Shradha Agarwal completed the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in 2015. She has done her BBA from J.D Birla Institute, Kolkata and has done a summer school course in International Business Law from London School of Economics.  She has also cleared her CA inter. She has innovated and patented a Liquid vegetable and fruit wash, which is being marketed by Emami Frank Ross.

We asked Shradha how the course helped her so far in her career and why she enrolled for this diploma course when she already had a BBA degree and was a successful entrepreneur with a patented product in her kitty.

She was very positive about her experience with the course. So, we decided to share it with you all as a success story. Over to Sharadha:

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When I took up the course I was working on my product. I was doing a course in one of the premier institutes in Pune, where we came up with the idea of a wash for fruits and vegetables to get rid of pesticides, chemicals and other harmful substances from the surface level.

We pitched the idea to an eminent jury and won the competition. Now in order to make the product we did a thorough research. Two engineers, one scientist, me and my partner did the field research. We went to farmers and saw the farming practices. We even went to the cancer research institute in Hyderabad and spoke to the head of the institute there. He confirmed that it’s a major cause of worry these days as the accumulated pesticides inside the human body are one of the causes for cancer.

We had to work on the formula for almost a year, many formulas failed initially before we came out with the current patented formula.

My product has got picked up by Emami Frank Ross and is available in the market by the name of Rosscare Veg and Fru wash. My partner & I own the patent to the formula. I have my own the manufacturing unit and Emami Frank Ross markets it.

I realized it during this process, that when I’m doing work like this I would need to be clear about entrepreneurship laws. There are So many people involved; there are different things involved like patent laws, ownership Issues, Intellectual Property issues and I need to be aware about the laws related to all this.

Being a newbie I could be played around at many places, if I did not equip myself with the knowledge of law.

One of my friends from NUJS suggested the online NUJS Diploma course in Entrepreneurship, Administration and Business law to me. Since I was working on my product at that time I did not want to go in for a full-time course. I liked the course.

 Structure of this diploma course and the fact that it’s totally online.

I spoke to one of the co-founders of iPleaders Mr. Ramanuj Mukherjee and he cleared all my doubts about the course. I was convinced that this course would be beneficial to me and my expectations from the course are absolutely fulfilled.

Thanks to this course, now while Negotiating, making a contract or co-founder agreement I know what points to include. Knowing the basics have really helped. I knew the basics earlier also as I have done my CA. But this course was bang on it, to the point information. This makes it easy to refer.

When I’m documenting or making papers, I know I have an online resource to refer rather than just remembering it all. This aspect of the course really comes handy.

I personally liked the Module on intellectual property rights, as it’s directly related to my work.

In future I plan to continue innovating. I would like to join a company which facilitates me and gives space to innovate. This course would come handy then also, as where ever I go legal aspects would always be there.

I have mentioned this Diploma in my Linked profile and my CV. I have even recommended it to my friends and few of them have already taken up the course. Although any one can benefit from this course, I would personally recommend this   course to entrepreneurs, people planning to start up something and law students also.


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