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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

Do you try to do everything on your own?

We hear a lot about being self-sufficient, independent, being in control. 

It is a critical phase of human evolution – growing from a child to a functional adult.

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As we grow up, a lot of our struggles are all about getting to that place, where are you independent, strong, can stand on your own legs, where you take responsibility for what happens in your life. And that’s beautiful.

That drive, however, of being self-sufficient, of having enough control on your environment, of doing things that are in your control, of fearing loss of balance due to leaning on someone else, never really goes away, 

There is a time when that drive stops leading you to growth. There is a space in life where our hunger for independence becomes a desire for control and anxiety about anything that we cannot control and ceases to serve us. There is a time when our desire for independence becomes fear of inter-dependence and inability to collaborate.

It becomes the weight that holds us back from flying. It stops us from growing any further.

Why so? There is a point where personal growth is all about the team. The community. The others who you must work with.

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After all, a well-organized and cohesive team, even if consisting of not so naturally talented people, always defeats a highly skilled or talented individual. 

Team > individual.

The reason the human race succeeded in dominating the earth is that we could build massive groups that came together, under one banner of abstract ideas and built massive civilizations.

If India is a significant economic power in the world today, it is because we have been able to bring together a massive number of people who believe in shared values, a shared flag, a constitution, a political system that all of them trusted, an economic system that a ginormous number of people can rally behind. 

If Apple is the most valuable company on earth then it is because so many fans can repose their faith in it, and hundreds of thousands of employees take pride in working for it. 

Big projects that make a big difference, more money, or greatest impact will always involve a team. Bigger the team, bigger your chance of getting extraordinary results.

Your ability to attract a team and then retain them, while building a culture that promotes growth, may determine your professional success beyond being a mid-level employee. 

There is a time when your own skills will matter less than your ability to assemble a team of people with the right skills and ensuring that they can work together with an eye on the finish line, and get the job done.

Even those who seem to be working alone, like a great concert singer or a tennis player, do not really work alone. Every great tennis player had a team behind him that led to his success, even if he plays alone in the court. I bet he also has a huge team even now. There are coaches, nutritionists, psychologists, mentors, friends and family which make it possible for them to get to their best, and then give their best in the court.

Many lawyers think that arguing amazingly before a judge is a single-player game. It requires you to develop an amazing legal brain, and a reputation, and boom. It is the individual who is doing the work every day.

That is not true. Every great lawyer, even arguing counsels who appear to be arguing alone before a judge, has a great team behind him that enables him to go a great performance every single day. There are clerks, mentors, juniors, secretaries, clients, vendors, peers, judges and others who are making it all possible. 

This is even truer in law firms. People who cannot collaborate do not survive long in big law firms. In companies, it is all about being a team player if you are an in-house counsel. It may be possible to survive as an independent counsel or a judge if you can’t work with a team, but it severely restricts your growth opportunities and makes your life really difficult in general. 

If you are stagnating in your career, this is something to seriously think about. Is it because of your inability to inspire or to get a team to back you?

Think about how you look at your own learning and development. Do you try to learn everything on your own? Or are you open to having a team help you with it?

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