Surabhi Sharma; a fourth year student at Symbiosis Law School, Pune signed up for the Diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws offered by NUJS when she was in the 3rd year of her college. Surabhi has interned with prestigious brands like Kochhar & company, IIT Madaras, and to name a few. Apart from a corporate law career she is passionate about social causes and runs an NGO named Project Reachout in Pune. It conducts after school activities for Marathi medium school children.

Let’s hear what Surabhi has to say about the course. Over to Surabhi:

While in law school I realized that I want to do a diploma course. I wanted to ensure that I have an edge over others. I came to know about the NUJS diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws through a legal website.  I researched further to make sure I don’t end wasting my time and money on this course. I was impressed by the course curriculum.

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I preferred this course over the others because of few reasons:

(a) The NUJS tag, it’s one of the most reputed universities in India and comes in the top 5 law schools in our country.

(b) The course has been concentrated on corporate/business laws, something which I want to pursue my career in

(c) The practical insight provided about each topic, this is something which lacks in the law school curriculums

(d) The course is totally online, you do not have to go to any center or anything for classes or even assessments.


Hence, I expected this course to be something over and above what is being taught in our everyday classes and I  definitely now know that it did not disappoint me.

I especially found the chapters on FEMA to be very informative. FEMA, arbitration etc are yet not covered in my college curriculum; I have gained all the knowledge about these through the diploma course only. Even during my internship when I had o look up information regarding FEMA, I was clear about the basics and knew what to look for where. This course is really coming handy and helping me in my internships.

The drafting exercise in the course also helped me develop my drafting skills. The Model agreement provided in the course is very compact, every clause and minute details are covered in it. If I ever have to draft a partnership agreement or an LLP agreement, I would be referring it. It has given me the much needed practical knowledge.

I have even mentioned this diploma in my CV. Although I have not had questions around this diploma course in my internship interviews. I’m sure this leaves a positive impact on my profile and gives me an edge over others.

I plan to have a career in corporate law only and I feel the knowledge gained through this course would help me in my career. Having my basics cleared through this course would certainly help me in studying International trade laws, commercial laws etc.

I would be happy to recommend this diploma course to anyone. I have already recommended it to many of my classmates and friends.  I personally feel that apart from law students and lawyers even CAs and journalists can benefit from this course.



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