naked.

    what gandhiji said that dont follow western culture, blindly.
    thanks & regards
    Swapnil Kabra

    these are my own opinion,may be i am wrong, if anybody hurts i heartly appologise.

  4. sexual harassment should be irrespective of Gender .

    when salaries, promotional avenues atc are at par for all genders then why this discrimination?

  5. What is your view on following:
    1. Under the hide of protection of SHWP mechanism, certain women employees are taking disadvantage and not rendering their duties properly. If scolded by manager they are raising false alarm to suppress their non performance. The fellow gentleman manager remains with no alternative but to get the work done through other resourse or by self at the cost of overburden. Should the legislature think to protect the rights of Men from such mental harrassment at work place caused by women employee.

    2. If the situation remained unaltered then certainly the male managers will try to avoid hiring women employees.

  6. Pls stop this non sense. Men are getting MORE harrased by Women from al parts of society & all places in India. So, better first protect the Men who can protect the Women properly.
    Protection is always given properly from Men & not byWomen.This was from olden days.Even in modern era.
    Let them live where they are supposed to be.You can not pull out a Fish into land & force it to live onland with out water.
    Pls stop this nonsense & first proect the Men[God]


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